What role does prostate massage therapy play in treatment of prostate?

Today we are going to discuss the prostate problems. I believe that many male patients have suffered with prostate disease for a long term. And sometimes you want to do something for the prostate disease consciously and actively. However, there is no guideline or directions for you to follow. We have to find authentic explanations for whether prostate massage therapy is functional and how useful is the prostate massage therapy?

In addition to adopt medical treatment timely, actually we can also carry out the prostate massage therapy to treat prostate disease. Yes, that is a good way you can actually do something. Just get the prostate massage therapy going! For this is really useful for improving your prostate diseases. So, first we have to figure out what causes prostate pain and how to self massage to improve the prostate disease.


What causes prostate pain?


1, Alcoholism

Excessive drinking can make the body’s capillaries congested, resulting in mild edema. And prostate is with no exception. Furthermore, the prostate is surrounded by muscle fiber connective tissues; so the swelling is mainly the gland swelling; which is easy to be infected and shows the symptoms of prostate hyperplasia.

2, Eat spicy food

Eating chili can stimulate the digestive tract and make the urinary tract congested; thus it can easily lead to constipation. These are very unfavorable to the local metabolism of the prostate; and can induce the occurrence of inflammation.

3, Sedentariness

It has relation with the occupation, such as drivers, office workers, etc.. On the one hand, the pressure in the stomach gives burden and pressure to the prostate; on the other hand, when the sitting, the prostate is in the horizontal position; its urethral prostate and the prostate gland are in the same plane position. So if there are bacteria in the urine, it can easily retrograde into the duct and cause inflammation.

4, Dislike drinking water

To the formation of prostate disease, if a person does not drink water, then the urine is concentrated; the harmful toxic substances accumulate in the urine, which is easy to let the toxic substances return to the prostate and causes pathogenic hazards. So, a person who does not drink water is prone to get prostate disease.

5, Long-term habitual constipation

Because of the characteristics of the anatomical position, the posterior lobe of the prostate is close to the rectum. If a person suffers constipation, the fecal mass in the rectum will extrude forward to the prostate; so it makes the local blood circulation disordered. In addition, constipation will produce some toxins into the blood and can cause systemic function barriers; thus to reduce the body’s immune system.


The above adverse factors are gradually developed in daily life. Therefore, experts recommend men have to overcome those bad habits consciously, so as not to bring disease to the body. What is more, good habits will help people avoid other diseases in addition to prostate diseases. Thus, we should figure out what causes prostate pain so as to make the self prostate massage therapy techniques more functional and useful along with getting rid of the daily bad habits that may form for a long time. It is not easy to quit, but if you want the prostate disease heal faster and better, this is a necessary way and there is no other way out. This is because if you may heal one day and quit prostate disease, however, if you do not quit your old and bad habits, the prostate disease will find you again and again.

Then, let’s talk about how to get the self prostate massage therapy going successfully.


What is the function of self prostate massage therapy?

The so-called prostate massage therapy is drainage the prostatic fluid and discharge of inflammatory substances to achieve the lifting of prostatic secretion through regular self prostate massage therapy technique. In this way, it can improve local blood circulation and promote the absorption of inflammation and regression, which is a good and external prostate massage therapy.

Prostate massage therapy applies for the retention and chronic bacterial prostatitis, where the gland is full, soft and particularly with more purulent discharges. It is not only a diagnostic method, but also a prostate massage therapy tools. Some people think that the therapeutic significance of this self prostate massage therapy can even be better than antibiotics.

The contraindication of the self prostate massage therapy: if patients are suspected with prostate tuberculosis and tumor, they should not adopt the prostate massage therapy. Prostate atrophy, sclerotherapy patients should not massage themselves too. During the chronic Prostatitis acute exacerbation, patients should not massage either, so as not to cause the proliferation of inflammation, or even cause sepsis.

Self prostate massage therapy techniques

The patient is asked to take the lateral position, chest or knee position or bending position. The doctor or patients should put on surgical gloves and dip in the index finger of the gentle lubricant; and then slowly go into the anus. With the distance of 4 cm to 5 cm from the anal margin, and across the front wall of the rectum, you can touch the prostate outside the intestinal wall. Then, use the palm surface with the index finger that goes into the anus; massage the prostate outside the intestinal wall across the rectal wall. At this point, is very particular about prostate massage therapy techniques. It is necessary to massage softly and uniformly with certain strength, but not rough. Otherwise it will damage the rectal wall and lead to bleed, or cause bleeding and pain by damaging the prostate.


On the other hand, when massaging, the fingers need to have a certain direction. You should massage the both sides of left and right, and then from top to bottom. With this order, each side of the massage lasts at least 3 to 5 times. Then squeeze with pressure from top to bottom of the centre of the prostate. Repeat several times, the prostatic fluid will drip out along the urethra. Outflow of the prostatic fluid can also be used for laboratory tests.

The starting point of this self prostate massage therapy is to take into account of the symptoms of chronic prostatitis, which is mainly due to acinar and the inflation of interstitial purulent exudates that is difficult to drainage.


Clinic prostate massage therapy


First, the patient is asked to take the chest and knee position, the surgical doctor should wear rubber gloves with the right index finger coated with lubricating paraffin oil. Firstly, gently massage the perianal and then slowly into the rectum. When the fingers touch the prostate, doctors use the index finger of the last knuckle to push down the prostate from outside to inside in orders against the prostate of the rectum. That is, press 3 to 4 times from the both sides of the gland to the midline, and then extrude prostatic fluid from the central sulcus to the urethral orifice. Generally, massage 1 to 2 times a week. Prostate massage therapy techniques should be light and slow.

Furthermore, pay attention to ask the patient about his feeling towards the prostate massage therapy. And avoid repeated and strong violent press, so as to avoid unnecessary damages. In addition, encourage the patient to pee immediately. By this way, it can excrete the inflammatory secretions that accumulate in the urethra.



Second, self prostate massage therapy: the patient takes the squatting or lateral flexion supine, then after clean the anus and lower rectum; with his middle finger or index finger to press the prostate gland. The method is the same as previous, each massage 3 to 5 minutes. It is best with the prostate fluid extruding from the urethra. Prostate massage must be gentle, remember to lubricate the gloves with the soap and water before the massage in order to reduce discomfort. Each massage treatment should be at least 3 days interval. If patients found that the pain of the prostate increases significantly during the self-massage process; it is necessary to go to see a doctor for special treatment timely in order to avoid the occurrence of chronic prostatitis.


However, experts pointed out that if the following circumstances happened, patients should not get the self prostate massage therapy going: suspected prostate tuberculosis, cancer patients; acute exacerbation of chronic prostatitis; prostate atrophy or sclerosis patients. In the self-massage; patients should note that the self prostate massage therapy is only an adjuvant therapy; it can not completely replace other therapies.


Here are the other prostate massage therapy techniques that can prevent prostate, let’s take a look at it.


Other self prostate massage therapy techniques that can prevent prostate


Clinical validation shows that self prostate massage by following the acupuncture points is able to heal prostate disease; such as senile prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis and so on. Self prostate massage can be done with lying down or standing up (sitting is not good). Self prostate massage therapy requires the body to relax, with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of one hand press at the same time at Guan Yuan (3 inches below the belly button), Zhong Ji (4 inches below the belly button) Qu Gu (5 inches below the belly button) 3 points. Namely, the ring finger presses the Qu Gu, the middle finger presses Zhong Ji, and the index finger presses Guan Yuan. The intensity of pressing should be at first light and then heavy. It is appropriate to make the local area sour, swelling and mild painful.

Next, perform the rotation press. First turn in one direction (counter clockwise), turn 1 round about 1 second. Rotate for 1 to 2 minutes (60 to 120 rounds), then press for l-2 minutes in the other direction, again and again, press for 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, gently massage with the palm of your hand for rotating with 1 minute after feeling consciously comfortable.


1, Body acupuncture point massage

When in supine position, with your hands palpable in the abdomen, push the lower abdomen area with both fingertips of your hands. Namely massage back and forth from the Mang Yu point to Heng Gu point. And then push and massage the cock along with the groin, massage for 50 times respectively.

When in sitting position, push back and forth with your hands from the waist kidney region down to the end of the sacral until fever. Squeeze the Yin Ling Quan, San Yin Jiao and other points at the medial contralateral thigh with your hands. Or friction the Yong Quan point at both of your two feet with your hands or physical therapy apparatus until fever.

Massage them for 1 time every morning and evening respectively obeying to the above prostate massage therapy techniques, each time not less than 5 minutes, patients should adhere to the techniques for a long time.

2, Ear acupoint massage

It distributes various points at the ears that reflex different parts of the body and organs. So, squeeze the prostate, sympathetic, urethral, renal, ureter and bladder reflex zones of your ears during spare time or before getting up. No less than 3 times a day, each more than 2 minutes.

3, Foot acupoint massage

The human feet are also distributed with various points that reflex different parts of the body and organs. Remember to rub the prostate, bladder, ureter, kidney, adrenal and rectal reflex zones of your feet, each takes about 4 minutes.

Long-term adherence of self prostate massage therapy can not only be conducive to health care, but also can cure chronic prostate disease.



Above are the common massage methods and therapies that are beneficial for prostate disease. And also some attentions and other aspects for prostate massage therapy. Through a conscious massage of the prostate, it is able to achieve the purpose of treatment. But, do remember to insist on self massage and massage the right position of your body with good massage directions, so as to avoid useless efforts and time.

However, in addition to massage, we should also pay attention to avoid some bad habits, such as alcohol, sedentariness, Dislike drinking water and so on. So, to get rid of these bad habits in time, and cooperate with the prostate massage actively, avoid spicy food in the diet and maintain good habits, it will be able to achieve a good effect for your prostate disease.

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