Which is the Best Ice Packs for Knees? Our Top 5 Picks and Reviews

Ice therapy is one of the most effective cures for treating joint and muscle pains. Whether you have knee injuries or pain following surgery, the use of ice packs for knees can reduce the swelling and provide instant relief. Unlike medical treatments that can be costly, ice therapy is not expensive and involves tools such as ice packs that are reusable and control pain by eradicating soreness.

Ice packs can speed up recovery and provide relief in a shorter time span. They are suitable for all ages and especially useful for athletes and sportsmen who often come across injuries.

However, our concern today is with the use of ice packs for knees, so here is what these packs cab do for you:

Benefits of ice packs for knees

  • The use of an ice pack can numb the pain and remove discomfort along with inflammation and swelling.
  • ice packs can soothe muscles and speed up the healing process of the tissues by creating blood clots. Within 20 minutes of use, ice packs can show the desired results.
  • They provide a much faster healing process and quick recovery as compared to any other method.
  • The use of specialized wraps such as ice packs for knees can precisely cure the affected and injured area.


However, despite holding massive benefits, the use of ice packs for knees also has disadvantages.

  • Using cold therapies aren’t always safe for the skin as too much cold exposure can bring about damage.
  • Any leakage from ice packs can create a mess from the water dribbling which many people won’t like.
  • Also, a single knee ice pack alone cannot provide the required coverage and reach the damaged area which is why at times multiple ice packs may be required.
  • Prolonged use presents the threat of frostbite.

5 Best ice packs for knees – Our Picks and Reviews

Listed below are 5 of the top ice packs for knees that can be used to cure injuries:

1. Compression Ice pack by Ubertherm

This knee ice pack by Ubertherm is perfect for eliminating inflammation and getting rid of the unwanted pain. The plus point this ice pack holds is that it prevents damage to cells by making sure that your body doesn’t get cooled below 1 degree Celsius.

The incorporated ice pillow technology prevents skin burns from taking place while making sure that the temperature is secured. The product comes with a gel that can remain frozen for an hour.

This ice pack has a Velcro fit which means it can easily fit and be adjusted depending on the knee size. Also, the material used to create the wrap is high-quality neoprene material that provides comfort and the ability of the product to last a long time.

Customers who have used this ice pack for knees have found it to be a comfortable product that provides great compression. They have stated that the product fits perfectly and shows effectiveness within 20 minutes of use.


  • Physiologic design
  • Long lasting cooling relief
  • Contains high performance gel


  • Pack is somewhat bulky and heavy

2. Gel ice pack by Arctic Flex

This gel ice pack for knees leaves behind a lasting impact by providing relaxation required by the body. Whether you have soreness, inflammation, swelling, sprains or scratches this product does the trick within 30 minutes of use.

The ice pack is large enough to provide coverage on other areas other than the knees. Another advantage of this product is the flexible cold therapy which means that when frozen the gel ice pack remains flexible.

The gel ice pack is built using latex-free vinyl and holds tear resistant qualities. It is safe for use by everyone and can be used by even those who have sensitive skin.

Customers who have used this ice pack for knees have appreciated the product and stated that it’s perfect for use and the gel inside doesn’t remain in the original shape no matter how it is placed.

Others have stated that the product works great not only for the knees alone but other body parts as well that require larger coverage. Soft structure and ability to remain cold for longer are other qualities customers have talked about.


  • Ideal for recovery or post-surgery
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Durable and reusable
  • 60 day guarantee


  • Gel pack may leak after few uses

3. Ice Wrap by Shock Doctor

This ice wrap comes with straps that can be adjusted according to body needs. If you have bruises, knee injuries, sprains or strains this product can help reduce the pain by providing instant relief and resolving the issues being encountered.

This ice pack for knees can easily penetrate the affected area and reduce swelling and pain with minimum ice coverage. This product comes in 3 different sizes allowing users to get a perfect size and therefore a comforting experience.

In addition, the material used to make this product holds durable and comfort qualities providing the user a comfortable experience every time it is used. The product is suitable for both ice and heat therapy. It is especially very effective for reducing swelling with its gentle compression.

Customers who have used this ice pack for knees have found it to be useful and said that it provides the 360-degree cold coverage needed by the body. They have further talked about how the product remains perfectly cold and is comfortable for use.

They have stated that the product is a good investment and helps with quick recovery of the injured area by reducing stiffness and soreness.


  • Anatomically designed wrap
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Suitable for both ice and heat therapy



  • Expensive product
  1. Cold Relief Soft Gel Knee Ice Wrap

The product is effective in providing quick recovery and improving circulation, the gel that comes along has been formulated in a way to remain flexible while at the same time making sure that the healing process is speeded up.

This ice pack for knees comes with an adjustable strap that can be comfortably put on and adjusted based on body requirement. The product is durable, leak-proof and lightweight which means the body will not feel bulky when it is being used.

Customers who have used the product have stated that it remains cooler longer than expected and is easily adjustable. Customers have also talked about the product is reasonably priced and providing all necessary requirements needed for its use.  With that customers have also appreciated the customer and delivery service provided by the company.


  • Suitable for either knee
  • Removable gel ice pack


  • Bulky ice pack

5. Ice Knee Wrap by Brownmed

This reasonably priced ice pack for knees is among the top selling knee wraps that works effectively to ensure that the user gets a soothing experience. The product has soft fleece to prevent the skin from being damaged and provided good compression that is suitable for fixing soft tissues.

Unlike most products that make you feel bulky every time you use it, this pack is lightweight and makes sure the skin remains protected on every use.

The product remains cold and is effective in reducing soreness and swelling. The entire kneecap is provided with the cold therapy and stays in place no matter what the movement. If you have knee injuries or just recently underwent surgery, use this product to reduce the post-surgery pains.

Customers who have used this ice pack for knees have stated that it’s perfect for use especially after sports as it reduces soreness.  Customers have also talked about how this wrap doesn’t easily get off and is secured by the Velcro cloth that keeps it intact.

They have also said the product freezes quickly, is comfortable for use and doesn’t sweat. The product provides a flexible fit, is easy to put on and doesn’t create a lot of mess that is likely to take place with the use of an ice product.


  • Ideal for post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Suitable for long lasting cold therapy
  • Provides a comfortable fit over knee area


  • Not as effective as advertised

These are some of the best ice packs for knees available in the market that can be used to get instant relief from pain.

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