How to become anorexic? Effective guide to your dream in a month

How to become anorexic
It’s time to start that diet

In the middle of over 600 million obese adults, asking how to become anorexic doesn’t come as a shock. Anorexic individuals, in reality, have a psychological disorder that requires medical help, but that is not why the question, how to become anorexic, is popular. People are inclined towards anorexic eating behavior to shed their extra pounds. Whereas, individuals suffering from Anorexia won’t eat even when they are required to gain weight.

There are mainly three types of diets if you want to become anorexic, and then there are other points to complement your diet plan.

This article is here to help those who dream of becoming anorexic in a month. Keep in mind that the following information is not to convert you into a person who has Anorexia Nervosa. This is only to help you lose some extra pounds. The psychological disorder itself is not your desired goal.

Here go your anorexic tips:

Prepare your mind:

It is the limbic system of our brain that drives our behavior and decision making. If you plan to make decisions, you need to bribe this part of your brain. As you plan to become anorexic, you must first bear in mind how your upcoming days will deprive you of all the heavenly foods that contain high calories and more fats. Start telling yourself that you are soon to start a diet that your stomach may not find enough.

Remember how the mother prepares her elder child for the upcoming baby so that after the birth, this elder child is happy with the arrival, not jealous. That’s what you have to do. Start preparing your mind. For motivation, you can keep some Hollywood pictures near you. This will keep on reminding you of your goal.

It’s never too late:

For some more inspiration, I would like to quote an authority. A board certified emergency medicine physician, Dr. Travis Stork says, “No matter how bad your diet is, no matter how much excess weight you are carrying around, no matter how many food-related mistakes you’ve made in the past, you can start now.”

So, start preparing for dieting. It is true that you have been dreaming of that Hollywood figure for a few months now, or maybe years. What are thoughts without actions? Nothing.

A well-prepared mind determines your first step towards action.

The baby food diet:

This one is the easiest anorexic diet plan to lose weight. As the name suggests, you would have to take baby’s diet. Do babies eat hamburgers and pizzas? No, they don’t.

Baby foods are low in fat and calories. The idea is to cut the calories and eat up to 14 jars of baby food in a day. One jar of baby food contains from 20-100 calories.

What do have to lose if you follow the baby food diet?

Well, you will lose 2 things for sure; your weight and some extra dollars. Baby food is not the cheapest product in the market. It’s expensive than my pizza. Moreover, in order to find out which baby food best suits your taste buds and stomach, you’ll have to do some expensive experimenting. Therefore, have some savings before you go on a baby diet.

You’ll be sure of your stomach’s existence for the first time in life. Brace yourself for the hunger pangs because baby food will make you feel like starving.

The interesting part is that you will have less cooking to do and more stocking of baby food.

Easy portion control:

Whenever we go on a diet, it ‘s hard to control portions. You eat a spoon full of dessert to get some taste and then you want the whole bowl.

With baby food, portion control is not an issue. The pureed food consisting of fruits and vegetables is easy to leave as soon as the daily requirement is fulfilled. Even the sight of baby food is not compelling enough to go on eating forever. Welcome to the world of pureed food.

Keep an important medical aspect in mind. The baby food already contains sodium equivalent to the average daily adult requirement. If you eat more of this baby food, then you are actually consuming more sodium than is required. This is especially of concern for hypertensive individuals.

The air diet:

You have the right thoughts. I am about to tell you; eat more air and say no to real food. The air diet is a French-created plan. You can also call it the secret anorexic diet. It suggests that you must not eat any form of solid food for a specific duration. You live on water, juices, and soup. However, you can definitely pretend to eat solid food.

Take a plate, fill it with food, bring that loaded spoon near your mouth, but DO NOT EAT! Just smell the air; hence the name, the air diet. Seriously, it is not a joke. You may go on to find the campaign by Dolce and Gabbana in which they similarly portrayed the Hollywood figures; food near the lips but never eating it.

So more water, no solid food. While I recommend you to consume more water, I purposely avoid using the word liquid. If I do that, you may assume that drinking soda is a part of air diet. It is not. Whatever you drink has to be low in sugar and calories.

Five-bite plan (The best how to become anorexic diet):

This is another answer to your question. Here, you are allowed to eat and drink. Again, drink water and juices as you like but eat no more than 5 bites of your meal. You would have 3 meals in a day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner; you have 5 bites for each.

What’s the best part of this plan?

It lets you have 3 meals in a day just like everyone around. The five-bite plan doesn’t come expensive like the baby food. Also, you are not prohibited from solid food.

Presently, it is not as such stated which foods to eat. However, common sense tells us that there should be some low caloric, less sugary food on the plate.

Regarding drinks, stay away from those that are high in caloric count. This writer is sorry to tell you that even diet coke is a big NO here.

Tea and coffee:

This combination doesn’t work alone to help you become anorexic. Tea and coffee are appetite suppressants and are pretty much a part of any diet plan.

You are free to grab a cup from that coffee corner in your office. At the same time, the precaution here is to avoid adding sugar. Try black coffee for that purpose. As for tea, you may want to try different tea whiteners to find the one that best suits your taste. Some tea whiteners taste good even without sugar.


The advice on exercise won’t disappear from the face of the earth even if we succeed in finding aliens on Mars. No matter, whatever happens, every dietitian, physician, fitness expert, and a layman person would keep telling you to do exercise for losing weight.

You simply cannot go on air diet mode and be the healthiest yet a slim person. A healthy body is your right. Do not violate that. You won’t get a slim body just at the expense of anorexic diet tips. Exercise daily. I cannot stress the importance enough.


Have you seen pandas? They were created with a greater sleep span. However, while humans were being created, it was decided that this creation will need at least 6 hours of sleep on a daily basis. Do not fiddle against the laws of nature. Sleep properly.

You have been following the diet all day long. You are not going to lose fifty pounds in a day. Get off that weight machine. Go to sleep for 6 good hours. Let your body refuel itself for the next day. Let it rest.

What? You couldn’t follow the anorexic tips for the day?

In any case, compromising on your sleep won’t help you follow the anorexic diet. Sleep, and start over tomorrow.

The principle of productivity and determination relates to good, quality sleep as well.

I am a vegetarian:

Now that you know how to become anorexic, and you have even decided on a diet plan, get ready to tolerate the upcoming high caloric food offers.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. You won’t be let in the attractive zone of cream pies and cheese slices. Here’s a simple solution.

Tell everyone that you are a vegetarian from now onwards. Vegetables are sweet; they don’t mess up with your body weight.

Your friend offers you that pizza slice, and you tell him, “I am a vegetarian.” This is a short cut to avoid unhealthy food while you are outside the home. Inside you will need the determination to stay away from your favorite food. This is where your mental preparation plays the role.

Vitamins and proteins:

When you go on air diet, the chances are that you would miss on an essential nutrient, protein. I recommend protein shakes to cater for your needs. When you stop taking proteins, it is as if you have stopped patrolling a car. Do not compromise on proteins and vitamins.

Medical aspects of anorexic diet:

I can go on and on about the health problems associated with obesity. Similarly, I can type pages on the curse of being obsessed with slim figure while you already have an ideal weight.

As a child, people always told us to be moderate; excess of everything is bad. Excessive fat and a lack of muscle mass on the body, both are extreme conditions. I did provide you with anorexic tips to answer your query, how to become anorexic. However, these diet plans are NOT for someone who has an ideal BMI and waist.

It is important to mention the medical aspects of anorexic approach for losing weight.

  1. If you are already healthy and slim, but you think you need to lose weight, it is time to consult a doctor. This could be an initial phase of Anorexia Nervosa where the individual is slim but fear to gain weight, hence refusal to eat. Such an approach requires serious medical attention.
  2. Do NOT use the mentioned tips for more than a maximum of 2 months. Do NOT starve your body forever. If at any point you feel like your chosen diet is making you weak beyond limits, stop!
  3. American Academy of Nutrition suggests you to ask this question before starting any new diet plan, “Can I picture myself eating this way forever?” If you can’t, then you have found a short term solution to your problem. Anorexic Diet, similarly, is a short term solution. In the long run, you need to maintain the shape that you have achieved and still avoid the unhealthy food. You would also need to keep exercising.

I felt the need to craft this article because there is so much information on how to become anorexic; sadly none of it talks about the downside of it. We need to keep things in balance. If you want to become anorexic, do that in a way that it is least harmful to your future health.

If you change your question and ask, how long does it takes to become anorexic, you will end up finding ways to becoming anorexic in a month. However, what was the initial aim? To become anorexic for an entire life? No, you only meant to lose some extra pounds in a matter of few months and then maintain that weight in the healthiest way possible. Keep that initial aim in mind.

I am not a little monster who would tell you to go on this diet for months. Do this for a few weeks and then switch to better ways. You were not created to starve. Your taste buds were not designed to bear the curse of anorexia. Lose weight, but please don’t lose your health during the process.