Natural remedies for enlarged prostate in terms of food and exercise

Enlarged prostate is one of the most common male prostate diseases. The occurrence of the disease has greatly influenced men’s physical and mental health. Therefore, in order to protect the male prostate better, male friends had spent a lot of time in terms of nursing care. Also, they have paid a large amount of money to buy a lot of health care products. Prostate needs maintenance. And in order to prevent enlarged prostate, what to eat in ordinary life is very important, and sports is also very important for preventing enlarged prostate. So, below we begin to discuss the natural remedies for enlarged prostate in terms of food and exercise so as to prevent the prostate disease.


Natural remedies for enlarged prostate in terms of food


1, Leek

Leeks can effectively prevent enlarged prostate

Leek can effectively prevent enlarged prostate and prostate hyperplasia. it is a kind of common vegetables growing strongly. It has good curative effect for male erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Patients eat leeks every day, or grind the leeks into powder, x take 15 grams daily in the morning with boiled water. Because it can lead to some stomach trouble attacks after eating leeks, so patients need to pay attention to it. If the leeks taste heavy in the mouth, patients can chew the tea leaves.


2, Cabbage

Eat cabbage often can reduce the occurrence of male disease.

White cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbages have the effect of the resistance to bladder cancer. Scientists analyzed the diet of 50000 men and discovered that vegetarians who eat cruciferous vegetables more than five times a week have got a lower risk of suffering bladder cancer and only account for almost half of the men who do not eat this kind of vegetable.


3, Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds can help resist male aging.

Most of the male people after age 40 have an enlarged prostate problem. An experiment in the United States found that if let patients suffering with prostatic hypertrophy eat pumpkin seed extract, it has actually reduced the times of urinary frequency by patients, and it has also improved the other symptoms of the patients. Pumpkin seeds are the best source of vitamin E, which is anti-aging and can prevent enlarged prostate.


4, Garlic

Men eat garlic often can help improve physical fitness.

Garlic can prevent prostate cancer and has a strong sterilization that can eliminate the bacteria to enter the body. Garlic can promote the absorption of vitamin B1 and promote the metabolism of sugar to produce energy and eliminate fatigue. Another function of garlic that can not be ignored is to enhance immunity. Garlic contains pbse which has antioxidant properties, and therefore is considered a food that can prevent prostate cancer. Men eat more garlic can improve their physical fitness.


5, Carrots

Carrots can prevent prostate cancer effectively.

Carrots can prevent prostate cancer and carotene can change itself into vitamin A in the body, improving body resistance and restraining the reactive oxygen species that lead to the deterioration of the cell inhibition and so on. Carrot contains rich potassium and has the effect of reducing the blood pressure. Beta-carotene also can prevent cancer.


6, Soybean

Soybean is an excellent food for preventing enlarged prostate.

Soybean contains plant hormones which can effectively prevent enlarged prostate, Soybean is a great food for male enlarged prostate. The Japanese men who eat soy products often have lower probability of suffering from enlarged prostate than men from western countries. Soybeans can also improve the loss of bone for male effectively. Over 60 years old, men’s bone will begin to erose, and it is as serious as the menopause for women. Eat more beans can add lecithin. Lecithin has been confirmed that it is associated with short-term memory and learning ability.


7, wheat germ oil and nuts

Often eat pumpkin seeds can prevent the happening of the enlarged prostate.

A severe lack of vitamin E will cause the degradation and atrophy of the penis, sex hormones secretion decline and loss of fertility. Well, wheat germ oil can prevent and change the situation. So we should often eat feed wheat, corn, millet, wheat germ oil in our daily life. German doctors found that among the people who often eat pumpkin seeds, there is no happening of enlarged prostate, prostatic hyperplasia and prostate hypertrophy. This is because the pumpkin seeds contain a mysterious substance that can affect the production of male hormone. In addition, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pine nuts and so on are also beneficial to sexual function.


8, Bee pollen products

Eating bee pollen has certain curative effect for preventing prostate.

Eating bee pollen and its products can increase the blood circulation of the prostate tissue, reduce swelling adn improve curative effect, and there is no side effects. Because the bee pollen contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, of which the alanine and glutamic acid, glycine have certain curative effect on prostate.


9, Ketchup

The tomato is a protector for preventing male disease.

Eat more tomatoes equals to give yourself a protection network to prevent prostate cancer. This is because the tomato contains a lot of carotenoid called lycopene. But to many scientists’ surprise, tomato juice does not have the function of protection. It turns out that lycopene should cook together with food containing fat, thus can be fully absorbed by our human body.

How to eat healthier by enlarged prostate patients?

Vegetables, fruit, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, kiwi fruit, such as sugar cane, water chestnut, wax gourd, cucumber play the role of inhibition of inflammation.

Eat more vegetables have a diuretic function and above vegetables are natural remedies for enlarged prostate patients.

Eat more dried fruit, grains, beans, mung beans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, coix seed, walnut kernel, sesame, etc. These foods are rich in trace elements and contain a large number of B vitamins, which have the effect of good nutrition. They can clear heat and decrease internal heat, kill bacteria and eliminate inflammation.

Health care beverage, herbal medicine, such as pollen, green tea, honey, and the fresh rehmannia root, fresh couchgrass root, fresh bamboo leaves, fresh rehmannia root and other herbs are natural remedies for enlarged prostate patients.


In addition to the prostate gland, actually the male reproductive organs, such as testicles that produce sperm are also an important part of men’s health. So, to protect them is another way to prevent you from suffering male diseases. There are other natural remedies for enlarged prostate patients:


Other natural remedies for enlarged prostate patients


1, The animal’s gut contains more cholesterol. Well, cholesterol is an important part of the sex hormone synthesis. In addition, it also contains epinephrine that can promote the division and mature of SSCS.

2, Foods that contain zinc. The sperm quantity has a certain contact with the trace elements in the human body. Foods that contain highest zinc are oysters, others such as beef, milk, chicken, chicken liver, egg yolk, shellfish, peanuts, corn, beans, potato and the brown sugar also contains a certain amount of zinc.

3, Foods that contain arginine. Arginine is the necessary element for the formation of the sperm. foods with the appearance bond-slip are rich in arginine, such as: eel and loach, silkworm chrysalis, chicken, sea cucumber, cuttlefish, octopus, frozen bean curd, laver, peas, etc.

4, Calcium food. Calcium can stimulate the maturation of sperm. calcium-rich foods are dried small shrimps, salted eggs, egg yolks, dairy, soy, seaweed, sesame paste, etc.

5, Foods rich in vitamin. vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C help delay aging and prevent the decline of sexual function.


Protective ways for preventing enlarged prostate

Next, after talking about the natural remedies for enlarged prostate in terms of food, we are going to talk about the other natural remedies for enlarged prostate in terms of exercise. So, let’s figure out first about the protective ways for preventing enlarged prostate.


3 “More”

(1) Clean quite more. Male scrotum is scalable and secretes quite more sweat, combined with the vaginal ventilation poor and easy to shelter bacteria, this will cause enlarged prostate, prostatitis, sexual function decline, if not pay attention to it timely, it will get serious infection. So, stick to cleaning the perineum is an important part of preventing enlarged prostate. In addition, every time after having sex it is necessary to flush the genitals.

(2) Take warm water bath quite more. Warm water bath can alleviate muscle tension and prostate tension and reduce discomfort symptoms. Taking warm water bath often is very beneficial for prostate disease. If every day with warm water hip bath for 1 to 2 times can also get good effects.

(3) Relax quite more. Stress may increase the chance of prostate enlargement. Clinical display shows that when life pressure is relieved, it will also relieve the prostate symptom, so patients should try to keep themselves relaxed at ordinary times.


(1) Holding urine less. Once the bladder is filling, patients should urinate immediately, a full bladder is unbeneficial for the bladder and prostate. Before taking a long time bus, patients should firstly empty the urine.

(2) Having sex less. Men should pay attention to the revention of enlarged prostate when they are young. The key is moderate sex, not sexual abstinence. Frequent sex can make prostate congest for a long time, so that would cause prostate enlargement. So especially in vigorous youth with more sexual desires, men should pay attention to control sex and avoid prostate congestion. Too much abstinence can cause swelling in discomfort. Of course it is also bad for the health of prostate.


Natural remedies for enlarged prostate in terms of exercise


What are the health movements for enlarged prostate? Enlarged prostate is a disease more commonly seen in men. Men often worried about the disease for no effective treatment. Here, the experts will introduce men to several kinds of prostate health movements.

  • Prone position, the forehead in the arms, natural breath, legs lift alternately. Repeat 10 times.
  • Supine position, two legs straight, two arms in the two sides with palms facing down. Inhale and keep two arms unbend. Lift the two arms above your heads. Then exhale and two arms back. Repeat 3 to 4 times.
  • Supine position, bend the left leg, inhale, holding your left knee to your chest with both hands. Recovery and exhale, changing right leg for movement. Repeat 5 to 10 times for each leg.
  • Upright position, arm yourself, right hand holds in the left elbow, left hand holds in the right elbow, both touch your knees. Inhale and lift your anus, hold for 10 seconds, then exhale and relax muscles, recovery. Repeat 3 to 4 times.
  • Sitting position, butt in front of chair, both hands straight on both sides of the seat, bending natural apart and shoulder width apart. Breathe in slowly, chest rise and head rise, the hip as the base and turn the upper body from left to right. Then exhale, and rotate from right to left, exhale and rotate the upper from right to left. Repeat 5 to 6 times.
  • Crossed leg sitting position, right leg above the left leg. Your upper body straight and hands on your knees, inhale and perineal muscle contraction, lift the anus, hold for 10 seconds, and then relax your muscles. Repeat 4 to 5 times.


Above are the related contents of natural remedies for enlarged prostate in terms of exercises. Hope male friend might as well take care and do some exercises in your spare time. It can not only exercise the body, but also can be beneficial to the enlarged prostate, so why not start from now?


Enlarged prostate is one of the common diseases in clinic for male patients. And it is not easy to completely cure the enlarged prostate. What is more, the disease is easily to attack repeatedly. Therefore, in order to completely cure chronic enlarged prostate, patients must keep a good mood and actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. We hope that male patients should remember the above natural remedies for enlarged prostate in terms of foods and exercises. The appearance of enlarged prostate will not only cause healthy problems for male friends, but also will affect their wives if they can not shrink prostate naturally, thus, male patients should focus on the prevention of the enlarged prostate disease. More infos about prostate massager, please click how to use and choose a good prostate massager.

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