Source Point Therapy: Align Your Energies For Physical & Mental Healing

Source Point Therapy offers an integral yet simple approach to healing the physical body. The fundamental principle of Source Point Therapy is based on Energy Medicine. This is the belief that the human body is made up of different forms of energies that take in information from its surroundings. These energies exist in the human body in the form of an inherent pattern known as the “blue print.”

The therapy works on specific points to balance universal principles of human health and body which are; Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.

Living in this fast paced busy world of electronic devices and job stress, our personal energies are constantly interacting with other energy fields causing blockage of positive energies. These obstructions in the energy field affect communication between different energies and as a result, the human body suffers physical and mental pain.

Source Point Therapy intends to reconnect an individual’s blueprint using healing energies. It facilitates the communication of information from the energy blue print to the physical body.

Guardian Energies and Body Scanning

Source Point Therapy is based on the idea that every individual has their specific own guardian energies. Our physical body has some guardian points that allow energy to flow freely throughout the whole body. The guardian bodies manifest guardian energies in the physical body to fight blockages within the blue print. In other words they support the natural healing process of the body by activating the immune system.

During Source Point Therapy, different techniques are used to promote human energies and bring them into geometric alignment which facilitates the blueprint and releases the blockages occurring due to other energy fields.

The treatment involves scanning the energy field of the patient to locate obstructions in the flow of energy. The treatment may involve using specific source points such as the Diamond and Golden Rectangle Source Points or the Navel Point.

The therapy, in theory, does not make use of the physical touch but look to work with energy patterns so as to connect them directly to the blue print. However, usually the therapy may involve an extremely deep energetic contact or an extremely gentle energetic contact. The practitioner works on the configurations within the body, tracing lines and holding specific guardian points present in the head, trunk and limbs to scan the body for energy blockages.

Energetic Structures

Source Point therapists believe that the main source of illness and pain in human beings is the disturbance or disruption of the energetic structure. While focusing on Basic Source Points, the practitioners may also use other techniques to bring the body in the state of a sacred geometric pattern or alignment.

human energy

The therapy can utilize energetic structures to define and repair the physical state of the body. These energetic structures include The Golden Line, The Golden Point, and the Crescent Moons. Source Point Therapy works with these structures to repair the energies that cause illness in the human body. The therapy repairs the energetic boundary and facilitates healthy flow of energy. Energy healing does not only include work on energy flow but also involves work on energy structures. Source Point Therapists works with energy boundary structure so that the flow of the energy is also in alignment to its structure.

The Sacrum

The sacrum is present in the center of the human body. In the field of Energy Medicine and sacred geometry, the sacrum is known as the center of the body as the vital force of space. The sacrum facilitates the life force energy inside the human body.

Source Point Therapy aims to work on the sacrum to relieve  physical pain by connecting the body to the vital force of this energy of the earth plane. Therapists learn and use variety of techniques to work on the sacrum to address chronic, muscular dysfunction as well as many diseases.

Structural Integration with Source Point Therapy

Like we said before, Source Point Therapy helps strengthen the Blue Print of the human body.

It looks at each patient’s problem individually and addresses the level of pain they are in. When the therapist works on the energetic blue print with specific source points, they are indirectly asking three basic questions of the patient; where first, what next and when done. The direction of the therapy session depends on the response of the patient’s body.

energy healing

From the perspective of a source point therapist, the aim is not only to facilitate energy flow in the physical body but to address the physical discomfort faced by the patient by breaking barriers of communication and bringing in new information and order through touch, imagery or an energetic approach only.

The practitioner brings the new information to the patient based on the blue print: the Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. The human body takes in the new information replacing the pain, discomfort, trauma and disturbance in the body.

Practical Use of Source Point Therapy

In practice, Source Point Therapy is used along with other manual therapies such as therapeutic massage, acupuncture, pressure point therapy, reiki massage or Rolfing.

The practitioner may integrate Source Point Therapy with Dry Needle Trigger Point Therapy or other therapies to accurately determine energy blockages and to facilitate the easy flow of information from the universal human system of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.

It must be noted that Source Point Therapy used with other therapies does not help form new tissues in physical body nor does it replaces tissues. However, it enhances the tissues and increases their immunity, reducing mental, emotional and physical pain. This is especially true when used with other alternative healing methods like Rolfing and therapeutic massage.

The Human body contains a matrix of energy and information. Source Point Therapy allows the body to have access to a steady flow of energy, and get in alignment with energy structures and information.

The human system (the blue print) is the healthy seed that consists of all the information of life. Work on this seed, helps it to grow in to a flower. Source point therapy is just a means to forming a pattern that enhances the quality of life and in return reduces physical stress and pain.