Does prostate massage beneficial and how to milk a man?

Prostate milking is a massage that can gently manipulate the health benefits of the prostate. It is often cited as a facet of urology, focusing on the male reproductive system and the male urinary systems, as well as on male subjects that affect the overall health of the male body. There have been several reported benefits of this prostate milking, including the recovery of sexual function and prostate-specific relief of certain conditions.

The procedure can take shape in a medical setting, as a foreplay or as a solo activity. During surgery, insert special tools into the anus, usually about 4 to 5 inches (10.2 to 12.7 cm). If the dedicated device is not available, sometimes a finger is useful. Although studies have shown that the finger may be too short to correctly enter the area. In most cases, we shall lubricate the anal and massage tools well to make the process more comfortable for the individual.

The tissues of the prostate are very sensitive, and it is these tissues that are carefully manipulated and stimulated during the massage. The massaging tool positions the prostate gland in most men and the tool is the size of a kiwi. Immediate contact with the gland will produce a strong feeling that many people find pleasant. Moving the massage tool intentionally with ginger around the prostate is the most common massage techniques as it releases further sensations and can help solve various sexual and reproductive problems.

The benefits of prostate milking include enhancing sensation, overcoming erectile dysfunction, and helping stronger ejaculation. The blood flow throughout the pelvic region may become restricted, and massage is the ideal way to move the blood again. This can have a significant impact on the patient’s sex life and leads to a sustained erection, a more enjoyable orgasm and longer sexual stamina.

Prostate milking can also be benefit to those patients with the prostate disease. The bacteria cause prostatitis that develop and reproduce in the glandular sac.  Massage techniques can usually alleviate his common and uncomfortable condition of intense pain.

Men who are suffering with prostate cancer can also benefit from massage. Circulation of massage to the prostate can provide much needed nutrients, oxygen and fresh blood to the area. It also helps to eradicate bacteria, which helps prevent prostate cancer.

There are a number of documented prostate-massage risks, including possible hemorrhage, hemorrhoids and cellulitis, inflammation of the tissues of the area. Medical experts advise patients to consult with healthcare professionals about the best way to receive prostate milking or self massage.

Here we begin our talk about how to milk a man. Since we have known what a prostate milking is, then we can start to get some knowledge about how to milk prostate for a man. However, some men feel embarrassed with the prostate milking and they are awkward to ask their companions to milk prostate for them. At this point, it is necessary for those men to know the importance of prostate milking. This is because prostate milking will help improve the quality of sexual life and even can improve the prostate diseases such as prostatitis. No matter if you are a prostate patient or not, prostate milking is a best way to improve your life quality without suffering prostate diseases or erectile dysfunction; all of them have a bad impact on your daily and personal life.

How to milk prostate for a man?


As with any intimate activity, the prostate milking applies for certain basic rules. The receiver should clean himself carefully. The giver should be available in a form compatible with latex surgical gloves (not loose fitting variants). For many reasons, the use of gloves is a primary and most important aspect of protecting delicate anal membranes from sharp nails and rough skin. Second, a well-lubricated rubber surface will slide more easily than the exposed skin. Lubrication should be water-based.

Taking a hot bath or shower before a massage is a great way to relax. When the bath receiver find it pleasant, the expected experience comes.


Face to face (for greater intimacy)


After a complete disengagement, the receiver should assume a sitting position; his back is tilted and supported by a large pillow (approximately 45-65 degrees). His knees were pulled toward the chest, a little tilted outward. The resulting position should be comfortable to the receiver and allow the giver to unobstructively view and unrestricted access to the anal and genitals of the receiver. The giver may sit with in the cross legs or kneel in front of the receiver.

As a way to relax the receiver, the giver may begin by massaging the lower extremity of the receiver, in particular the abdomen. Initially, the recipient may choose to relax by closing his eyes, but as the massage progresses, it is important that the recipient and the giver maintain eye contact.

It will be up to the provider to decide when the receiver is fully relaxed and evoked. At this point, the giver should not slip significantly on the glove and begin to lubricate the receiver’s anus. The lubrication process should be lengthy and etiquette. Starting from the circular motion, touch the anus until it is open. The purpose is to relax the tension of the “rose buds”.


The giver should “never” prick the anus with the tip of the finger, but gently and firmly apply pressure with the pad of the finger. Continuously add lubrication; never have too much lubrication! When the anus is ready it will allow the finger to enter. All that need is time and patience.

It is noteworthy that when the time comes, the provider will notice that his finger seems to be inhaled into the anus. Once the finger can enter it is best to still allow the anal sphincter to have a chance to get used to the invasion. It is not a good idea for the giver to move their fingers into and out of the anus. There should be only one reason that the giver removes the finger, which would be adding more lubrication.


The giver is now ready to look for the prostate: the receiver can easily achieve this by bending the inserted finger upwards and feel “round” to oblong protrusion about 2 inches in the rectum. Pressure on the prostate will provide a variety of sensations, of which the most desirable is the feeling of ejaculation about to occur. By applying more or less pressure to the gland, the giver will be able to control these sensations; even to the point of deterring the ejaculation of the receiver. The ability to control ejaculation by prostate milking allows the receiver to almost endlessly stimulate the genitalia. The giver many massage the penis of the receiver, or the recipient may massage himself to the point of near ejaculation. Only by changing the pressure on the prostate can keep the ejaculation on the edge.

During the awakening cycle, the giver can begin to move rhythmicly with the finger inserting in and out to stimulate the rich and super-sensitive nerve endings around the anus.


Eye contact is the most desirable during the discernment of experience, and the receiver and giver look at each other’s eyes … There are now a variety of scenarios:

  1. The giver will allow the receiver to masturbate masturbation to achieve ejaculation. All the time, the provider will verbally encourage the receiver to arrive the climax of the moment.
  2. The giver can masturbate the recipient’s penis with one hand and massage the recipient’s anal opening or prostate with the other. Both the sender and the receiver should communicate intimately in order to bring maximum enjoyment to the recipient.
  3. The recipient may want the giver to “squeeze” his prostate without directly stimulating the penis. To achieve this, the giver will gently stroke each leaf, resulting in gentle sperm flow and emptying of the prostate gland through the upright or relaxed penis.

Face the giver

In this position, the receiver will kneel, the knees separate, the buttocks lift, and the elbows rest on sturdy surfaces, such as cushioned floors. This should be the receiver’s stable and comfortable position.

Providers can kneel or sit behind the receiver, have easy access and perfect sight to the receiver’s anus. The giver will also be in a position between the receiver legs to allow stimulation of the genitals.

From this point, follow the same procedure as for the face-to-face method.

Then, what are the benefits of prostate milking? Is it beneficial for man who has got prostatitis or erectile dysfunction? Let’s make it clear right away.

What are the benefits of prostate milking?

Prostate milking is going to be a healthy activity that can have far-reaching effects on the function of the human prostate, the health of his reproductive system and his entire sexual life.

Regular ejaculation

Massage the prostate can promote relaxation, in turn, promote the normal ejaculation. Regular ejaculation has many healthy non-sexual benefits. Stimulation of the prostate stimulates the production of fluid in the prostate and allows fresh blood to flow into the pelvic region. This fresh blood flow will bring oxygen and nutrients that allow the prostate and surrounding areas to function more healthily in the cells.

Improve erectile function

Many men experience chronic compression in the pelvic region. This contraction again reduces blood flow to the area and the penis itself. Massage the prostate and perineum will relax the pelvic muscles and allow better blood flow to the area.

Relieve pain and swelling from prostatitis

Prostatitis is the growth of bacteria in the glandular vesicles in the prostate gland. Bacteria cause swelling of the prostate and, in some cases, pain. In many cases, the bacteria can shed from the prost

ate gland, but if the prostate gland is swollen and the acinus is closed, the bacteria are caught; causing additional pain, swelling and urinary problems. Mild prostate milking ensures that fresh blood flow is taken to the acini vesicles, allowing them to flush and prevent bacteria from staying inside.

Erectile dysfunction

Many men suffering from erectile dysfunction found that regular prostate milking helps to restore normal sexual function. Although muscle contraction can cause sexuality; as noted above, past neglect or abuse (physical or nonphysical) may also cause the erectile dysfunction. Regular prostate milking will increase semen, and can, over time, help a man overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Do prostate milking beneficial and how to milk a man?


The prostate is a very delicate organ and we should treat it with caution at all times. Although there is not much research on the benefits of prostate milking; many doctors believe that the technology may help a variety of medical conditions. However, it is important to discuss the technique and your needs with your doctor before you try it yourself. He will be able to help you determine if the benefits of prostate milking apply to your specific conditions.

You won’t believe that most people do not like to receive prostate milking. While it is not impossible to manually simulate your own prostate it is very embarrassing; which is why Aneros can be a wonderful toy for the purpose. Some men are often embarrassed to ask their partner to give them prostate stimulation, but getting a loved one doing it is better and easier than they do. Anyone who has received a special prostate milking will not forget! But, it is really good for men. After all, prostate cancer is going to be one of the biggest killers of men!

This is real!  We can not deny the results: prostate milking will result in cum-greater load, have more power, and last longer. Men should be more receivable to prostate milking because it is a good way that can not only help you get away from prostate disease; but also can stimulate your prostate and penis to last longer and get more pleasure. What is more, if you are suffering prostatitis or related prostate diseases; it is best of you to receive prostate milking as soon as possible; it can function as a assisted role to improve your prostate diseases.

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