Benefits Of Drinking Water Straight After Waking Up In The Morning

Have you ever heard of the benefits of drinking water after waking up?


The ritual of drinking water early morning without brushing?

Yeah! Most of you must have replied in the affirmative.

The benefits of drinking at least 8 glasses of water is not a little known secret anymore. In fact, carrying a water bottle everywhere is now becoming second nature for most of us. But indulging in the “morning water ritual” needs some persistence and regularity to realize its true benefits. It’s not the same as drinking adequate water throughout the day and we will soon make you understand just how the benefits of drinking water after waking up are worth it.

Believe me when I say, there is a 90 year old aunt of mine who was on this water therapy thing for years and still impresses me by doing all her daily chores with the energy of someone much younger. Amazing isn’t it?

How many of you have ever thought that you would cross 90 or more and remain healthy and active. The fact is, most of us don’t look that far into the future and don’t plan for it. The drawback of this approach is that, by the time we are old and understand how mean we have been to ourselves, it’s just too late. It is another fact that in this era of global anxiety and stress, we are used to keeping our health down on our list of priorities. We never give it enough attention to actually practice a healthy regime as a ritual while we still can.

Don’t let this happen to you in life.

Move forward, take action. Live life, don’t let life live you.

Why not begin with the simple yet marvelous ritual of drinking water early morning without brushing.

Water, as we know, is the major constituent of not only our body but the whole universe. Without it, life would cease to exist. Almost 60 % of our body is composed of water. Drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids. Water is the fuel of many body functions like digestion, absorption, circulation of blood, secretion of saliva, transportation of nutrients, maintenance of body temperature, etc.

It is also the cheapest and the most widely available form of caffeine-free hydration which is naturally low in sodium. No beverage on earth beats a refreshing glass of crystal clear water.

As we are continuously losing large amounts of water from sweating, breathing, urination, stool, after exercise, we constantly need to replace this blue gold without affecting our vital bodily functions.

If you are a believer of natural remedies and don’t want to invest a fortune in medicines, water therapy should be your first choice.

drinking water after waking up

Water Therapy 

Water therapy is based on the premise that it is vital for the human body that you drink water first thing after waking up, before breakfast, before brushing, before anything.

This natural way of healing and maintaining health is a common ritual in the land of rising Sun, Japan. There, it is a common practice for people drink water first thing in the morning before having anything for breakfast or even brushing.

It acts as a precursor for revitalizing the mechanism for the purification of the internal body systems. It performs a catharsis of the colon and triggers the production of new blood cells, boosting the healing power of the body and keeps it revved all the day.

Water Therapy and Various Diseases

The benefits of drinking water after waking up are really eye opening. Japanese Medical Society has established various healing benefits of water therapy for a number of common ailments affecting the quality of life.

According to research, water therapy was found to improve and sometimes even cure kidney stones, constipation, blood pressure, menstrual disorders, kidney problems and even cancer. Furthermore it is known to be a 100% effective cure for:

  • Head aches and body aches
  • arthritis
  • asthma
  • epilepsy
  • bronchitis
  • tuberculosis
  • meningitis
  • vomiting and diarrhea
  • ENT diseases
  • piles, and many more conditions

The key is to follow it religiously and in a proper way.

The Ritual

drinking waterIf someone aims to be as astonishingly thin and petite as a common Japanese woman and live a long life (the Japanese have proportionately the highest number of centenarians in the world), then the benefits of drinking water after waking up cannot be ignored.

It’s time we let you in on their secret so that you may try it for yourselves.

  • Make sure you get proper sleep.
  • Get up early in the morning.
  • Drink 1.5 liters (5-6 glasses) of water right after waking up before brushing your teeth.
  • Brush your teeth afterwards.
  • Take your breakfast after 45 minutes.
  • After having breakfast, don’t take anything for another 2 hours at least.

At first, it might be quite hard to drink 4 glasses of water in one go. Some of you may even have to go to the washroom a few times to relieve yourself, but slowly the body will accustom to the new pattern of water intake and adjust accordingly.

If you manage to make water therapy a part of your life on a regular basis, there will be visible signs of improvement in your health parameters. The overabundance of energy will leave its mark and you will feel healthier than you’ve ever felt before.

As there are no established side effects of drinking water after waking up, the sole purpose is to improve the quality of life and bring out your lost energy.

The Health Regimens of Water Therapy

The ritual stated above should be made part of your lifestyle just to improve the quality of life.

Having said that, if your looking to treat a specific ailment, experts recommend different regimens depending on the medical condition that you wish to use water therapy for.

  • Heart burn and gastritis are problems of every household and cause quite a bit of discomfort. Those affected by gastric inflammation, should continue to drink 1.5 liters of water straight after waking up for at least 10 days.
  • Diabetes and High blood pressure are endemics causing lifelong burden on the patients’ pockets. Following water therapy for at least 30 days can ease this burden and maintain both sugar level and blood pressure.
  • For constipation, 10 days of water therapy is all that is needed.
  • Tuberculosis patients are recommended to avail the benefits of drinking water after waking up by undergoing water therapy for at least 90 days.
  • For joint pain and other joint issues, you must apply water therapy for the first 3 days of a week, wait for the week to be over. And then do it daily after the first week.

Other Benefits of Drinking Water After Waking Up

Dr. Feredyoun had discovered the healing power of water 17 years ago, using it to restore health to a number of people. Other than treating certain ailments and conditions, some of the benefits of drinking water after waking up include:

1. Glowing Skin

Don’t feel sad if you don’t have that natural glow, having water early in the morning will bring it back. Taking water as the first thing after waking up helps to detoxify the blood. It promotes circulation, leading to purification of body fluids and giving an enchanting glow to the skin. This makes your face – blemish and wrinkle free.

2. Anemia

If you are fed up with regular intake of those goddamned iron pills, there is a natural remedy in water therapy. Water therapy promotes hematopoiesis, raising hemoglobin levels in the body and curing anemia.

3. Constipation

Early morning water drinking ritual also aids in digestion. It promotes the easy flow of nutrients and waste products through the digestive system, preventing constipation and cramps.

4. Flush Fat

When you take 1.5 liters of water after waking up, chances are that you won’t feel much thirsty for the rest of the day. In other words, you have effectively replaced calorie filled beverages in your diet with water. This will help cut down the excessive fat build up. Water therapy also boosts metabolism by a substantial amount, burning the extra calories and helping you flush fat.

5. Lower stress

As 70% to 80 % of the brain tissue is water, water therapy will ensure that your brain cells don’t get dehydrated. In fact, keeping a water of bottle next to you at all times and making a habit of sipping regularly, will help you keep the stress out.

The benefits of drinking water after waking up and before brushing are undeniable. To avail these benefits, you don’t need to make sweeping changes in your life. There aren’t many simpler and more potent therapies out there that can really improve the quality of life. So what’s your excuse?

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