Top 10 Best Prostate Supplements & Pills Reviews

As men age, many start to face prostate issues such as frequent or incomplete urination, urine leakage or urinary tract infections. People who don’t wish to undergo medical treatments can use prostate pills as an alternative.

Listed below are the 10 best prostate supplements that can help men who need prostate health support.

1. Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support

The first product on this list of the best prostate supplements is Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support. The packing consists of 60 capsules with 600 mg of SAW palmetto and 300mg of pygeum. The product has no hidden ingredients and clearly states the materials used to create the product. This US manufactured product is FDA and GMP certified making it an effective and approved item.

These prostate pills boost sexual power allowing men to feel young again and provide the relief one is looking for. People who have used the product have seen results within a number of days and the product contains natural herbs that help improve overall health.


  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • High potency formula
  • Money back guarantee


  • Not suitable for vegetarians, contains bovine gelatin
  • May not work for everyone equally

2. Arazo Nutrition Prostate Support

Another product on the best prostate supplement list is the Arazo Nutrition Prostate Support. This is a pack that contains 60 capsules and is lactose and gluten free.

The product is FDA and GMP certified and contains 30 herbs along with vitamins and minerals that aid in urinary function. The product also protects against hair loss and is effective in dealing with aging prostates. The best part about this product is that it is allergen free that makes it an effective prostate supplement.

Consumers who have used this product have praised the effective results it has produced while at the same time boosted energy. The prostate pills are especially effective for all those who have a bad habit of waking up at night as it helps deal with urinary issues.


  • No GMOs, binders, fillers or preservatives
  • Soy, gluten and dairy free
  • Increases urine flow rate
  • Supports sexual function


  • May not be equally effective for everyone
  • Pricier product than the competition

3. TruNature Prostate Plus Health Complex

TruNature Prostate Plus Health Complex is another product on the best prostate pills list. This supplement contains SAW Palmetto which is the perfect dietary supplement needed for a healthy prostate. The supplement is effective in dealing with frequent urinary issues and contains natural ingredients guaranteed to show the desired results. The pack consists of 250 soft gels with a recommended dosage of one daily soft gel.

TruNature Prostate Plus Health Complex contains plant extracts and ingredients such as Saw palmetto, pumpkinseed, lycopene and fatty acids. The product can control sugar levels and boost sexual performance.


  • Provides added lower urinary tract support
  • Increased urine flow
  • Natural ingredients


  • Pill size is quite large, may become hard to swallow

4. SAW Palmetto by Zhou Nutrition

This supplement is ranked among the best prostate supplement as it successfully helps deal with urinary issues. The product contains content extracted from the whole plant and SAW palmetto berries that are known to improve prostate health. There are 100 capsules in each pack that have to be taken daily with a meal or as prescribed by the doctor.

The pills are a cure not only for preventing frequent visits to the washrooms but also helps fight hair loss issues. Consumers who have used the product have talked about the effectiveness of the product and have considered it a good investment. As compared to medical treatments this prostate supplement is less pricey and equally effective which makes it a must-have.


  • Synergistic formula
  • One a day daily capsule
  • 3+ month supply in each bottle
  • Less frequent visits to the bathroom


  • May not work for everyone

5. SAW Palmetto by Havasu

This supplement by Havasu Nutrition contains natural ingredients guaranteed to solve urinary related issues which make it one of the best prostate supplements. The product contains berries which can improve overall health and bring out the better you. The pills come with the additional benefit of dealing with hair loss related issues.

The pack contains a total of 100 capsules and each capsule contains 500mg of both extract and powder to provide maximum benefits. The prostate supplement doesn’t contain any kind of preservatives or chemicals and is made from natural ingredients. The product comes with a money back guarantee and is GMP and FDA approved.


  • Contains premium ingredients
  • Maintains healthy hair growth
  • Safe support for prostate health


  • May present digestive discomfort
  • Not equally effective for everyone

6. Prostate Regain by Healthy Formulations

This supplement contains 13 natural ingredients which make it one of the most powerful and best prostate supplements on this list.  The product helps improve bladder emptying and solves urinary related issues.

The product contains a total of 90 vegetarian capsules that help improve overall body performance. Ingredients used in the product are 100% effective and can show the expected results within a week’s time.

This prostate pills help in regulation of hormones and boosts body health. Customers who have used the product have labeled it as a great product that helps them sleep better at night without having to wake up to go to the bathroom.


  • Supports overall prostate health
  • Enhances bladder emptying
  • Suitable for vegetarians


  • 3 daily tablets recommended

7. Prostate Health by Vimerson Health

The result of research and development and a strong formula formation has made Prostate Health by Vimerson Health one of the best prostate supplements available. The pack contains 60 vegetarian capsules and comes with a money back guarantee if the expected results aren’t shown.

Besides providing a solution to urinary problems, this supplement is perfect for hair loss issues. Some of the ingredients that make this product include red berries, green tea, copper, and selenium.  With that, the product is free of preservatives and all the ingredients are non-GMO. The product is GMP certified and made in the USA.


  • Potent ingredients
  • Promotes urinary and reproductive health
  • Boost energy and libido
  • Suitable for vegetarians


  • N/A

8. Advanced Prostate Support by Sunergetic

This highly effective product that contains different herbs and antioxidants is another part of the best prostate supplements list. The pack contains 90 capsules and helps improve urinary related issues, boosts sexual power as well as overall body health.

The prostate pills are USA made and is FDA approved. It contains berries, graviola, zinc, pumpkin seed, and cayenne pepper. The product doesn’t have any added preservatives, is gluten free and does not include any artificial flavors. The product comes with a money back guarantee and is quick in providing the desired results.


  • Fast acting SAW palmetto formula
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Supports overall prostate health


  • Not as effective as advertised

9. Ultra Prostate Formula by Life Extension

Cutting edge nutrients that are used in this product are what make it one of the best prostate supplements available. The pack contains 60 capsules that help fight aging prostates and protect against estrogen levels.

The prostate health product supports and fights urinary related issues and also improves overall body health.

Customers who have used this prostate pills have seen improved PSA results and have stated that after using the product they were no longer waking up in the middle of the night because of urinary problems.


  • Newer formula
  • Supports comfortable urination
  • Promotes healthy prostate size and structure


  • N/A

10. Peenuts by Sunvita Health

Peenuts by Sunvita can effectively deal with prostate issues which makes it one of the best prostate supplements. The product consists of 120 capsules and reduces inflammation as well as prostatitis in the prostates.

It is developed by urologists and mainly focuses on reducing inflammation and irritation. The product can show results within 3 weeks and consumers who have used this process have witnessed improved urinary issues.

Some of the ingredients used to make this prostate pills include zinc, SAW palmetto, pumpkin seeds, and stinging nettle. These contribute to the overall body wellbeing by boosting the immune system, keeping cholesterol levels balanced and preventing bacterial infections from occurring.


  • Patented formula
  • Synergistic proprietary blend
  • Regulates inflammation


  • Not as effective as claimed

All these products come in the category of the best prostate supplements that can show the desired results within weeks or in some cases within days. These best prostate pills are the perfect alternative to medical treatments that can be costly. The issue of the prostate is quite common among men for whom these supplements act as a perfect solution to providing relief and solution to dealing with urinary issues.

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