How long do hemorrhoids last and how to recover fast?

How long do hemorrhoids last? In general, as long as the right usage of hemorrhoids drugs, you will soon see the good effect. Although we are not for sure how long it takes for hemorrhoids to cure, patients who are affected with hemorrhoids are feeling better after two weeks or so. As we all know that, hemorrhoids can be divided into external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids that are small may heal with seven days. While, internal hemorrhoids that come out of the anus may heal at least two months. So, we can conclude that the process of hemorrhoids last for not a short time. Of course, we are likely to understand more about hemorrhoids. But, is the disease of hemorrhoids horrible? Some people will feel very sick after seeing the pictures for hemorrhoids.

The severity of hemorrhoids

Apparently, hemorrhoids make people become restless, or even unable to work and study. It is precisely because of the bad habits in life and diet that lead to the recurrence of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids is a common and frequently-occurring disease, it will do a lot of harm to the human body, and bring a lot of inconvenience to the work and life. So what can we do to remedy hemorrhoids? It is the problem that all hemorrhoids patients worry about, many doctors have taken a variety of ways to remedy hemorrhoids, but have ended in failure.

In fact, hemorrhoids are not so terrible like we imagine. Then why people think hemorrhoids horrible? This is because many people do not have a correct understanding of hemorrhoids. At the early stages of the illness, hemorrhoids can be quickly cured by drugs. And the price of these hemorrhoids drugs is from a few to dozens of dollars. Indeed, some hemorrhoids medicine will play a certain role.

So How long do hemorrhoids last? how to prevent hemorrhoids just in order to make hemorrhoids last for less time? There are plenty of ways to keep hemorrhoids last within normal time.

How long do hemorrhoids last and how to recover fast?

Prevention of the disease to make hemorrhoids last for a less period of time

On daily sanitation:

1. The prevention of hemorrhoids should highlight the maintenance of smooth defecation. By the way, eat more food that is easier to digest and maintain a balanced diet.

2. Keep the anus clean and frequently change underwear to prevent infection.

3. Patients with hemorrhoids should avoid sedentary long station so as to prevent hemorrhoids.

4. Patients should pay attention to the warmness of their lower bodies just in preventing water shortages and maintaining adequate moisture.

5. Patients need develop a regular habit of taking a dump routinely. it helps reduce constipation, thereby reducing the risk of suffering from hemorrhoids.

On exercise:

6. Strengthen your body and do more physical exercise in order to enhance the immunity and physical fitness.

7. Patients can do more anal contraction exercise, such as anal contraction movement 3-5 times a day. It can promote the blood circulation and play a role in the prevention of hemorrhoids.

8. Patients can massage the anus more often, so as to promote the local blood circulation and in avoids of the hemorrhoids.

How long do hemorrhoids last and how to recover fast?

These ways can definitely improve the disease of hemorrhoids in an uphill way and shorten the time that hemorrhoids last. Especially the regualr exercises will make hemorrhoids last for a less period of time. So, we may wonder, what is the best way to heal hemorrhoids that can make hemorrhoids last as short as possible? Now, we can go further.

Best treatment for hemorrhoids

Treatment of internal hemorrhoids:

Internal hemorrhoids are a common disease, it is common but it can not be ignored. If the disease did not receive timely treatment, then you would probably end up with restless pain. Internal hemorrhoids just started with the symptoms unobvious, so some people are often negligent about it. How long do hemorrhoids last? In order to avoid this situation, what kinds of methods we should take and are these kinds of methods effective? So that we can make the hemorrhoids last for less time and suffer less from the hemorrhoids.

1. Diet attention

If the severe swelling of the internal hemorrhoids happens, then patients should pay attention to their diet. Certainly, patients should not eat and drink randomly. Do remember not to eat spicy food in order to avoid the aggravation of the disease. Apparently you need to quit coffee and alcohol. Our primary task is to keep the stool unobstructed in order to reduce the stimulation to the anal canal.

2. Warm water bath therapy

There is a simple method to treat internal hemorrhoids, which is the warm water bath therapy. So, how to implement the warm water bath therapy specifically by patients themselves? Firstly, pour a certain amount of warm water in the bathtub. It is best that the water floods over the patient’s waist when sitting down. This is time you should stay in the bathtub for 30 minutes or so. The warm water bath therapy can effectively promote the healing of the wound. And it is also effective for diminishing inflammation.

How long do hemorrhoids last and how to recover fast?

3. Surgical therapy

Surgery is also divided into several kinds, depending on the severity of the patient’s internal hemorrhoids. If it is relatively light, then you can take injection therapy or physical therapy. Just follow the doctor’s recommendations on specific treatment. There is also another therapy for those patients whose diseases are more severe and have more restless pain. For this type of patients, you can take the method of removing the internal hemorrhoids. Also you can use the method of ligation. You may know the pain that patients must suffer and the difficulty of this treatment by just reading the words. So in order to avoid the severity of hemorrhoids, early detection and early treatment is necessary for hemorrhoids patients. Because it would reduce the time that patients will suffer from hemorrhoids and make hemorrhoids last for less time.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids:

Firstly, the conservative treatment of external hemorrhoids: because of the severe pain of external hemorrhoids, we should make sure the conservative treatment is on the primary. But if the conservative treatment is invalid, it is recommended that patients receive minimally invasive surgery for treatment, in this way it could minimize the pain to the extreme.

  1. Warm water bath therapy: warm water bath therapy can improve the local blood circulation. A warm bath after taking a dump at every morning and evening is a good choice. Whereas, the bath time should not be too long, about ten to fifteen minutes is appropriate.
  2. Topical medication: under the guidance of a doctor, inject the anal canal with the oil or suppository, it has the function of lubrication and convergence. It can relieve the symptoms of local itching. External hemorrhoids pain can be relieved without surgery after local heat and taking some topical anti-inflammatory painkillers,.
  3. In parts of daily life: eat less fried, spicy food and do not drink alcohol. Also, do not eat food that is too cold. Patients should eat coarse grains and vegetables, and drink more water, etc. This is a good way to ensure smooth stool.

What food to eat for hemorrhoids patients to recover fast?

And this is another question for hemorrhoids patients. What food to eat in order to recover fast and make hemorrhoids last for a less period of time? As mentioned above, Hemorrhoids is a common disease, but also a chronic disease! Generally patients did not notice the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but for them, the quicker the better. How long do hemorrhoids last? Thus, the usual care of hemorrhoids is also very important for it can make patients suffer less and hemorrhoids last for a less period of time.

First, Patients should eat some light semi-liquid food the first day after hemorrhoids surgery.

As the second day after surgery patients can take a dump, so that patients can enjoy a normal diet. This is for the body to add enough nutrients and improve the body’s resistance to disease. It ensures wound healing and prevents complications.

Second, patients should drink adequate water after hemorrhoids surgery.

Only to maintain adequate water in the intestine, and make the water content of intestine surpasses the amount of water absorption in intestine, can facilitate the softening of feces. In addition to drinking water, during the three meals a day, patients should eat more soft food, porridge food, dairy and other foods so as to increase the water content of the intestine.

Third, eat more foods containing more crude fiber.

What food should patients eat to make hemorrhoids last for a less period of time? Some plant fiber in the intestine is not easy to be digested and absorbed. And it can absorb the water inside the intestine and takes form of hydrophilic colloid. It is conducive to softening the stool. In food, the moisture content in vegetables and fruits is more than in grain. So patients should eat more vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, coarse grains have a stronger laxative effect than refined grains. So in a diet, eat more polenta, rice, sweet potatoes, cabbage, leeks and other coarse grains is a must.

Finally, the daily consumption of honey is beneficial for hemorrhoids patients.

However, remember to eat properly or patients may get diarrhea. Also patients can eat fat-rich fruits such as walnuts, peanuts, sesame and soybeans, all of which have a good purge effect.

How long do hemorrhoids last and how to recover fast?

Nursing after hemorrhoids surgery

How long do hemorrhoids last after hemorrhoids surgery? Good nursing after hemorrhoids surgery is a must for patients who don’t want to let hemorrhoids reoccur, and in order to make hemorrhoids last for a less period of time, adequate and careful nursing after hemorrhoid surgery is quite important.

First, postoperative activities after hemorrhoids surgery:

patients should walk as little as possible, so as to avoid the formation of edema on the edge of the wound by forced friction. Thus, it will prolong the wound healing time and make hemorrhoids last for longer time or reoccur. What is more, do not take a long time to ride a bike after wound healing for about 3 months. Or else, the wound would bleed because of excessive friction.

Second, patients should maintain smooth stool:

generally after 24 hours of the hemorrhoids surgery patients would be able to take the first defecation. In the period of banning defecation, patients should drink plenty of water and eat effective beverages, such as honey, fruit juice and vegetable juice, etc,. All those beverages can promote urination and avoid constipation.

Third, take a hip bath after taking a dump:

bath is a simple and effective method to clean the anus and promote wound healing and anti-inflammation. Each time after taking a dump, patients should take a hip bath. Firstly, steam with hot smoke. And when the water temperature is moderate, put the anus into the bathtub and wash clean. Each time for about 20 minutes. Warm salt water or 1: 5000 potassium permanganate is a available for a hip bath.

Fourth, postoperative defecation:

experts pointed out that patient should take a dump by one time as much as possible after hemorrhoids surgery. Typically, some patients are afraid of defecation just because of postoperative anal pain. Or, end defecation while anal stool is not empty. The two factors will result in that the stool stays in the rectum for too long, and the water is absorbed too much, all lead to feces dry and difficult to discharge.

Fifth, Gesture when taking a dump:

the right defecation posture avoids forcing, sedentary station and long squatting. It is to prevent anus from blood blocking and edema.

Sixth, Maintain sanitation:

Maintain the anus always sanitary. And this is quite an important reason to make hemorrhoids last for a less period of time.


So many patients never noted the happening of hemorrhoids. They plainly think that hemorrhoids are not a serious kind of disease, so they almost neglect them. And this concept is leading to more and more serious mental deficiencies, it should be eliminated. Patients who suffered hemorrhoids should not despise hemorrhoids. This is because its harm is far greater than you know. It will also cause physical and mental disease and play a serious impact on patient’s work and study!

As mentioned above, the question of how long do hemorrhoids last has got a solution and patients who want to know the knowledge about why do hemorrhoids last for such a long period of time may have got a clue. And what else, the most important knowledge for hemorrhoids patients is the diet and nursing after hemorrhoids surgery.

In a word, hemorrhoids are a kind of disease that would reoccur if paid no serious attention on diet, exercise and nursing after hemorrhoids surgery. so, if you think that everything is okay after the once for all hemorrhoids surgery, you are wrong. It would probably make the hemorrhoids last for a longer time, and thus would make hemorrhoids patients suffer more.

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