What does a hernia feel like, when you are expecting it the least!

Imagine, out of nowhere experiencing this streaking pain in the abdominal area. Well, this might be the reason to ask what does a hernia feel like? Over the years, the incidence of a hernia has escalated over the roof. The statistics show that alone in the USA around 5 million people suffer from a hernia.

Moreover, this condition is more common in men, as 90% of an inguinal hernia affect men. Many cases are reported to be just groin pain, but if the pain remains to get medical assistance. There is not a large case history of women and children getting a hernia, but there are. If you are still wondering what does a hernia feel like in women and children, you will get answers in this article.

What is Hernia?

The first and prior question is getting to know about the disease, itself. The process of a hernia begins, when there is a fatty tissue or organ protruding out of the weakened connective tissue, known as fascia or muscles around the area. This causes a sudden pain or sensation in the groin region. The abdominal muscle walls are no longer strong, enough to keep the organs in place. The tear in the lining causes a loop of intestine to tear out.

The misconception and so called myth that lifting heavy objects can be the reason for your hernia is false. Many people are born with a weak abdominal muscle wall, that opens up due to the incomplete closure before birth. The question of what does a hernia feel like maybe still boggling many of you. We will progress to the feeling and checking of a hernia, but before we need to discuss the types of hernias.

Different kinds of hernias

Men suffer from various types of hernias around the stomach, abdomen, chest, and groin area. All these are extremely painful, as the intestine breaks out of their lining sticking out of the groin, pelvis or thighs. Sounds painful, right? Just, imagine what does a hernia feel like? The misery men go through and are embarrassed to share about. Let’s take a look at the types of hernias prevalent among men, women, and children:

What does a hernia feel like, when you are expecting it the least!

  • A hiatal hernia: This affects the top part of the stomach, cutting an opening in the diaphragm. This separates the chest are from the abdomen. This type of a hernia is subdivided into two: sliding and Para-esophageal. A common one among women.
  • Epigastric Hernia: This occurs between the breast bone and navel region when small layers of fat pierce through the belly wall. Imagine,what a hernia feels like? Well, the chances of getting multiple ones at the same time, the intensity of pain, is just horrifying. You will need to get operated for this kind.
  • Incisional Hernia: The chances are high when you have gone under an abdominal surgery, and due to improper care the scar bulges out. The mesh lining isn’t properly fit in; therefore, causing intestines to slip out. No need to wonder what a hernia feels likewhen you will be suffering from immense pain from a hernia and surgery.
  • An umbilical hernia: This hernia is experienced in young infants when they cry. The crying causes a lump to protrude out of the belly button area.
  • Inguinal hernia: This kind of a hernia proves to be fatal, as surgery for this is a must. What happens is, that a small portion of the small intestines breaks through the abdominal wall near the groin region. Men are most likely to hide it for a long time, before getting checked. Save yourself from the pain!
  • Anal Hernia: The anal membrane has tissues protruding out. They are more likely to be confused with hemorrhoids. The most uncommon hernia.
  • Herniated Disks: A herniated disk can develop due to injury or disease. The injury causes the dislodging of disks in the spinal column. It causes dislocation and pinching of nerve begins.
  • Intracranial Hernia: A hernia which needs to be dealt with extreme care and urgency, as it is inside the head. The brain tissue, fluid and blood vessels shift their position in the skull. If near the brain stem region be careful.
  • Femoral Hernia: This is common among women. It affects the upper thigh region and below the groin region. It might be painless, to begin with, but as time progress the question what does a hernia feel likewill be answered.

How would you know if you have a hernia?

Well, the symptoms are not a lot, to begin with. But if you wonder what does a hernia feel like? Then, we have gathered a couple of obvious symptoms, which can be seen in most inguinal hernias. If you are suffering from any of the below, do consult a doctor immediately. You don’t want to take a risk.

The most common symptom of suffering from a hernia is a bulge or soft swelling under the skin. The location of where the bulge appears is for you to decide the kind of a hernia it is. Right now, the question what does a hernia feel like doesn’t matter, but deciding the type.

Moreover, you will come to notice, that the bulge or swelling is visible only standing up. You can’t see it while laying down, a tip to remember. You can cough, sneeze, bend or lift anything that causes strain to muscles, to note the bulge. The problem of examining yourself, you don’t have experience or the degree, and it is soft, so it easily moves back in. Note the tenderness and redness around the affected area.

With time the hernia if left untreated, can cause greater pain and discomfort. It needs urgent attention from medical experts because soon enjoying normal activities won’t be possible. Also, the incarcerated hernia cannot be pushed back in. This kind of a hernia traps the intestines in the abdominal wall, making it more painful. Eventually, the blood flow will be limited and cut off. This can result in dying of trapped tissues. If left untreated it can be fatal.

Nowadays, new technology like MRI is being used to check for hernias. MRI scans use magnetism to help detect, the location of a hernia. Plus, CT scans are being used, as well.

The question arises how to diagnose a hernia correctly?

Well, you need to take medical assistance for the diagnosis. The physicalcan distinguish between an incisional and inguinal hernia. The doctor checks for the bulge lumps in the groin or abdominal area. They ask you to cough or sneeze, as it increases in size when strained. Moreover, doctors use Barium X-ray or endoscopy to check for a hiatal hernia. Different types call for different measures, remember. The Barium highlights the area infected when x-rays show the images. Therefore, pin pointing the exact location of a hernia, and determining the treatment required. A small camera on the thread is shoved down the esophagus and stomach, to look around for tears.

Incase of determining hernias and what does a hernia feel like in babies; ultrasound tests are used. An umbilical hernia is checked with high-frequency sound waves, that pass through the baby’s body. The signals are reflected, and picked, generating images in the body.

What does a hernia feel like?

The most awaited question in the mind of many! Now, there are many simple things we need to understand the level of pains in different types of hernias. This way we will be able to better understand what does a hernia feel like! In the beginning, you will feel slight pressure, heaviness, tingling and burning sensation, where you think you might have a hernia. Places to check for these feelings are the abdomen, scrotum for men and chest. Moreover, the hernia has an ability to make you feel weak and cause dull aches, now and then.

The problem with a hernia is, that the longer you wait, the worse case scenario it becomes. For instance little things, like standing for long period of times, coughing, lifting heavy objects, playing sports, straining abdominal muscles while exercising or regular bowel movement will trigger intense pain. After all these sessions of pain, questioning what does a hernia feel like will be out of the picture. Imagine, going the most important thing, such as pooping causing you pain.

The rest might help you for a while to relieve the symptoms. Women can feel a little more discomfort, due to the burning sensations at the location of a hernia. But there is a good chance, that if you are a woman suffering from a hernia, you will not feel anything. Many people, because of this tend to ignore their critical state. Remember, you need medical assistance before things get out of hands, and repair isn’t possible. The severe cases reported, which we were not treated over time caused nausea, vomiting and fatal pain.

Many gym junkies tend to ignore the streaking pain while doing a sit-up or push-up. They tend to follow the ideology, that pain is just a state of mind. Think, don’t just push! A few experiences of people to just get the gist of what does a hernia feel like?

A person has painted a very vivid image of the hernia pain. It is so painful that you feel a finger of thumb tip piercing through the intestine, causing a protruding hole. In his case, the pain remained strong and became excruciating with time. He had to undergo immediate surgery. Moreover, he stated that lucky people have the pain levels decreased. He wasn’t that lucky!

Another person mentioned the pain depends on the type of a hernia and the location of the tear in the abdominal muscle wall. This person was clear on the fact; you need doctors assistance. She went without getting a physical examination, and it was an umbilical hernia. Later, she got to know of the severe muscle wall separation near the belly button region. Also, mentioning that it pained like a bruise, but there was not any.

Are there any Home Remedies for Hernias?

Well, we suggest getting instant medical help, instead of staying at home. But if someone has previous medical history, that is stopping it from operating the hernia. Then some precautions can be taken, like trusses and surgical belts or bindings to keep the protrusions in place. This helps in surgery delay or when it can’t happen. Moreover, try to avoid activities requiring heavy lifting, It increases intra-abdominal pressure. Your main aim should be avoiding further tears in the abdominal muscle walls, so you would not have to ask what does a hernia feel like.

When to visit the Doctor?

After gathering all the information about, what does a hernia feel like you need to book an appointment if any symptoms are diagnosed? The idea of dealing with a painless hernia by yourself, might not seem bad at the moment, but don’t wait to let it get worse. Keep the matters in hand! Get references for surgery, in the meanwhile for elective surgery. If you are suffering from sharp pain, then go to the nearest ER. A hernia has the power to kill the bowel movement within 8 hours.

In the end, we would like to conclude that a hernia can reappear if not taken care of. You need to rest after surgery and stay at a healthy weight to reduce any complications. Things to remember, like don’t smoke, avoid heavy lifting and not push hard while peeing or pooping. Cheers!

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