Physio For Lower Back Pain: The Best Way To Strengthen The Back

Physio for lower back pain can do wonders in the short term as well as the long term health of the back. Regardless of whether you are suffering from lower back pain or not, it is something that can be beneficial for the body and should be incorporated in your lifestyle in some form or the other. The question that many of you may still ask is, does physiotherapy work for back pain? You will be amazed to find out that not only does physio for lower back pain work but it can make movement better by as much as 65%. It will allow you to lead a healthy life with relevantly less pain than you initially faced.

With more than 80% of the world’s population suffering from lower back pain, physio for lower back painlower back pain has been an ideal way of fighting back. If you have hurt your back or are suffering from chronic lower back pain, avoiding physio can ultimately lead to more problems and the development of more serious conditions like sciatica or degenerative disc disease. So it essential that if your physician recommended physiotherapy to you, you don’t take this advice lightly and go.

Your physician may recommend physio for lower back pain relief right away if your back has suffered injury/trauma. Some physicians might wait to see how often the pain reoccurs before recommending further lower back pain treatment.

What causes lower back pain

Some very common lifestyle choice or incidents can lead to lower back pain. If you have problems with discs, joints or muscles or a combination of these, they may result in lower back pain. Problems with discs and joints are usually caused by bad posture habits, trauma or injury.

You can learn more about The Causes And Treatments For Lower Back Pain here. 

Physio for lower back pain

There are many exercises that one can to combat lower back pain. Some of these fall into the category of physiotherapy for lower back pain. The added benefit of physio is that it also encompasses helping you in the correction of your posture. Bad posture is the leading cause of lower back pain, so this is a definite plus. If you slump you shoulders when you walk, over time, this form can cause severe back problems.

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic Exercises for lower back pain includes a variety of different types of activities such as pilates and yoga. Not only will they help strengthen your back, they are also an excellent way to remain in shape so that you do not suffer from future lower back pain problems again.

Exercising properly will restore muscle strength. These exercises will also help improve posture.  lumbar exercises

Lumbar Exercises

Lumbar stability is an essential part of physio for lower back pain. By strengthening the muscles that cover the spine and discs, you reinforce the muscles of the lower back which are causing the pain. The exercises that will help do this are:

  • stretching
  • exercising with a ball
  • balancing exercises
  • sit ups
  • crunches
  • leg raises

Massage therapy

Now most of us think of massage as a luxury but its uses as a healing treatment cannot be ignored. Massage therapy is an essential part of physio for lower back pain. A best back massager may be useful to relieve pain.

If you have been recommended massage therapy, be smart about where you go. Make sure you go to a certified therapist, who knows how to treat lower back pain. A massage therapist will manipulate the muscles to help them relax and relieve knots and tension that may be causing the pain in your lower back. The therapist will also recommend some exercises to do on your own which will help keep the muscles from becoming stiff again. In time, those exercises along with massage therapy will contribute to the strengthening of your muscles.

Sports therapysports therapy for lower back pain

Sports therapy employs physio for lower back pain to remove stiffness and pressure from muscles. This prevents injury during play and promotes the overall health and strength of the back. If by chance you have been injured, you will go through rehabilitation and work with a therapist to strengthen the muscles again so that you are fit and firing again.

Sports therapy will include massages to keep the muscles from tightening up and to loosen the ones that have been injured to avoid further injury.


Physio for lower back pain is excellent, reliable and it works. It avoids dependence on medications to lead a normal pain free life, something which all of us need to do more often. Through physio for lower back pain, you will also learn how to maintain a regular routine that will ensure that the muscles in your lower back will remain healthy. It will also teach you how you should lift and push as simple actions in your daily routine, as these are the primary culprits causing pain in your lower back.

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