Top 6 Best Boots for Broken Toe – Our Picks and Reviews

Top 6 Best Boots for Broken Toe – Our Picks and Reviews

Foot injuries are very common and should be dealt with timely. Some of the symptoms of a broken foot, toe or ankle are swelling, bruising, pain, or an appearance of blisters on the feet. For your benefit, most of these can be treated with dealt with some of the best boots for broken toe.

What is a medical toe boot?

A medical toe boot is designed specifically to provide protection, support and provide treatment to all those who are suffering from injuries. Since the shoe is closed from all ends for most models, the toe gets the necessary protection required for quick recovery.

The closed toe component will eradicate all possible chances of infection and pain. The boot will also keep the foot warm, especially in cold conditions.

The boot size is slightly larger than the normal boots available.  This is to facilitate patients who have swelling or bandages.  Patients who have dressings can easily wear this boot because it’s spacious and also comfortable. For people who don’t have any swelling or bandages, there are Velcro straps that will help in the adjustment of the shoes to get a custom fit.

Other additional features of popular boots for broken toes are that they allow you to move around easily without having to face any difficulties. Since the use of these boots minimizes pressure on the foot, your broken toe will heal faster.

People who have just got a surgery, can also use this boot to speed up the healing process. The compression allows the boot to improve blood circulations and thereby assist in reducing swelling.

Some of the features of this boot are that it is comfortable, provides a custom fit and is durable. The boot is made using Tricot foam, durable rubber, and nylon.  With this boot on you will still be able to walk around while at the same heal your broken toe. The boot usually comes with equipped with a Velcro strap that can be removed and adjusted easily.

When you come across an injury, there are multiple healing options that you are exposed to.  It can be quite a challenge to decide which medical tool to buy as there are varieties of options available. There are casts, braces, and many other tools available that can aid with the pain. However, a boot is most suitable as it doesn’t result in skin irritations and can effectively cure the pain.

Types of toe boots

There are two categories of boots, a long boot, and a short boot. Short boots are of great use to those who just have had an operation or surgery done. Tall boots, on the other hand, are perfect for those who have sprains, stress fractures, and broken toes.  Further categories of a boot are a closed toe walking shoe and an open surgical shoe.

The closed boot will provide protection to the foot and toes by making sure that there are no chances of infection. This boot is especially useful in cold conditions as it will keep your foot warm. The open boot, on the other hand, will allow for a breathing space.

Benefits of using a toe boot

Some of the benefits of having a good boot for broken toe is that it can cure your pain effectively. The boot helps prevent against the development of disease and infection. The boots will not interfere with your daily activities and will allow you to walk properly.

Drawbacks of using a toe boot

The possible drawback of these boots is that they are highly priced.

6 Best Boots for Broken Toe – Our Picks and Reviews

For your ease we have highlighted some of the top rated boots for broken toes on Amazon:

1. Aircast SP walker Brace/Walking Boot by Aircast

This boot by Aircast is among the top selling boots for broken toe on Amazon. The boot is crafted to provide all necessary support, mobility, and protection. With this boot on you will be able to do your everyday activities without any difficulties. The device will allow you to recover quickly.

This boot is designed specifically for all those with ankle sprains, tissue, and mid/forefoot injuries. The boot will fix your walking ability and promote a natural gait. The boot is spacious which means that it will fit you even if you have a dressing.

With this design, you can wear this boot on both your left and right foot.

Customers’ reviews regarding the product have talked about how comforting the product is. Customers have talked about the features of the item saying that the rubber sole is amazing; it allows you to walk properly.

The air pumps on the sides allow the item to be customized. The customers have also talked about the ease with which they can despite having the foot on.


  • Promotes mobility for everyday activities
  • Provides improved gait
  • Customizable support
  • Lightweight, semi-rigid shell
  • Universal fit


  • Velcro doesn’t hold well

2. Braceability Short Broken Toe Boot

This popular boot for broken toe has been proven to provide maximum comfort for all those who have broken a toe, have encountered injuries or have a tissue damaged.  With this boot on you will be healing and walking again properly. This boot will keep you protected and prevent any infections from developing.

Overall this is a comfortable boot that is durable, has a comfortable foam liner and features a design with an open toe. The open design will allow the shoe to fit properly despite you having a bandage on. The boot comes with a Velcro strap that can provide you the custom fit you need.

The boot is made using a polymer plastic that offers the necessary support and protection needed. The use of this boot will help you walk again and reduce the swelling and inflammation. Fix your toe with this boot and start walking again.

Customers who have used the short broken toe boot have said that in a short time they were able to heal their foot after wearing this boot.  Customers have also stated that the boot can be taken off and the liner can be worn only when indulged in tasks such as driving.  They have also written that the boot is easy to walk in which is a major concern for customers since comfort matters.


  • Universal fit
  • Comfortable, deluxe foam liner
  • Adjustable medical grade Velcro straps
  • Open toe design


  • Boot doesn’t tighten enough- provides a loose fit

3. United Surgical Short Air Cam Fracture Boot

One of the best boots for broken toe, this boot by United Surgical comes with a blend of steel and plastic. It has an inflatable medial and a lateral air cell design to provide maximum possible comfort. The rocker sole help provides a natural gait, the wide foot bed will allow a leg with bandages on to fit easily.

This is a durable boot that can be used for a longer time period. The boot is lightweight which means you won’t have trouble or difficulty wearing it. The low profile, rocker bottom provides a natural step.

The boot will assist in walking properly and without any discomfort. You will feel the pain reduced and an overall better improvement. The boot will keep you protected from infections and your foot warm in cold weather conditions

Customers who have used the walking boot for broken toe have stated that overall the product is easy to use; you won’t have trouble taking off and wearing it. Customers have also appreciated the amazing customer service that the company provides. With that customers have described this boot as a life saver. This is a must-have item for those having severe injuries.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Designed to promote natural step
  • Treats toe, foot and ankle sprains
  • Adjustable strap system
  • Shock absorbing insole


  • Velcro too thin
  • Bulky and somewhat heavy

4. Mars Wellness Premium Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Ankle/Foot Stabilizer

This boot is a medical ankle boot designed by Mars Wellness that serves the purpose of treating damaged tissues, sprains and fractures. The item comes with an inflatable air bladder that provides necessary compression to the foot and ankle. The boot will improve stability and helps decrease swelling.

The boot has an inbuilt comfortable liner that comes with hooks and loops allowing you to have a custom fit. Adjust the strap to get a perfect fit and walk easily without any problems and discomfort. The walking medical boot is able to facilitate in providing the desired compression.

The boot is very lightweight and will be easy to use since the bulkier ones usually are difficult to manage. With this boot on you will be able to walk properly and it will minimize the pain to a great extent.

Customers who have used the walking boots for broken toe have found it to be useful in reducing their swelling and pain. Customers suffering from arthritis have mentioned that the item is helpful in keeping the foot stabilized and providing support. Customers have stated that the item is well made and has a comforting fit.


  • Custom compression to foot and ankle
  • Hook and loop fastening straps
  • Air release valve for desired compression


  • Not very comfortable
  • Not returnable

5. Walking Boot by Vive

This walking boot by Vive can fit in on both the right and left foot. It will make your foot secure by providing a safe fit. The boot comes equipped with adjustable straps that can be used to provide a custom fit allowing you to easily wear the shoes.  The boot has an overall versatile design.

The boot is suitable for use by men and women and can be worn on either foot. The non-skid tread helps provide the necessary stability required when walking. The rigid sole helps provide support to the arch and gets rid of the pain and pressure on the foot.

Overall the boot is lightweight but comfortable, it has a wide square toe box that can protect the toes and also provide space for bandages.  The item comes with a 60-day guarantee allowing you to purchase it without any doubts.

Customers who have used the walking boot for broken toe have said that the boot is comfortable and helps in eradicating pain. Customers have also appreciated the design of the item, saying it is aesthetically appealing. If you wish to alleviate pain in the shortest way possible, this boot is for you.


  • Universal fit design
  • Post-surgery supportive protection
  • Non-skid rocker sole
  • Lightweight, breathable materials
  • 60 day unconditional guarantee


  • Velcro not very durable
  • Needs more cushioning

6. The Orthopedic Guys CAM Air Walker, Lightweight Short Boot

Available in different sizes and suitable for use by both men and women this boot is the ultimate solution to erasing the pain. It is the best choice to deal with Achilles tendon boot and comes with an air pump. The required compression can be provided through this boot and your toe will heal quickly.

The rocker bottom makes sure you get a natural and stable gait. The walking boot comes with a semisoft toe bumper that provides safety and protection. This boot will keep your skin dry and provide the added comfort that you need, giving you the ability to walk again normally.

With this boot on you will be able to reduce toe pain and swelling. The Velcro straps allow the boot to fit perfectly allowing you to remain comfortable.

Customers who have purchased this walking boot for broken toe have stated in their reviews that if you require a lot of moving this boot is for you as it’s a mix of a shoe and a medical boot. Besides complimenting the shoe, customers have also appreciated the amazing customer service that the company provides.


  • Inflatable liner
  • Adjustable and removable toe guard
  • Meets OSHA standards for workplace safety
  • Helps healing


  • Sizing runs small

These are some of the top selling boots for broken toe available on Amazon that you can use to eradicate toe pain and bring it to the original condition. You can choose a style that fits you comfortably and comes within your budget range.

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