Best 45 Fitness Blogs You Should Follow

Even more when you don’t know how to proceed and all.

So, I thought of creating a list of the 45 Best Fitness Blogs to help you guys out. These blogs have left an impact on the community and will be doing in the future.Getting fit is not that easy but it’s not impossible either.Hopefully, you like the list.Follow our blog to know more about staying and using weighted vests & clothing.

Note – The list is not is an order or something, No rankings whatsoever. All are very good and trustworthy 🙂

List of Top 45 Fitness Blo



Blogilates is one of the best fitness blog out there. Run by the super fit Cassey Ho, the blog deals with all the ways you can get in shape. She also runs a YouTube channel which has more than 3 Million subscribers.

She is a star 🙂


Run by Terry Asher, the blog and overall training he provides is super awesome. Check his blog out, you will be able to learn a lot. He also published a cool Ebook on his website. So, do check it out too.


Being Fit is not a rocket science,reads the tagline of the website. Rightfully so , you need not do something really amazing to get yourself fit. Run by a number contributors, the wesbsite is always updated with something new.

One of the best blog on Fitness and Health is general in India. Some their posts have over 1000+ comments.


Run by Gina, a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and weight loss specialist. She regularly shares things like recipes and workout tips. She is the author of many books.

Do follow her, if you are looking to get fit.


One of the popular Swedish Fitness Bloggers, Faya Nilsson is the founder of FitnessonToast. It will help you in your gym training and also in maintaining a healthy diet.


Born in England, Carly is a fitness trainer and a blogger from England. Healthy Life can not only be dreamt but achieved and Carly is a perfect example. She regularly post some great content on her blog.


Run by the super gorgeous Erin, her blog LiveLifeActive. You will find some awesome content on her blog including about her own life. From food to gym quotes, you have everything to stay fit and motivated.


The blog name is cool but the content is cooler. Run by the beautiful Janice, a Canadian blogger the blog has some great posts. She likes to run and is a mother to 3 girls.


Charlie Watson, a blogger from London. She is a dietitian and blogs about health, fitness, travel and food. The UK blogger is aiming to run all the Marathon Majors. We wish her all the best 🙂


Love Sweat and Fitness was started by Katie Dunlop, is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. Her passion is to help other to get fit and live a healthy life.She also shares beauty tips now and then.


“The benefits of exercising go far beyond a lean & defined body.” – says the blogger Julia.Before starting a blog on fitness , she pursued a career in Journalism. She is a runner and a fitness professional.


Run by Kasey, PowerCakes will definitely power you up. She is a professional trainer and also author of the book BodyPeace.


Run by Adam BornStein, the blog is aimed at building body easier and simpler. You will find lots of useful guides on his blog.


One of India’s most popular blogs on health and Fitness, the HealthifyMe blog is awesome. You will find everything about diet to ways to burn fat and many more case studies.


Essentially an VASA Fitness helps you to get fit and build muscles. The VASA Fitness blog is also quite great and they share tips regularly.


Started by Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead, the blog is aimed at to make exercise enjoyable and not a punishment. If you are looking to read the practical approach to exercise, look no further.


If you want to learn Yoga then this blog is your last stop. YogaDork offers plenty of easy-to-read infographics and hilarious posts for good measure.


This another great India blog in the health space. So all you Indian’s who are looking to lose weight and get fit definitely follow the blog to learn more about getting fit.


Started by Nia Shanks, the blog is aimed to encourage strength training. If men can why can’t a women do the same.


Neghar Fonooni, a blogger and a personal trainer often shares tips on getting fit. The blog is heaven for people looking for nutrition and fitness tips.


Greatist blog says -What happens when you put a bunch of trainers, coaches, and fitness junkies in one room? This incredible blog.So if you need tips to improve your excercises, look no further 🙂


Run by the beautiful Amanda Brooks, a certified personal trainer. Her blog deals with running and more.


The blog was created by Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks. The blog deals with training and nutrition and everything in between .


You can follow her journey on her blog The Squat Bot where she talks about fitness, health, and happiness.Sarah is a sport marketing MSc graduate with a love for food and fitness.


Laura , the founder of the blog where she teaches people how they can become fit irrespective of the age. Apart from this she shares workouts, recipes, interviews much more.


Jessamyn is a yoga enthusiast. Follow her on Instagram to follow her journey.


It’s a UK based blog about fitness. You can find workouts, interviews and much more. A must follow for women.


The leading mid-Michigan training facility which specializes in results-based fitness programs, athletic training and healthy lifestyle guidance.


This Australian blog deals with things like nutrition, recipes and much more. All articles are well formatted and useful.


Started by Rachel, she says -I am determined to see woman freed from the lies and destructive lifestyles that are plaguing them.She wants women to achieve more than they are capable of 🙂


Wellintra is another great indian blog. Founded by Tania, the blog teaches how yoga can help to better you life and release stress.They also organise classes.


Started by Molly Galbraith, the blog features workout tips for women who are into legit strength training.If your goal is to lose weight, especially if you’re a woman you should definitely check out.


Started by Caitlin, her blog is a great resource for fitness enthusiast. She also shares motivational stories now and then.


The blog is run by Jessi, here she shares about the body-positivity movement and how to build self-esteem as a grown-ass adult.Her mission is to save women from their own negative body image.


Athena coaches woman in the areas of movement, fuel, and mindset. Her blog is filled with some great posts.


The Blog’s mission is to give the general public access to personalized health & fitness education, consultation, and training.Do check it out 🙂


The blog is all about fitness, food and lifestyle tips. Started by Gemma in 2012, she is a weight lifter, runner and professional glamour puss.


Fitcetera is a health and fitness blog for fitness junkies, written by a fitness junkie.


It’s a New Zealand based blog about food and nutrition. So if you are serious about your diet then you need to follow this blog.


The blog Move it Monday encourages people to start the week by taking the stairs, going to the gym.Not motivated yet, go and follow the blog.


Created by Lacey, Lacey Stone Fitness is a blog which will help you stay fit. She has been featured at many magazines including the Wall Street Journal.


Started by Adrienne, That’s my Mum is a Health, Fitness & Wellness Blog. She is also shares LifeStyle tips.Go follow her now.


Based out of London, the blog aims to share effective information on staying fit. Started by Timea, the blog is centered around building resilience, to help people grow into the strongest and fittest versions of themselves.


Created by Nicole, she shares everything from healthy food to workout tips. The blog will make your day.


The Fashionably Fit is one of the beautifully designed blog I have seen in a long time. It is run by Jidy who lives in NewCastle.


Hope you’d like our list of best fitness bloggers. To support us please share the article.We would love to know your fitness bloggers in the comment below.

The Top 45 Fitness Bloggers

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