Top 6 Best Overnight Diapers for Adults – Our Picks and Reviews

As the name suggests, adult diapers are designed specifically for adults. These diapers are used by people with various medical conditions such as diarrhea, dementia, urinary or fecal incontinence or others who have bad bladder control. Interestingly, even astronauts use trunk-like diapers during takeoffs and landings. Using some of the best overnight diapers for adults can help in all these and other such situations.

Adult diapers are available in different types such as pads, underpants, swim diapers, waterproof pants and come in different sizes.  They also vary in terms of pricing with those that last longer priced high and those that last shorter priced low.

Adult diapers are mostly purchased by people who have no or very little control over their bowel movements and so require this item. The elderly may also require adult diapers because of their dependence on a person to take them to the toilet. Since they might not always have someone around to take them to the toilet, adult diapers come in handy at such times. Other than this, people in wheelchairs and those who are bedridden may also use these diapers.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Adult Diapers

To most adults wearing a diaper can be an embarrassment and they might not feel comfortable wearing it because they aren’t used to it. Then there is also the question of dignity. However, when you consider the convenience and comfort that adult diapers offer, it becomes easier to understand why there is a growing market for this product.

While the physical benefits may be obvious, these diapers also offer a lot of emotional benefits. Once you get used to wearing them, there is a greater sense of security, improved confidence and an overall sense of relaxation. You can also enjoy a night of relaxed sleep when you have a quality overnight adult diaper on. Here are some reasons to try adult diapers and some precautions that go along with it.

Benefits of Wearing Adult Diapers

First off, having a diaper on will make you feel safer knowing that even with no toilet nearby, you will still be able to manage. Secondly, these diapers are available in different sizes which mean you can get the ones that fit you best. You can also choose a style that you feel most comfortable with.

These diapers are especially useful for people who are bedridden and no longer need to depend on someone to take them to the toilet. For such patients, changing the diaper at regular intervals can also help prevent the formation of bed sores and rashes.

But perhaps the biggest convenience of these diapers is that they are disposable without the hassle of washing and drying.

Unlike infant diapers which can get noisy, adult diapers do not make a lot of sound preventing you from feeling embarrassed.

Drawbacks of Using Adult Diapers

However, everything comes with a drawback and so do these adult diapers. One of the major drawbacks associated with adult diapers is the damage they can do to the skin. Continuous use of adult diapers can result in severe skin rashes and allergies, so a lot of attention and care is required to prevent this from happening.

It is very hard to convince people to use diapers because they are ashamed of it. If a high-quality diaper isn’t selected you may not feel comfortable wearing it. Cheap quality diapers can result in the release of bad odor and may not last long.

For this reason, it is very important to choose high-quality overnight diapers for adults that are skin friendly and can meet all the requirements. The sole purpose of a diaper is to last long and hold the released urine in order to provide a comforting experience to those who are using it.

6 Best Overnight Diapers for Adults – Our Picks and Reviews

For your ease, we have highlighted the top rated overnight adult diapers available on Amazon.

1. Tranquility Premium Overnight Disposable Underwear

These overnight diapers by Tranquility are one of the most popular overnight diapers for adults on Amazon. Also known as pull up diapers, these are designed specially to cover the maximum level of incontinence.

With these diapers on you can sleep peacefully without worrying about anything. These diapers are suitable for use during flights to provide safety and ensuring that you travel without having to worry about anything.

This adult diaper is available in six different sizes and comes with breathable sides and a waist panel to make sure it fits perfectly. The diaper is latex free and unlike others will not damage the skin as its peach mat makes sure that is neither any damage nor odor. This peach mat also prevents bacterial growth from taking place.

Customers who have purchased these adult diapers have found it very effective in meeting the requirements. Customer shared that these diapers came off better after using other brands and were more effective in delivering results. Others have rated the product as a great item for the disabled. They have listed how much the quality of life improved after they used this product.


  • Comfortable, pull-on fit
  • Side seams for removal
  • Latex free


  • May not prevent leaks as advertised

2. Depend Fit Flex Underwear for Men

This diaper, shaped like an underwear is designed specifically for use by adult men. Available in small, medium and a flexible fit option this underwear is made using fabric that is guaranteed to provide comfort.  With this underwear on you can indulge in your daily activities without having to worry about any bad odors or leakages.

This item by Depend provides maximum absorption rate for incontinence and offers adult men the required protection. It can be worn day and night and will not cause any disturbances. The fast absorption rate and lightweight fabric will allow you to feel relieved without being exposed to skin rashes.

Perfect for use by those who have severe bowel conditions; this underwear will make sure you stay comfortable and dry.

Customer reviews regarding the product state that it is an effective overnight diaper for adults that works very well. It is among the best products available in the market for a relaxing experience and for those with wetting problems.

Overall customer reviews have discussed the comfort and ease provided by the item which allows them to carry out activities without coming across any discomfort.


  • Comfortable and flexible, multi-size fit
  • Maximum absorbency
  • Worry-free odor control


  • Sizing runs small

3. Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear for Women

This underwear- like diaper is designed especially for women to help manage their bowel movements. The dry cover cores prevent leakages from taking place and keep you protected from all sides.

The item comes with 360-degree elastic fit to ensure a custom fit. Further, the double leak guards can help protect from the wetness. Unlike other adult diapers that are slightly bulky, this one lightweight and very comfortable. It is also scented to prevent bad odor.

Within seconds the item absorbs the bladder leaks and has a very soft 4-way stretch waistband.

Use this item to get a relaxing sleep at night without having to worry about anything. It fits smoothly underneath clothes and offers the required protection.

Customers who have purchased this item have found them quite handy not only for bowel movements alone but also for menstruation uses.

Others have stated how convenient the use of this quality overnight diaper for adults has been for their elderly parents. Customers have also talked about the comfort they receive from having these on, despite being thin the underwear offers maximum protection.


  • Maximum, contoured coverage
  • Double leak guard
  • 4 way stretch waistband
  • Prevents odors


  • Comes with a very strong perfume scent

4. EGOSAN Maxi Incontinence Adult Diaper

If you wish to have a long-term use of diapers these ones are for you. Unlike other traditional diapers, this can be worn all day and has a high absorption rate. Be it day or night these diapers are suitable for use at all times and eradicate the need to worry about leakages of any sort.

These top selling overnight diapers for adults are lightweight and very easy to use. They come equipped with tabs that can be refastened. The tabs ensure securing the diaper in place and prevent it from slipping.

Say no to the bad odor as these diapers offer protection from unwanted smell. The wetness indicator and non-allergenic leak guards will keep you safe from the bad smell that is usually released.

The adult diaper is made using a fluff pulp and has a soft layer to prevent damage to the skin. These diapers are suitable for those with a waist size between 39-60 inches.  It can absorb up to 40 ounces of liquid.

Customers who have used these diapers find them comfortable and one of the best disposable diapers available in the market. They have also mentioned the superb absorption rate of the item and how it never leaks.


  • Suitable for prolonged use
  • Each diaper features a wetness indicator
  • Breathable, lightweight fabric


  • Multiple side tabs can be a hassle to handle

5. Confidry 24/7 Day Care Adult Brief Diapers

These adult diapers are among the top selling on Amazon. This diaper has been voted for having a high absorption rate and providing an overall comfortable experience.

These diapers will keep you dry for at least 12 hours straight allowing you to remain carefree and relaxed. With these diapers, you no longer have to worry about leakages nor about bad odor as these are odor controlled. The diaper comes with PH neutralization keeping the bad odor from arising.

The diapers have a 3D core absorbency system that can consume up to 2-3 liters leaving you with a relaxing night’s sleep. Unlike other diapers, you won’t find yourself a victim of skin rashes and will be able to carry out activities freely as these are comforting.

Customers who have used these adult diapers have labeled them a must-have for heavy wetters. They have stated that the diapers have a good absorption rate and are especially suitable for use at night.  They have mentioned that the diapers can keep you dry for a number of hours which makes them a useful item to buy.


  • Reliable leak control system
  • Front and back elastic waistbands
  • Comfortable, all-night snug fit
  • Prevents chafing, sores and rashes


  • Tabs not as secure as advertised

6. Abena Abri-Form Comfort Briefs by Abena

These diapers by Abena are also one of the best in the market. They are one of the heaviest absorbency adult diapers sold by the company that come with two tape tabs which can be refastened.

Along with meeting the required functions of a good diaper they are designed in a more classic way and have an exterior made from poly.

These adult diapers are available with a wetness indicator and have two stand up leak guards. They best fit waist sizes of 28-43 inches and are available in white. Furthermore, these diapers are latex free and non-chlorine bleached.

Use these diapers to move around freely without having to worry about your bowel movement. Say no to worrying about leakages as this diaper has a strong absorption rate. You can keep yourself safe and protected at all times with these on.

Customers who have used the adult diapers have described them as long lasting diapers that will keep you dry for at least 10 hours. They have said that the diapers are more suited for night time use than day time use.  Also, they have added that when wearing for the first time it may seem bulky but feels light after a few minutes.


  • Latex free
  • Non chlorine bleached
  • Can absorb up to 32 oz.


  • Not as comfortable as some other brands

These are some of the top-selling overnight diapers for adults available on Amazon that can be purchased to make life easier. Choose an option from our suggested list that you find easy to handle and complies with your absorbency requirements.

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