Top 6 Best Hernia Belts – Umbilical and Abdominal Hernia Belts

Hernia is caused due to weakening of the muscles and tissues that hold in organs. The organ may start to protrude through and becomes displaced. The condition can occur due to surgery, pregnancy, weight lifting or other similar activities. And unless the condition becomes very severe, you can stop its progress by using some of the best hernia belts available.

Where does hernia occur?

A protruding organ may come out causing pain and restriction in mobility. This phenomenon can occur in any area of the body but it is most common in the abdominal area. Most people who get hernia feel like there is a bulge in their abdomen.

Although surgery is the standard recommended treatment for curing hernia, there are many ways to deal with it before surgery takes place.  Quality hernia belts are quite useful when it comes to pushing the hernia inside until the surgery takes place.

The belt uses compression to push the hernia inside and reduce swelling. Moreover, it also provides comfort to the organs around. Even after the surgery, it can be quite useful in healing and recovering from the trauma.

Pros of Using a Hernia Belt

A high quality hernia belt is useful not only for compressing the hernia but also for people who might be suffering from stomach strain. It will naturally help relieve the pain that can result from overworking or weight training. In addition, many women may also be able to benefit during pregnancy and post pregnancy.

During sleep, many people with hernia find it hard to get a good night’s rest given their condition. But with help of a hernia support belt, they can sleep easily without feeling too uncomfortable.

This is why it is safe to assume that hernia belt is quite a useful product for many people. Even adult men and women with general back pain may feel relieved. It will also accommodate their activities so they will be able to move about freely without causing strain or pain.

Cons of Using a Hernia Belt

There are no side effects because its main purpose is to support and compress the hernia. However, relying on it completely might not be ideal.

Otherwise, wearing a hernia support belt cannot cause health risks or illnesses. It is a safe method used for compressing hernia, stomach and abdominal areas.

Finding the Best Hernia Belt

A hernia belt is a product that can be used to simplify life. By finding the best belt, you can carry on with your life before the surgery. However, you should get the best hernia belt that will fit around your waist and support your stomach area as well.

An ideal hernia support belt will stay in place without rolling down or off the abdomen. The size, material and build of the belt all count when it comes to finding the best one for regular activities. Some of them also come with a truss or pad that provides special compression for the hernia.

6 Best Hernia Belts – Our Picks and Reviews

There are several hernia belts that you can pick from. Some of them are specifically designed for men and others for women. However, universal hernia support belts might be more useful as they can be worn by anyone in the family.

They are also often adjustable and well-suited for most people. Following are the best hernia belts that you can choose from when it comes to finding beneficial products:

1. ProCare Elastic Abdominal Binder

The ProCare Hernia Belt is made from latex-free elastic to make sure that you get a premium amount of support from wearing it. Moreover, it is carefully made with multiple elastic panels as well as flannel lining which will prevent rolling down of the belt when you are walking, moving or sleeping.

In addition, there is contact closure which is specially integrated to make it a universal fit and allow everyone to wear it. You will be able to engage in a number of daily activities comfortably with the help of this belt which provides compression for the abdominal area. It will provide support post-surgery, for hernia, and hysterectomy to men and women.

Adult men and women looking for abdominal support can wear this belt for their daily activities or leisurely time whenever they need extra support due to hernia. This belt is in binder form to make sure that people who need extra support can comfortably wear this around their stomach.

The ProCare Hernia support Belt has also provided ideal results to customers who were suffering from abdominal strain. It helped them recover faster from stomach or abdominal surgeries as well. Also, it compressed the abdominal area to make sure that patient felt active due to tightness of abdominal area.


  • Suitable for a number of medical and non-medical conditions
  • Does not roll off during activity
  • Uses latex free elastic


  • Sizing runs really small

2. OTC Hernia Belt

The OTC Hernia Belt is designed to treat medical conditions and provide treatments for abdominal strains. It is specifically made to provide assistance and support for abdominal weakness, hernia and pendulous abdomen. Plus, it is also useful when it comes to post-surgical abdominal recovery.

This belt applies compression pressure which lessens strain as well as supports the tummy, gut, navel, and stomach. In addition, it has foam support which gives the perfect therapeutic support in case of hernia or other conditions in abdominal area.

An interesting feature of this product is the fact that it is made from material which absorbs moisture and reduces odor formation.

The OTC abdominal Hernia Belt is useful for adult men and women who suffer from hernia. It can be worn post-surgery for faster and more efficient recovery as well. It should be worn before you start your day or the swelling may increase throughout the day.

Many customers who have used this hernia support belt in their daily life have testified that it helped them maintain daily activities without hernia dictating their lives. Similarly, many people used it for their leisure time and relaxation to de-stress from hernia strain and abdominal pain.


  • Supports weakened abdominal muscles
  • Contoured support for customized fit
  • Latex free
  • Comfortably padded
  • Available in different sizes


  • Inconvenient fastening as the belt fastens in the back

3. Alpha Medical Hernia Belt

The ideal feature about the Alpha Medical Hernia Belt is that it is designed to provide pin-point compression to the affected area. This feature make sure that the belt reduces swelling and strain in abdominal area. It is made from latex-free elastic for high quality compression.

This belt can be worn lightly around the stomach for compression yet you have the option to tighten it for better pressure. There is a pocket sewn to the abdominal panel which accommodates a truss pad. This feature plays a significant role in reducing umbilical hernia and assists in faster recovery from such conditions. Besides that, you can wash it gently to get rid of any sweat or odor that might accumulate over time.

The Alpha Medical Hernia support Belt will be beneficial for anyone who develops umbilical hernia. In addition, it will provide post-surgical abdominal support as well. It can be worn by men and women who want to compress and push their hernia for increased mobility.


  • Provides comfortable compression to abdominal area
  • Removable firm pad
  • Latex free
  • Available is standard, large and x-large sizes


  • Not enough Velcro

4. FlexaMed Hernia Belt

There are many things which make FlexMed Hernia Belt one of the most ideal belts to wear for treating hernia. Firstly, it is made from high quality and flexible material to make sure it fits around your waist easily. It will provide soothing compression for the stomach while the truss will push the hernia inside.

Besides, it comes with dual Velcro closures which offer more adjustment options and a universal fit for men and women. In addition, it is made from breathable and lightweight material so that you can wear it without sweating or causing odor.

The FlexaMed Hernia Belt is a useful belt for men and women who might be suffering from umbilical hernia. It can be worn before surgery or afterwards for compression and recovery from the surgery comfortably. It will also increase comfort during sleep for people who feel restricted due to their hernia.

Finally, after using this hernia support belt many customers were able to combat restricted mobility due to hernia. It did not only reduce its presence but also provided soothing effect for the stomach and abdominal area. Many people used it during heavy work so that they could avoid strains successfully as well.


  • Provides significant relief from hernia
  • Foam padded for rigidity
  • Made from comfortable cotton/elastic blend
  • Dual Velcro strips for reinforcement


  • Foam pad is too stiff
  • Belt may be narrower than advertised

5. BraceAbility Hernia Support Belt

The BraceAbility Hernia Belt is among the best due to several features. For instance, this belt will accompany you pre-surgery and post-surgery of hernia. Additionally, weakened muscles might cause strain in the abdomen which can result in pain as well. As such, wearing proper hernia belt can support your muscles and help you recover from conditions that might arise with weakened muscles.

Another appreciable feature is the fact that it comes with a removable hernia pad so anyone with umbilical, ventral, incisional and epigastric hernia can wear it for increased compression. Otherwise, the pad can be taken out for general compression of the stomach.

Adult men and women might feel their mobility challenged as a result from hernia and in order to combat that, they can wear this hernia support belt. It will help you maintain a balanced life without compromising on work or leisure. In addition, it will also provide you a sound sleep experience if you get disturbed due to hernia.

Most of the customers appreciate the BraceAbility Hernia Belt because it is quite flexible and offers a comfortable fit around the curves. Moreover, it helped them recover from surgery by pushing the hernia inside and making it easier to move around.


  • Alleviates pain and discomfort associated with hernias
  • Can help speed post-surgical recovery
  • Comes with removable silicone pad
  • Fits well under clothing


  • Velcro may not hold very well

6. NYOrtho Abdonimal Binder Lower Support Belt

The NYOrtho Hernia Belt is beneficial because it is a universal fit made from flexible material that can be worn by adult men and women with hernia. The design of this product facilitates compression of the upper and lower abdomen while improving circulation in the area. Moreover, it is a flexible hernia support belt made from breathable mesh that will not suffocate or cause excessive sweating.

The NYOrtho Hernia Belt can be worn by women post c-section or pregnancy to support their abdominal area. It can also be worn during pregnancy for the support of the abdomen. Besides that, it can be worn by men and women after hernia surgery. It will redefine muscles and tone the abdomen to relieve pain through compression.

It is also helpful in reducing waist and back pain in people with umbilical hernia and gives you soothing comfort that will help you sleep at night. In short, it can be worn to treat and overcome several abdominal problems.

Overall, it is safe to say that people who used this product saw promised results. They were able to successfully combat the effects of hernia in their daily lives. It also gave them the margin to continue working and participating in other activities by compressing hernia completely.


  • Comfortable, custom fit
  • Extra wide design
  • Latex free
  • Multiple sizes available


  • Sizing runs big

To summarize, there are many types of hernia belts and each one has distinct features that can be useful for individual cases. Based on your preference or needs, you can easily find the best option for your hernia. Since they can be used for many other causes, it depends on what you want to treat with the hernia support belt. But a list of the most effective and top quality products will help you make an informed decision.

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