V-Force Weighted Vest Review-Is it Worth?

V-Force comes out to be the best weighted vest. It is one of the most customizable and durable out of the lot. You can get this vest for a beginner or a pro as it comes in varieties of sizes and styles. It is known to be the heaviest weighted vest in the world and the weight ranges from 20lbs to 150lbs. Read our review of the V-force Weight Review.

VForce Weight Vest Overview

Weight: 25 -125 lbs

Material: 1000D Nylon



Let us speak about the design of the V-Force Weight Vest. It is made of triple layered nylon with reinforced stitching. The webbing is of heavy duty and shoulders are fully padded. The shoulders are quite wide so you can comfortably carry the weight around.


It is also narrow so you can easily move your arm as well. You won’t have any complains here. The weight pockets can be closed using a heavy duty hook and loop tape. It comes with a 2-inch wide attachment strap. To make sure you have a perfect and a secure fit you make use of the loop, buckle and the loop tape.

If you sweat a lot, you can buy the sweat stopper liner as an add-on. It is perfectly made for men and doesn’t go well with women. They are few other alternatives for women.


After the design of the V-Force Weight Vest, we now speak about its style. It comes in three different styles.

  • Basketball Vest
    This is the first type of vest from V-Force. It has narrow shoulders and a narrow vest profile. This helps to increase the range of motion. It has a smaller surface which means it can only hold weights up to 30lbs.
  • Short Vest
    This is the most popular type of vest by V-force. This will sit above your waist. The shoulders are padded to help evenly distribute the weight across the upper body area. The front and back both hosts weight pockets so you can easily choose which part you want the strain to be the more according to the workout you are performing.
  • Long Vest
    This is the third type of vests provided by V-Force. It sits right on your waist line. Similar to short type, weight pockets are provided on the both the sides.

V-Force Weight Vest gives you freedom which no other weighted vest will be able to in the market now. We loved the different styles it has to offer.

Weight Load

The Vest provide you the freedom to load on how much weight makes you comfortable. The ranges according to the style is provided below.

  • Basketball Vest – 0lbs – 30lbs
  • Short Style Vest – 25lbs – 100lbs
  • Long Vest – 45lbs – 150lbs

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The V-Force Vest is quite comfortable. The padded shoulders are quite wide to provide comfort to carry the load. It also narrows enough to provide you with a good range of motion. To ensure you have a perfect there are quite few things provided to do the same.


It comes in 12 different colours and patterns. Some colours are black, orange, red, coyote tan, and marshall.

Final Verdict

The only down side of the vest is the price. If you are tight on budget then may have to skip the V-Force Weight Vest. The 25lbs one will cost you around 160$ and the 150lbs one will cost you a massive 400$.

But the vest is worth its price. You will love each and every design of the V-Force Vest. It comes with a lifetime warranty.