Top 6 Best Shoe Inserts for Heels – Our Picks and Reviews

Top 6 Best Shoe Inserts for Heels – Our Picks and Reviews

It is often said that comfortable shoes should be an important part of your attire. However, high heels have been in fashion for a long time now. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but also an essential part of the dress code for women at several work places. Yet, high heels are not the most comfortable footwear. They can cause several foot problems, some of which can be resolved quire effectively by choosing from the best shoe inserts for heels.

Some problems with wearing heels all the time

It has been stated that 42% women who wear high heels find them to be attractive as well as like the elongated legs that high heels can give. But wearing heels have its repercussions such as developing conditions like plantar facilities, Morton’s neuron, heel spurs.

When you wear heels, the weight of your body is shifted to the balls of your feet instead of distributing weight evenly and maintaining balance. It is not only difficult to walk easily with heels but evidently difficult to maintain smooth gait.

Older women can especially suffer as a result from wearing high heels and can suffer serious damage too.

Pros of Shoe Inserts for Heels

Soft, quality shoe inserts for heels are really helpful for women who have to wear high heels in daily life. Working women are often under the pressure of maintaining their dress code and it is easier with the right pair of shoe inserts.

Many shoe inserts for heels are also shock-absorbent and prevent the foot from suffering as you walk. Shock-absorbents will also be useful for women who have difficulty maintaining posture walk with high heels.

Moreover, if you want to wear heels for a special occasion for long hours, you might be dreading the pain that comes from walking in heels all day. Similarly, going dancing or clubbing with heels can be just as problematic.

In such cases, comfortable shoe inserts for heels can be highly beneficial. They will let you have a good time without feeling pangs of pain in your toes, balls of your feet or ankles.

Older women also like to maintain their appearance and wear high heels for aesthetic appeal. But they can also suffer from serious foot pain afterwards. Wearing heels with shoe inserts can give them the opportunity to look as flawless as ever.

Cons of using Shoe Inserts for Heels

While there are many positive aspects of wearing shoe inserts for heels, there are still some things to be kept in mind before using them.

It is true that shoe inserts for heels can make wearing heels more pleasant for you. But at the same time, if you have a medical condition, then it is best not to wear heels for longer time periods in general. Moreover, you cannot rely on shoe inserts as a way to reduce a proper medical condition.

Similarly, your feet should get time to rest so even while you use shoe inserts for heels, your feet are positioned so that most of the weight is on the forefoot. Shoe inserts can be useful most of the times but taking a break from high heels is also essential.

Finding the best shoe inserts for heels

Finding the right size is very important if you purchase shoe inserts which are made for the whole foot. Otherwise cushions or pads will easily fit any shoe size. Similarly, you should also be able to clean shoe inserts to avoid any hygiene problems or catching fungus.

It is best to opt for re-usable and re-washable shoe inserts. It can be non-slip and therefore more comfortable to walk with since you will not have to worry about getting slippery soles. In short, you can compare and contrast the various distinct features of shoe inserts to find a suitable pair. Following is the guide for purchasing the right:

1. Ballotte Ball of Foot Pain Relief Shoe Inserts for Heels

This is a pack of two pairs of shoe inserts for heels which are made from PU grade silicone gel in order to provide you comfort when you are wearing high heels.

Ballotte Shoe Inserts for Heels have foot padding that is specially designed for heels and made with shock-absorbing material to give you a flawless and comfortable walking experience.

These inserts are soothing because of their slight massaging texture. In addition, they will minimize foot stress and help your keep your foot in a relaxing position.

Ballotte shoe inserts have extra thick padding that prevents you from developing aching feet. They are ideal for women who wear high heels on a regular basis. Moreover, professional or career women who wear heels will be able to walk during the day without feeling strain.

Many women who often felt soreness in the balls of their feet after wearing heels for long period of time felt a difference after trying these shoes insert for heels. Others also felt comfortable wearing an otherwise distressing pair of their favorite heels.


  • Value pack with 2 pairs of inserts (4 pieces)
  • Self-adhesive feature
  • Unisex padding for shoes and high heels
  • Superior shock absorbing properties
  • Suitable for day long wear
  • Money back guarantee


  • Inserts are thinner than most others

2. Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step High Heel Relief Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Shoe Inserts for Heels have been specifically designed to relieve pain caused from wearing high heels. In addition, they have been clinically proven to prevent foot pain by reducing the stress and pressure on the balls of the feet and shifting it away.

This pair of shoe inserts is made from an ultra-soft gel arch that will significantly reduce stress. Plus, this is a slim design to make sure that your shoes do not feel tight when you put in these inserts. While walking, it will also act as a shock-absorbent to give you an elegant gait.

Dr. Scholl’s Shoe Inserts for Heels are designed to maximize your comfort and give you stress-free walk for up to 16 hours. Therefore, they are ideal for working ladies who wear high heels in their daily routine. Besides that, these have been designed for heels of one and a half inches or taller.

Many women claim that they used Dr. Scholl’s Shoe Inserts for Heels for many years as they proved to be among the best. Besides that, all the women who bought the right size testified that wearing heels became a much easier task after using these.


  • Discreet design
  • Ultra-soft gel arch
  • Soft cushion and shock absorbing
  • All day comfort
  • Money back guarantee


  • No self-adhesive feature
  • Insoles tend to roll

3. VIVE High Heels Insoles by Envelop

Among the best shoe inserts for heels is this pair of VIVE shoe inserts. This pair has been carefully designed to give you premium comfort while wearing heels and maintaining the same comfortable posture all day long.

These inserts are made for the entire foot to make sure that pain is kept at bay. In addition to that, they will distribute the pressure that generally burdens the ball of the foot to make sure that you can walk easily. This factor will further prevent from developing plantar facilities, heel spurs, Morton’s neuron and other conditions that could be dangerous for mobility.

VIVE shoe inserts for heels are ideal for any woman who wears heels to work or women who enjoy wearing high heels in daily life. Moreover, wearing your favorite pair of heels will become much easier with help of them.

Many women used these shoe inserts to wear heels for several hours and claimed that they did not feel as stressed as they would otherwise. Besides that, it also helped women who dreaded wearing heels to work or parties as they decreased the pressure on forefoot and helped them confidently wear their best pair more often.


  • Premium gel insole support
  • Non-slip features
  • Fits most high heeled shoes
  • 60 day unconditional guarantee


  • Not enough arch support

4. Walkize Shoe Inserts for Heels

Walkize Shoe Inserts are bestselling shoe inserts for heels for a number of reasons. They come as two pairs of foot pads for the balls of feet to prevent foot pain and are made for instant relief of the balls of feet which suffer the most as the weight of body shifts to them when you put on heels.

These inserts are cushion-soft and provide you the comfort to confidently put on heels without feeling pain or stress in your feet. Plus, they are non-slip pads that will stay intact due to their adhesive nature. Whether you are wearing heels to work or to the club, you can confidently get the smooth walk and look beautiful in your favorite pair of high heels.

Many women felt a significant change in their walk once they started to use these shoe inserts for heels. They did not only make it easier to walk around freely with ease but also improved their walk as they reduce shock from walking. They also provided instant relief from the stress of walking in heels.


  • Comes with 2 pairs (4 pieces) in each pack
  • Soft, gel-based, cloth covered inserts
  • Adhesive foot pads
  • Money back guarantee


  • Adhesive feature not very effective

5. Hydrofeet Gold Women’s High Heel Inserts

This pair of Hydrofeet is a popular shoe insert for heels for many reasons. Firstly, they have been designed to accommodate women who love wearing heels. They have been designed to reduce the stress that toes, legs or feet might bear as result of putting on high heels and walking in them.

However, these shoe inserts have a quarter of the thickness to easily fit into high heels and reduce or minimize the stress from high heels. They have liquid glycerin which does not only reduce pain but also inflammation during summer time. It will keep your feet cool and content.

In addition, they provide a reflexology-like massage as you walk which increases the soothing effect of wearing high heels.

These shoe inserts are ideal for any woman who wants to wear heels without stressing out their feet. They will also help you wear heels for a long time without feeling agitated or fatigued.

Hydrofeet Shoe Insert for Heels helped many women in achieving the flawless walk in high heels that they always dreamed of. It also made it possible for them to wear their favorite pair to work and for hangouts while giving them a gentle massage-like feeling as they walked.


  • Dynamic liquid technology
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Better alignment and balance
  • Suitable for heeled boots, wedges and stilettos


  • Very little support
  • More expensive than many other similar products

6. GENTEE High Heel Pads Inserts for Heels

This is a set of eight pieces with four pieces for each foot. GENTEE Shoe Inserts for Heels are made for the comfort of the entire foot by setting in each piece in its designated spot. They are soft gel pads which can be placed for forefoot, heel grips, heel snugs and the balls of feet.

These inserts are made from silica gel which is covered with smooth velvet. It will also prevent your feet from sweating giving you a slip-free walk. Additionally, they are self-adhesive shoe inserts that can also be washed before re-using. Their integrity will not be lost with washing as you can maintain hygiene for your feet.

GENTEE Shoe Inserts for Heels give women the option to put on their high heels for work, clubbing, parties and more. Many women are afraid of wearing heels because of the pain that follows but it will easily take the edge off and prevent from damaging conditions of the foot.

The results of using GENTEE Shoe Inserts for Heels have also been impressive. Many women who already felt pain in the balls of foot or seemed to develop it after wearing heels were able to prevent the pain.


  • Comes with 4 pairs in value pack
  • Relieves metatarsal pain
  • Soft, safe silica gel
  • Skin friendly, sweat absorbing materials
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Not sufficiently padded

The right pair of shoe inserts can do wonders for your foot and ultimately give you the chance to look your best every day without compromising on the health and well-being of your feet even when you wear heels. Choose from the best shoe inserts for heels that best suit your lifestyle.

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