Top 10 Best Back Massagers – Pros, Cons and Prices Reviews

Many people face back problems due to working in the same position all day or driving a car. If you can’t find the time to go to a spa or if it isn’t a budget friendly option, then invest in a good back massager that will be useful from time to time. This list of the best back massagers might help you pick one:

1. FIVE S FS8812 Back Massager

The FIVE S Back Massager is one of the best back massagers because it is a 10-motor vibration seat that will massage your entire back. This massager is microprocessor controlled and you can use the hand-control for all the settings.

In addition, you can also turn the heat on or off depending on what you prefer. There are 3 massaging speeds with 4 types of massages offered by this back massager. This massager will massage your back, thighs, shoulders and neck so you can relieve all your back muscles and recover from a hard day.

It also has an automatic shut-down system that turns off after 30 minutes of use.


  • Pain relief vibration massager
  • Portable unit
  • Comes with car and AC adapters
  • 3 year warranty


  • Not a shiatsu kneading massager
  • No rolling balls

2. Zyllion ZMA14 Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

The Zyllion back massager can easily be ranked in the list of the best back massagers because it is a high-quality massager with 3 massage styles. There are 4 shiatsu back pain massage nodes that will provide deep penetration of the massage and fully relieve your stress.

You can also choose which spots you want the massage for such as upper body, lower body or full back massage. There is also a rolling back massage setting that moves the nodes up and down and helps relieve the spine.

You can incorporate this back massager in your daily life by using it for office or the car seat. Besides that, it will help you get a professional massage without leaving the comfort of your home.


  • Customizable massage relief
  • Heat feature included
  • Automatic 20 minute shut off feature
  • Extended 90 day money back guarantee


  • Length of back massage may be too short for some
  • Noisier than other similar models

3. AMEISEYE Back Massager

The AMEISEYE Back Massager features 14 rotating massage nodules that will give a professional deep back massage to users. It is a best massage for back pain because it will help you relieve muscle tension, tight muscles, stress and other back ache problems.

It also has an overheat-protection feature in addition to the automatic shut-off technique. This device will improve blood circulation in your body while improving the quality of your sleep as well.

You can use this massager for rejuvenation as well as relieving chronic back ache. The massager is also made from material that is easy to clean.


  • Full back massage
  • 3D rotating balls
  • Light-weight, portable unit
  • Worry free 12 month warranty


  • Back too short for people taller than 5’4

4. SNAILAX Back Massager

There are six vibrating motors in this back massager which focus on problem areas that cause back ache and back pain. It has three therapy heating pads that will calm you down and provide the maximum level of comfort to relieve stressed muscles.

The SNAILAX massager is one of the best back massagers because you can also use it in your car or office chair which will be useful for people with chronic back pain.

There are also 4 massage intensities to choose from so you can use the intensity that you prefer the best. In addition, it will help you get a professional back pain massage without having to go to a spa.


  • Precise, spot vibration massage
  • Soothing heat therapy
  • Home and car adapter included
  • 30 day return with money back guarantee


  • Back cushion not thick enough, makes massage uncomfortable

5. NAIPO Back Massager

This massager is featured on the list of best back  pain massagers because there are several characteristics that make it special. For instance, the NAIPO Back Massager offers rolling, vibrating, kneading and shiatsu features so you get a professional massage without having to leave your home.

Moreover, the seat vibration has three intensities to suit everyone’s preferences. There are 8 rotating massage nodes that provide a maximum level of comfort to the user and relive stress.

There is also an optional heat function so you can turn it on or off based on how intense you want the massage to be. This massager will comfort your neck, shoulders and back that tend to get stiff and stressful after a long day at work.


  • Shiatsu, deep kneading massage
  • Suitable for heights between 1.6 and 1.8m
  • For indoor and car use


  • Not the best lower and middle back massager
  • Heavy to carry around

6. CINCOM Back Massager

This can be considered one of the best back massagers because there are 4 shiatsu massage nodes for complete relaxation of the back. You can also choose to get a massage for the full back, upper back or lower back. This means that you can control the level of simulation provided by the massager.

There are also three different speeds for the massage so the intensity will be suitable for your body type as well as your needs. The built-in heat function will add to comfort provided by this back massager. It will relieve tense muscles, stressed shoulders and an aching neck.


  • Deep kneading massage
  • Heating function works on tired muscles and blood circulation
  • Suitable for indoor use or in car
  • 30 days returns


  • Back massage too short

7. Gideon Six Program Shiatsu Back Massager

The Gideon Back Massager has 8 massaging modes so you can select various patterns of massage depending on the day and mood. This massager is a deeply penetrating device which will be useful for people who want to take a break or those dealing with chronic back pain.

There is also heat therapy included in this massager that provides radiating comfort to the back. It is certainly one of the understand back massagers because it provides the highest amount of relief possible to the user that mimics professional spa massage.

You can use this back pain massager for car seats, office seats and at home too.


  • Adjustable spot focus massaging
  • Multiple vibration intensity
  • Tapping percussion massage
  • Heat therapy feature


  • Rolling beads too large to be comfortable

8. INTEY Shiatsu Back Massager

The INTEY Back Massager has 12 massage balls that all simultaneously work to relieve stressed muscles in your back. It provides a 3D massage to replace the spa massage and mimics ‘finger massage’ for a heightened effect.

This massager is one of the best back massagers because there is also shiatsu massaging nodes along with three modes for massage zones that you can choose from. You will also get a heated massage so your back and shoulders can fully relax during the massage session.

It will improve your posture, regulate blood and improve sleeping patterns as you will be more relaxed. The soothing effect will help you unwind after a long day.


  • Spot massage for targeted relief
  • Auto power off feature
  • Removable, washable cover
  • 24 month warranty


  • Massage rollers are too hard

9. Relief Expert 10 Motor Back Massager

This is listed as one of the best back massagers because you can choose which areas will get the massage. There are 10 vibrating motors which increase the productivity of the Relief Expert Back Massager.

It gives you three modes for intensity so you can choose how strong you want the massage to be. Moreover, there are five massage zones because each part of your back has different needs.

The wired remote will give you control over all the features and settings so you don’t have to move to change the settings. Simply turn it on, sit back and relax while this back massager soothes you down.


  • Easy to use unit
  • Portable for home and car use
  • 30 day free returns
  • One year warranty


  • Roller placement is awkward making for an uncomfortable massage

10. Sotion Shiatsu Back Massager

There are 5 built-in motors in this massager which work to help you relieve from stress during driving or at work. It is a portable back massager that you can easily carry around as well.

It can be said to be one of the best back massagers because it has a hand control through which you can maneuver all the settings of the massager. You can also use this massager at home while relaxing, watching TV or reading a book. It will be a great way to sooth your muscles after a stressful day.


  • 3D Shiatsu deep kneading massage
  • Adjustable spot focus massaging
  • FDA approved


  • N/A

These are some the best back massagers because there are many useful features offered by each one that suit people of all body types. All of these massagers are a great way to look after your health. If you are dealing with chronic back pain or posture problems back massagers will provide instant relief so you can live a healthy life.

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