Do hemorrhoids go away on their own to achieve self-healing?

In regards of the question: Do hemorrhoids go away on their own? Some people will ask the question frequently. But, they still can not find the right answer for this question. Here we can systematically analyze the problem of whether hemorrhoids can be self-healing. And we will also discuss about the 8 methods for hemorrhoids self-healing. First, let us start with the discussion of do hemorrhoids go away on their own.

What we said about the self-healing of hemorrhoids means the hemorrhoids can eliminate itself about the hemorrhoids symptoms only through their own immune system, but not the use of hemorrhoids medicine, hemorrhoids cream, hemorrhoids surgery and other methods.

The initial hemorrhoids or mild hemorrhoids can be cured through a period of self-healing. Whereas, moderate hemorrhoids, such as severe external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids at the second periods, patients need to strengthen self-care by using of hemorrhoids cream, hemorrhoids drugs functioned as blood stasis, hemostatic pain, clean and anti-inflammatory. Only by this way can hemorrhoids go away on their own. Severe hemorrhoids, such as the fourth period of internal hemorrhoids, patients need surgery to cure hemorrhoids.

How to nurse yourself to achieve the purpose of hemorrhoids go away on their own

Hemorrhoids self-care is the ultimate and the only way to cure hemorrhoids. What is hemorrhoids self-care? In fact, it means to eliminate induced hemorrhoids of all factors through patient’s own efforts. Hemorrhoids are symptoms; there are a lot of reasons behind. If the reasons can not be found, hemorrhoids go away on their own will never happen.

In this case, when speaking of hemorrhoids self-care, it can not fail to mention the reasons for hemorrhoids. Actually, hemorrhoids are a group of varicose vein. When the abdominal pressure increases, the process of anus vein blood back to the heart is blocked, and then it will expand and fill in the venous wall, causing varicose veins. Hemorrhoids are one or several groups of varicose veins. Hemorrhoids are divided into internal and external hemorrhoids because of the different locations of the varicose veins, and hemorrhoids will show different symptoms respectively.

Self-care for slight hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids self-care is to eliminate all factors that would induce hemorrhoids through patient’s own efforts. From the macro perspective, patients should pay attention to eliminate the two aspects of factors that will increase the severity of hemorrhoids. First, prevent abdominal pressure from elevating. Do not deliberately hold your feces, and take a dump regularly. When taking a dump, do not defecate forcefully, and make sure the cost time is within 5 minutes. Second, prevent the congestion of the anus vein. Do not eat chili, garlic, seafood and other spicy food, also less alcohol.

If it is the slight hemorrhoids or the initial hemorrhoids, through the elimination of the reasons that cause hemorrhoids, and strengthen self-care, finally hemorrhoids go away on their own. For example, some people suffer constipation just because of an impatient mood or diet reason, and eventually cause hemorrhoids. But a few days later a good mood and a healthy diet will lead to the disappearance of constipation. Hemorrhoids blobs will disappear unconsciously, this is the process of hemorrhoids go away on their own..

Self-care for moderate hemorrhoids

If hemorrhoids exist for a long time or if it shows the ferocious symptoms of moderate hemorrhoids, in this case, in the process of strengthening self-care, the hemorrhoids will improve faster if treated by hemorrhoids cream. Moreover, if hemorrhoid blobs often exist, under the repeated stimulation of the inflammatory symptoms it will appear connective tissue proliferation, which is difficult to remove. Therefore, we recommend using hemorrhoids cream hemorrhoids to promote healing.

Self-care for severe hemorrhoids

For severe hemorrhoids, such as extreme pain that makes patients unable to get out of bed and walk, or it is in the fourth periods of internal hemorrhoids. This is also called “incarcerated hemorrhoids”, we propose patients to adopt surgical treatment.


The above analysis not only shows the hemorrhoids go away on their own, but also shows the best treatment of various hemorrhoids. Patients should get into the reasons why hemorrhoids go away on their own by way of best treatment, thus they can treat the disease right and carefully, so as to lay a solid basis to cure the hemorrhoids radically and basically. That is why we spent so many efforts to discuss the problems of how to nurse yourself to achieve the purpose that hemorrhoids go away on their own.



Therefore, if patients want hemorrhoids go away on their own, we must prevent constipation and diarrhea, and develop regular bowel habits, do not defecate forcefully and with a long period of time. If the patient is a pregnant woman, she should pay more attention to prevent constipation and diarrhea, keep a reasonable diet structure and increase physical activity appropriately.


Additionally, in order to improve the patient’s own hemorrhoids, they should pay attention to the amount of alcohol, and it is best to get rid of alcohol. Drinking alcohol will accelerate the arterial blood circulation, and make the arterial blood quickly flock to the anal canal vein. What is more,  the circulation of arterial blood will be blocked due to abdominal pressure and other reasons, it is bound to increase the expansion of the anal canal and varicose veins, so that the hemorrhoids, will aggravate or relapse.


Therefore, patients who suffer hemorrhoids due to frequent drinking should pay attention to drink moderately, especially the white wine. It is best to avoid the white wine during the acute hemorrhoids. It is by eliminating the incentives of hemorrhoids that will make hemorrhoids go away on their own finally.


The following passages summarize the eight kinds of hemorrhoids self-care method that hemorrhoids patients can learn.


8 kinds of hemorrhoids self-care methods


  1. Try water therapy

Water has a mitigation function on the inflammation, pain and itching of hemorrhoids. Cold compress several times a day or hipbath with warm water for 10 minutes, patients would feel more comfortable. Many patients found that it also has a good mitigation effect to use wet towels instead of toilet paper for hemorrhoids. By this way, it takes not a long time for hemorrhoids go away on their own.


  1. Use over-the-counter medications.

Many non-prescription drugs can quickly relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids. For example, hemorrhoids cream, hemorrhoids gel, suppositories and so on. Anti-inflammatory analgesic oral drugs include: Tylenol, aspirin and ibuprofen. It would also help hemorrhoids go away on their own.


  1. More intake of dietary fiber

Dietary fiber helps to promote digestion and defecation, and also prevent constipation, thereby reducing the risk of hemorrhoids. Multi-fiber diet can make stool softer, thus reducing the pain of hemorrhoids. US health guidelines recommend a daily intake of not less than 14 grams of fiber cellulose / 1000 calories food. That is, the standard for men and women are 38 g of cellulose per day and 25 g of cellulose per day. Multi-fiber foods include: fruits, vegetables, beans, gluten food, whole grain cereals and bread.


  1. Fiber supplements

When in a diet, it is best to supplement dietary fiber. However, if the daily dietary fiber intake is less than 20-35 grams, then consider adding fiber supplements, such as psyllium, psyllium hydrophilic gum, methylcellulose , Calcium polycarbophil and wheat dextrin.


  1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water can prevent stool from dry, thereby reducing the pain of hemorrhoids. Usually drink at least 8 cups a day (about 227 grams per cup). On hot days or when doing exercise, drinking water should be more. In addition, avoid or drink less alcoholic beverages and caffeine beverages.


  1. To ensure adequate exercise

Exercise is an important part of the prevention and treatment of constipation. A sedentary person should rise for minutes per every hour. Try to avoid sitting for a long time and lift heavy objects and other activities that would increase the risk of hemorrhoids and aggravate the symptoms of hemorrhoids.


  1. Do not hold back the stool

Regular defecation is good for health, especially for patients with hemorrhoids. More importantly, hemorrhoids patients should not hold back the stool. Otherwise, it will easily lead to constipation, and will inevitably increase the risk of hemorrhoids.


  1. Special care should be given during pregnancy

It is also common to suffer hemorrhoids at pregnancy or postpartum. In order to ensure the health of both the mother and child, pregnant women should tell the doctor as soon as possible when they found the problems of rectal itching or pain. One of the key measures of self-treatment during pregnancy is to lie down and sleep to the left side. Thus it will reduce blood pressure, avoid vein swelling and hemorrhoids.

Do hemorrhoids go away their own by ways of the above 8 methods of hemorrhoids self-care? I believe if patients follow the methods routinely and carefully, their problems of hemorrhoids will be healed after a period of time. People who expect hemorrhoids surgeries once for all will be disappointed because once if you adopt the treatment of hemorrhoids surgery, however, if you do not pay attention to the self-nursing after hemorrhoids surgery, the disease of hemorrhoids will reoccur finally. So, it is necessary to pile up the nursing from daily trifles.


Patients who suffer hemorrhoids shall not lose hope just for the reason of the severity of hemorrhoids and difficult to heal. The best solution for curing hemorrhoids is daily nursing. No matter if you receive the hemorrhoids surgery or not, in order to prevent hemorrhoids from forming or relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids, daily nursing is so much important and it is a long time work for you to insist on.

To heal hemorrhoids step by step, it is necessary to pay attention to personal hygiene. This is because only the personal hygiene can safeguard your anus from the germs. Good habits are important ways to prevent hemorrhoids from forming as you may know from this part of the article. Do ensure a good personal hygiene, a healthy diet, appropriate exercise and daily self-care for yourself who do not want to suffer hemorrhoids.

If only hope to heal hemorrhoids with hemorrhoids drugs and hemorrhoids surgery, but do not insist on improving the living habits, hemorrhoids will reoccur sooner or later. There is not a single medicine or surgery for hemorrhoids that can prevent abdominal pressure from elevating. For example, when you have bad habits such as defecating while playing mobile games or long squat, it will definitely lead to the increase of pressure and thus form the hemorrhoids. Can hemorrhoids medicine solve them all? The role of hemorrhoids drugs is just to help you loose blood stasis, etc., it only plays a supporting role. Hemorrhoids surgery can not cure hemorrhoids for the same reason.


Finally, the elimination of the reasons that cause hemorrhoids is not only the self-healing process of slight hemorrhoids, but also the method to cure all kinds of hemorrhoids. There is no medicine and surgery to cure hemorrhoids from roots. Because hemorrhoids are lifestyle-related diseases, it must rely on our own efforts and insistence to eliminate the root cause (the bad habits that all lead to abdominal pressure and anal venous congestion). Hemorrhoids drugs and hemorrhoids surgery are used to remove the symptoms. The root cause of hemorrhoids lies in the bad way of lifestyle, so the elimination of the root cause is to change the bad way of lifestyle. By this way it can cure hemorrhoids basically.

In this case, if a person wants to cure hemorrhoids basically, then, you must analyze the cause of hemorrhoids. And get rid of the bad habits, this is the possibility to cure hemorrhoids radically. Among a variety of causes of hemorrhoids, pepper, white wine, sedentary, constipation, these are very serious causes. Besides, there are mental stresses, bad mood and fatigue that also play a large impact. Sedentary, long standing, long squat, defecation are included too. Among them, constipation is hard to solve. If patients suffer constipation, we need to analyze the reasons for constipation, such as eating habits, activity and so on.

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