How to use and choose a good prostate massager?

How to use and choose a good prostate massager?

Prostate is a male-specific gonadal organ, but because of such unhealthy lifestyle factors that prostate disease has become the most prominent diseases of males. At present, more and more people use prostate massagers to keep the prostate healthy. And to some extent, the prostate massagers can help the treatment of prostate disease. Then, how to use a prostate massager?

Prostate massage is to massage the prostate and drainage of prostatic fluid on a regular basis through the prostate massagers. It is a massage therapy in order to help discharge the inflammatory substances to achieve the lifting of prostatic secretion, improve local blood circulation, and promote inflammation absorption and subsidy. Prostate massage therapy is more applicable for the retention and chronic bacterial prostatitis, where the gland is full, soft, and secretions purulent. It is not only a diagnostic method, but also a treatment.

Prostate massager has a very good effect. As we can see that male prostate massager is clearly designed in order to effectively and easily insert into the rectum. Gently inserted within the rectum, the anal sphincter will naturally promote the prostate massager to move to the prostate gland. And the prostate massager’s arm lifts forcibly against the perineal point and together plays the joint role.

Through the anal sphincter contraction and relaxation movement, rotate the prostate massager, with one hand up and down freely to lift the prostate massager’s arm and massage the entire prostate, together with induction reaction to complete the process of prostate drainage. Through regular prostate massage and drainage of prostatic fluid to achieve the effects of discharging the inflammatory substances and lift the prostatic secretion, improving local blood circulation, promoting inflammation absorption and regression. So how should patients use prostate massager? In fact, it is not very difficult.

For how to use a prostate massager, we should promptly understand about it. Use a lubricant companion or Vaseline and others to moisturize the anal and hold the prostate massager. Gently push it in so that the sphincter will automatically inhale the prostate massager. Press the prostate by use of the natural contraction of the sphincter, and then use the handle to relax. Repeat the action to complete the massage. Each massage costs about 3 to 5 minutes with prostate fluid flows from the urethra each time.

The massage must be gentle, each massage treatment is at least 3 days interval, usually massage 1 to 2 times a week. When achieved some good treatment, patients need to adhere to the treatment. Take a rest a few days to continue the treatment in order to consolidate the curative effect. Some patients have pain in the next day then they need to reduce the intensity when massage.

The correct use of prostate massager

Massage therapy is a good method for the treatment of prostate disease, so the appearance of prostate massage has reduced a lot of burden to the patients. However, during the use of prostate massage, the patients also need to pay attention to massage time and frequency of use, so as not to harm the prostate and aggravate the condition of the disease. At that time, the prostate massager is not a panacea, if cleaning is not complete or the frequency of uses is too much, they are not conducive to rehabilitation.

Massage time when using the prostate massager

In the use of prostate massage, patients also need to pay attention to massage time. If time is too long, it is also easier to cause harm to the prostate. In general, massage the prostate for 10-30 minutes with each time there is a prostatic fluid flow from the urethra. (Note: if there is no drainage, do not force). When the prostate massage is complete, patients would better to urinate immediately.

In addition, for the patients who are at first time using the prostate massagers, they may not be adaptable a little. When the prostate massager’s rod is inserted into the anus, there will be a foreign body sensation. And even there is a feeling of urgent urinary. It is recommended to do some breathing exercises: slowly inhale, stay for a few seconds, then slowly exhale, relax and focus on the stimulated parts, breathing in this way for 10 minutes. After that, the foreign body sensation will gradually disappear.

The use frequency of prostate massager

Prostate massagers can not be often used, otherwise it will hurt the prostate. During the treatment of prostate disease, patients massage for themselves with general 1-2 times a week. At the same time, when use the prostate massage, each must be at more than 2 days’ interval. And when the patients with prostate disease are during their rehabilitation, the maximum monthly massage should be 1-2 times. Each usage must also be at more than 2 days’ interval.

The shortcomings of prostate massager</h4

(1) Cleaning is not complete will easily lead to anorectal inflammation.

Before the use of prostate massage sticks, use soap and water for a thorough cleaning. If the cleaning is not complete, in the course of the usage it is very easy to bring the attached bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances into the anus, causing anorectal inflammation.

(2) The lack of lubrication is likely to cause anorectal injury.

In addition to cleaning, before the use of the prostate massage stick, patients should also use appropriate lubricants to reduce the friction. Without the use of lubricants, or lack of lubricant, it will damage the anorectal tissue due to excessive friction.

(3) Too many times with large intensity will easily lead to the progression of prostate disease.

On one hand, appropriate massage to the prostate gland through prostate massager will accelerate blood circulation, dissipate and reduce the inflammation. On the other hand, it will excrete the prostate fluid and ease the swelling of the prostate.

Replace the prostate massager regularly

Any prostate massager, no matter how high in safety factor, patients can not continue to use it. Prostate massager should be promptly replaced, or it is easy to breed bacteria with the effect of massage less than before. Generally speaking, if the average monthly use is 2 times, the service life of a high-end prostate massager is of about a year.

Common precautions for using the prostate massager

Prostate massager, also known as prostate massage device, is a massage tool that can directly contact with the prostate site and stimulate the prostate through physical therapy. Because many patients do not understand the prostate massager or prostate massage device, they often use the prostate massager improperly. Therefore, it is necessary to further understand the common precautions on how to use a prostate massager.

1, For the intensity of massage

The two main points on the intensity: First, the intensity of inserting the massager. Do not use brute force, the sphincter will automatically inhale the prostate massager, patients can push it to the handle homeopathically. Another point is the intensity of the massage. When massage the prostate, patients should not use excessive force, of course, not too light. If too light, then patients can not make effective discharge of prostatic fluid. As for how much force to use in the end, everyone can control according to their feelings, try to keep at a suitable force level. In general, the prostate massage product manual will mention the note in terms of the intensity.

2, For the frequency of massage

Prostate massage is not the more the better, which is more harmful. Each massage should be at some intervals. During treatment, 1-2 times a week massage, 4-8 times for a course of treatment; if symptoms disappear after maintenance period, we propose monthly massage for 1-2 times .

3, For the applicable people

Although a prostate massager is good, not everyone can use. Through clinical observation, there are several types of people that are not suitable for prostate massage: acute prostatitis patients, during the attack period of chronic prostatitis, the hemorrhoids patients, prostate atrophy and sclerosis patients, and suspected prostate tuberculosis and tumor patients.

4, For the pain of massage

Doctors found in the return visit that individual patients could feel pain in the massage. They thought it is a normal phenomenon. And some people still believe that pain means effective. Experts solemnly warned the patients who perfume prostate massage, if in the process of self-massage, patients found that the pain is significantly great, check the prostate at the hospital. Find out more about self massage and self prostate exam.

5, Other matters needing attention

(1) After the completion of prostate massage please immediately urinate.

(2) During the massage, patients should also maintain a good living habit. Such as avoiding sedentariness and cycling, quit smoking and drinking, do not drink coffee and tea, do not eat spicy food, at the same time strengthen the exercise and improve resistance.

(3) Prostate massage is only an adjuvant therapy, it can not completely replace other therapies. Chronic prostatitis patients should be under the guidance of a doctor, according to the patient’s condition, take individualized comprehensive treatment.

Do prostate massager harmful during the usage?

Male friends whose prostate has got a problem are likely to induce prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia and other diseases. Patients must be diagnosed early and receive timely treatment. With the continuous development of the health care market, many prostatitis patients often choose to use prostate massager to alleviate the disease. In fact, the prostate massager is not suitable for everyone to use, if with improper operation, it will bring some harm to their own health.

Harm of prostate massager

1, if the patient can not correctly use the prostate massager, then, it will bring some serious harm, and will make the prostate discomfort, resulting in local injury.

2, although the prostate massager has a certain effect to the prostate, after all it is a machine. The prostate massager is not easy to use, nor can fully comply with the anatomical characteristics of the prostate, it is recommended that patients can use their hands to operate massage therapy.

Everything has two sides. Although the prostate massager has some advantages for the treatment of prostate, if patients do not understand the use of prostate massagers, it may lead to some unexpected consequences. And it will cause some damage to the prostate, so patients must be careful to choose and understand closer of the prostate massagers.

How to choose a good prostate massager?

Massage has a lot of benefits to the prostate, the excretion of inflammatory substances and promotion of drug absorption, reduction of recurrence of the disease, and etc. with the benefits of the prostate massage gradually well known by everyone, a variety of prostate massager began to show up. Facing of an array of many brands, many people may often be confused: how to choose an excellent high-end prostate massager? After all, prostate massager contact directly with the human body, so the product quality is particularly important. I believe we all want to know, how to accurately identify the quality of a pros and cons of a prostate massager?

When experts in answering the question, the general answer will be the three “standards”, which is currently recognized as the three basic product attributes within the industry of high-end prostate massager:

Standard 1:

Needless to say, good quality. It depends on the material. At present, for a variety of common prostate massagers in the market, the whole body of low-grade products is the plastic material, and silicone (inserted into the court part) is the main raw material used in high-end massager, relatively speaking, it has obvious security advantages.

Why silicone is more suitable for prostate massagers? Research confirmed that the silicone has a small space of molecular with compact structure. And it is not easy to stick dust, the surface is not easy to have residues and bacteria, very clean and sanitary, non-toxic and tasteless. The traditional plastic is more susceptible to dust bacteria, and the processing also need a lot of additives so that the quality is difficult to guarantee, it may be harmful to human health. Therefore, the silicone material for the massager has better quality and higher safety.

Standard 2:

fine craft. In order to create a good product, of course, it needs not only good material, but also a good craft to process production. Especially for a high-end prostate massager; the exquisite processing technology is particularly important. Why do we say that? This is because the surface of prostate massager with poor craft is relatively rough, and even there will be obvious burr protruding with poor touch.

Standard 3:

design scientifically. As the saying goes” to see the big from the small”, this sentence can also be used in prostate massager. At first glance, a lot of prostate massager seems to be similar, however, it is not true. As long as you carefully compare, it will be of many different in the details.


This article concludes several related categories about prostate massagers, such as the introduction of prostate massager; how to correctly use a prostate massager; common precautions for using the prostate massager; and how to choose a good prostate massager, etc. and we even talked about whether a prostate massager is harmful to your prostate or your prostate disease.

Above all, if you have any questions about a prostate massager, or if you are ready to buy a prostate massager, take into account of this article before your decisions will help you make a right choice and get to know some useful knowledge about a prostate massager.

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