How to make the hemorrhoid cream uses available and correct?

Hemorrhoid is a kind of disease that many people would feel awkward and embarrassed to see a doctor. Sometimes, when people suffer from hemorrhoids, the most common way adopted by people who suffer hemorrhoids is to use the hemorrhoid cream. But, sometimes they do not use the hemorrhoid cream under the guideline of the doctors; they use them personally and according to their own will. This will cause a lot of problems and probably may even make the hemorrhoid disease more severely and worse. So, patients who use hemorrhoid cream personally without prescription should figure out whether the use of hemorrhoid cream is functional and how to use the hemorrhoid cream correctly. That is a big question on the air.

At the beginning, we are going to talk about whether hemorrhoid cream uses are available and then next, we are going to discuss how to use hemorrhoid cream rightly for hemorrhoid patients. Therefore, first of all, let’s figure out if hemorrhoid cream is effective for hemorrhoid patients. Only if we have figured out whether hemorrhoid cream is effective for patients, so that we can avoid the surgical treatment at the first period of hemorrhoids. However, if the symptoms of hemorrhoids are severely worse, patients should better go to see a doctor and follow the prescription and guideline of the doctors. If doctors prescribe you with the hemorrhoid cream, that means you can rest assured for your hemorrhoids are not as bad as you many imagine. It is best to cure the hemorrhoids with drugs because no one wants to adopt the way of surgery to treat hemorrhoids.

Thus, let’s make it clear of whether hemorrhoid cream uses is available with facts and explanation. Patients with hemorrhoids may take a look at the next passages to have a clue about the correct use of hemorrhoid cream. What is more, I have to mention to the patients whose disease is more severely that hemorrhoid cream can not cure, better to go to the hospital and follow the doctor’s advice, if a surgery is necessary, patients should not refuse to adopt the method of surgical treatment. Do not delay the best time to see a doctor.

Whether hemorrhoid cream uses is available

At present, hemorrhoid patients are generally suffering from the disease due to the abnormal eating habits and behavioral habits. So, basically patients suffer some mild hemorrhoids; and therefore the general hemorrhoids cream can achieve the role of blood circulation so as to heal hemorrhoids. If it is the mild hemorrhoids; generally choose some hemorrhoids creams that have good effects. This method can not only achieve the effect of remedy in the shortest possible time; but also treat the affected area in a short time; so as to get rid of hemorrhoids.


Buy hemorrhoid cream through the online pharmacy

In general, for the mild hemorrhoids, doctors in the hospital generally prescribe some drugs that promote smooth defecation to the hemorrhoid patients. And doctors also combine some other hemorrhoid cream uses from both internal and external aspects just to achieve the effect of healing. But for the hospital drugs is very expensive, so I suggest that you can choose to go to the pharmacy to buy the hemorrhoid creams, and you can also buy the hemorrhoid creams online.

In recent years, due to the rapid development of the network; the general selling of drugs on the internet are some doctors or nurses who have some basic knowledge in the area of hemorrhoids. So we can stay at home, with our own situation being clear; and then they will prescribe the hemorrhoid cream uses based on the different circumstances with the right medicine for the hemorrhoid patients. Generally it bases on the symptoms and different periods of time that patients should smear hemorrhoid creams and other issues such as the amount of hemorrhoid cream uses.


The hemorrhoids cream has the immediate effect for mild hemorrhoids. So, if it has not reached the degree of surgical operation for the hemorrhoids, the use of hemorrhoids cream and the correction of  some of the patient’s usual bad eating habits and behavior can completely cure the hemorrhoids.



  1. For hemorrhoid which is a kind of privacy disease, patients should not be awkward. And patients should not delay the treatment of hemorrhoids. Patients shall maintain a good attitude towards hemorrhoids, an early detection and early treatment are necessary for hemorrhoid patients.


  1. Hemorrhoids cream is an external used cream; it generally contains pearls, bezoar and other ingredients. So do remember not to eat or smear into the eyes, etc,. It will cause a very obvious stimulating effect. So be sure to put it away from children.


  1. A good attitude, good eating habits and good behaviors are the best ways to treat hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid cream uses will only help the body to achieve blood circulation and detoxification. So in order to avoid the hemorrhoids from reoccurring; patients should find the main reasons for hemorrhoids and prescribe with the right medicine; also the improvement of your bad habits is important.

Next, since we have known that the hemorrhoid cream uses are available for hemorrhoid patients, then the next step is to figure out how to use the hemorrhoid cream correctly. So here we begin our next topic, which is how to correct the hemorrhoid cream uses.


How to correct the hemorrhoid cream uses?

Hemorrhoid cream uses are the most common treatment for hemorrhoids. It has good and therapeutic effects for internal hemorrhoids; external hemorrhoids; mixed hemorrhoids; anal fissure and anal inflammation and other diseases. To use hemorrhoid cream continuously for about five days; it would probably mitigate the patient’s symptoms of hemorrhoids. But some friends will not be able to figure out the hemorrhoids cream uses correctly; plus some hemorrhoids product description is too simple and people feel difficult to understand generally; thus resulting in a lot of troubles that patients can not correctly use hemorrhoids cream and can not satisfy with the results of the problem. In view of this, I am here to explain in details with the hemorrhoid cream uses for internal hemorrhoids; external hemorrhoids; mixed hemorrhoids and anal fissure hemorrhoids correctly.


First of all, we should recognize and find out that the ingredients of hemorrhoids cream with all kinds are different. However, all kinds of ingredients will have the effects of anti-inflammatory analgesic; blood stasis; antibacterial antipruritic and blood circulation to stop bleeding. Hence hemorrhoids cream is undoubtedly a topical product. Thus we can infer that the ingredients of a topical product can only play a role by touching the affected area. Therefore, we have to grasp the two keys: one is the use of hemorrhoids cream should be in place to closely touch the affected area of hemorrhoids. Second, hemorrhoids cream should exposure to the affected area for a long period of time. In this way, hemorrhoid cream uses can achieve the maximum therapeutic effect.

Hemorrhoid cream uses for 4 different symptoms

According to the different position of hemorrhoids growth and anal fissure growth, we can divide hemorrhoid cream uses into different ones:

1. Hemorrhoid cream uses for internal hemorrhoids:

The use of hemorrhoids cream for internal hemorrhoids should be injecting the hemorrhoid cream around the anus with distance of 2.5 cm to 3 cm. and what is more, when hemorrhoids have developed to the III periods, there will show prolapsed blobs. Hence, patients should also smear the hemorrhoid cream to the blobs.

2.Hemorrhoid cream uses for external hemorrhoids:

The external hemorrhoid surface is covered with the skin; you can see the hemorrhoids blobs. Thus, external hemorrhoids are in the vicinity of the anus. External hemorrhoids patients should apply with the hemorrhoid cream and evenly coat on the hemorrhoids blobs; slightly deep into the anus for about 0.5 cm. By this way, patients can coat the blobs with hemorrhoid cream more evenly.

3.Hemorrhoid cream uses for mixed hemorrhoids:

Mixed hemorrhoids mean the combination of both internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. So the hemorrhoid cream uses for mixed hemorrhoids should combine the two methods of internal hemorrhoid cream uses and external hemorrhoid cream uses. According to internal hemorrhoid cream uses; there are typically two ways. One is to apply to the anus. The second is to coat the blobs outside the anus. Whether they are the prolapsed hemorrhoids of internal hemorrhoids or the hemorrhoid blobs of external hemorrhoids, as long as there are blobs, just coat them with the hemorrhoid cream.

4.Hemorrhoid cream uses for anal fissure:

The use of hemorrhoid cream for anal fissure should be injecting the hemorrhoid cream or anal fissure oil to the anus with a distance of about 1 cm to 2 cm.


There are two points that patients should pay attention to: First, patients should wash clean of their anus before the use of hemorrhoids (remove the last coated products), wipe it dry; and then coat with hemorrhoid cream. Otherwise the hemorrhoid cream that has been coated before will hinder the effect of the new hemorrhoid cream at the affected area.” Second, in general, whether it is hemorrhoids or anal fissure; patients with severe symptoms may apply to the dosage of hemorrhoid cream slightly larger at the beginning; but if the symptoms have improved, then patients can reduce the dosage of hemorrhoid cream uses gradually.


Make sure the contact between the hemorrhoids cream and the hemorrhoid affected area is long


“Hemorrhoids cream should touch the hemorrhoid affected area for the longest time”. It is mainly because that it involves the problem of defecation. This is because when taking a dump, patients would probably wipe out the hemorrhoid cream at the anus. Therefore, patients need to re-drug after defecation.


Generally speaking, use hemorrhoids cream twice a day is appropriate. That is, use the hemorrhoid cream before going to sleep at night and during the day after defecation. In this way, patients can take into account the “economy” and effect of hemorrhoid cream uses. If not taking a dump during the day patients can also use only once at night before bedtime. But if the defecation is undergoing, then patients should re-coat the hemorrhoid cream to their anuses. if patients get no defecation for a few days or more, they will have to wash clean the anus before going to bed every night and smear the hemorrhoid cream.

The above passages are focused on the “how to use hemorrhoid cream”. What we explain is the correct use of hemorrhoids cream. We recommend patients who have read this article may share the correct use of hemorrhoid cream with the people who are suffering from hemorrhoids.



Anal fissure, hemorrhoids and other diseases are a common disease and frequently-occurring disease. Some patients should buy more hemorrhoid creams for their own. Hemorrhoids cream is the commonly used drugs with the scope of application very wide. However, the use of hemorrhoids cream seems quite simple; there is a lot of tricks that need to learn. The correct use of the hemorrhoid cream should be based on specific conditions of the disease. If it is the external hemorrhoids and perianal subcutaneous abscess, etc., patients should apply with the anal hemorrhoid cream which can play a certain therapeutic effect. But if it is some of the anal diseases, such as internal hemorrhoids, anal fissure and anal sinusitis; the effect would not be ideal with the application only to the anus. Find out more methods on how to choose hemorrhoid pillow to relieve pain and pressure.


Although the use of hemorrhoids cream is very broad, when applying it to the actual life, patients should master its indications and methods for correct use. If without a doctor’s examination on the self-assertion applied hemorrhoids cream, patients who often suffer anal itching should not use hemorrhoid cream personally. Because the wrong use of hemorrhoid cream will lead to severe and bad results. If you suffer from anorectal disease; and anal pain, hematochezia, fall, prolapse of anal mass, anal itching and other symptoms appear; you’d better go to the hospital and see a doctor; and let the doctor check your disease. By this way; it is better to confirm the diagnosis with symptomatic treatment, so as not to adversely affect the disease.

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