MiR Weighted Vest Review – Should you Pick One?

​MiR Weighted came out to be the second best-weighted vest money can buy. This was after we compared almost all the popular weighted vests out in the market. People use weighted vests for various reasons. It may be for shredding weight or to build muscles. But if you are an athlete then the MiR Weighted vest can be the best pick for your bucks. Read our MiR Weighted Vest Review to know more.

MiR Weighted Overview

Weight: 20 -90 lbs

Material:Reinforced Nylon


Design & Style

These vests are mostly advertised as “one size fits all”. In spite of this, the vest is available in many styles and options. Some options available are –

  • Women’s Adjustable Vest
  • Workout Plate Vest
  • Pro+ Vests
  • Short Vest
  • Narrow Vest
  • Pro Slim Vest

This makes the Mir Vest very versatile and can easily adapted by different people. You can use them for walking, running, boxing, plyometrics and weight training.

Weight Load

The MiR Weighted Vest comes equipped with individual pouches which will help you to adjust the weight easily. You can easily change the weights depending on the exercise you are working on. The pouches are available both sides of the vest that is front and the back. The upper and lower positioning of the pockets helps for easier ventilation.

The sides of the vest do not have a heat absorbing material. This helps to cool your body while you workout. The capacities of the vest vary from 10lbs to 200 lbs. This way the vest can easily use by a beginner or a professional.


The MiR Weight Vest is the most comfortable vest on the market. The makers have invested a lot of time in making it comfortable for people to wear. The vests fit in such a way that it does not restrict your arm’s movement. The vest is perfect for squats, pull-ups and pushups. The vest moves with your body rather getting it.

The shoulders of the vest are double padded for greater usability. The pockets are so placed that it distribute the weight all over the vest. Same as V-Force Weighted Vest it a sweat line with mesh which will help you to breathe properly even while sweating. To make sure the vest fits you perfectly the company has provided a couple of straps. This will also prevent the vest slippage while bouncing during exercises.

The pouches are located in such a way that you can easily do abdominal workouts and also be comfortable while doing it. The Velcro material can be confusing to use while tightening the vest. It can be a perfect addition to your body workout equipments. All in all, it is ideal vest for any athlete or gym enthusiast.

Video Review


This vest is quite affordable. It is priced around 40$ to 400$ for different styles of the vest. The company claims the vest to be tear proof. The vest seemed to really durable and is if high quality. You won’t be disappointed with the quality and usage. If you are looking to buy a higher model then you might want to see other vests before deciding on this one.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an affordable weighted vest, then you cannot go wrong with this one. If you have more money, you can also take the V-Force Weighted Vest. It also comes in tons of styles which is a great option.

If  you want to check the MiR Weight Vest click on the link below.​