ZFO Weighted Vest Review-Is it Worth the Money?

ZFO Weighted Vest came out to be third best weighted vest money can buy. Where there are better vests than ZFO but you won’t find an affordable option than this one. It fits perfectly to your workout and easily providing extra resistance and weight to your body. Read our ZFO Weighted Vest Review to know more.

ZFO Weight Vest Overview

Weight: 10-80 lbs
Material: Nylon
Ratings: (4.5/5)


First up the vest is super adjustable so you feel right while using it. It comes in various weights so it can be perfect for any body type. You can add weights up to 40 to 50 pounds. You can adjust the weight at an increment of 2.5 pounds.

The thing which I like about the ZFO Weight Vest is that it is made of a high-quality material which helps it to be durable and long lasting. This ensures you can wear it for any high-intensity training without worrying about it. It also comes with a velcro belt so it can perfectly fit your body. You will also find many adjustable straps which make sure you can easily adjust the vest for your comfort.


The vest can easily fit men and women both. It is easily adjustable and you can easily fit it according to your requirements. It ensures for your comfort so you can use it for any high-intensity workout or run without restricting your arm movement. This way it does not restricts your movement which some vest does to some extent.

The vest will not stick to your body because it was super adjustable. It can snugly fit your chest and shoulders reducing any bounce during your workout. I highly recommend the ZFO Weight Vest to anybody looking for maximum comfort while performing any activity wearing it.

Weight Load

You can easily change the weights of the vest according to your usage. The vest supports upto 80lbs of weight. It is more than enough for even for a proffesional user. So this way it covers all the people including beginners. You can change weights in the increment  of 2.5 pounds. Beginners are recommended to start using at low weights first.

Video Review

Final Verdict

The ZFO Weighted Vest can easily improve any normal workout. It is perfect for people you wish to take their normal workout to another level. It is also ideal for athletes and for all cardio exercises. It also covers all marathon runners and for those who participate in obstacle courses and the martial arts.

In general the ZFO Weight Vest is perfect for any body activity.

The price varies according to the weight capacity you choose. It differs from the price range of 60 to 200 $. You need to use the vest for long to  realise the quality and durability of the vest.

Overall the ZFO Vest is the best for the bucks you spend . You can see the reviews and ratings of the vest by clicking the link above.​