How to make swelling go down? End with our super powerful remedies!

The abnormal enlargement caused by swelling, especially prolonged swelling, can be of significant irritation and pain, and sometimes difficult to deal with. Some people do not have the ways of how to make swelling go down. The swellings due to injuries or illnesses can sometimes be taken care of by avoiding uncomfortable positions. It can also be very well managed through various home remedies and therapies.

If the swellings and pain do not go down even after using home remedies and trying various therapies, then people are advised to consult a doctor and get it treated.

In this article, you will come across several different ways to deal with different types of swelling you might face in your lifetime.

Home remedies for making swelling go down:

  • Low sodium in diet
  • Exercise may help swollen legs
  • Apply ice to injured area
  • Elevate the injured area
  • Using compression
  • Hot and cold compresses
  • Supplements with bromelain
  • Supplements with quercetin
  • Use apple cider vinegar
  • Have dandelion tea
  • Apply mustard oil on the swelling
  • Take an Epsom salt soak
  • Antibiotic ointment application

Now let’s have a closer look to each one of them.

Low sodium in diet

Sometimes, people face swellings without any apparent reason. Now, the first and foremost question is how to make swelling go down? This makes people worry, and they are found in a state of total bewilderment. It’s caused by no injury but because of water retention.  When consuming food with high salt, it can cause your body to retain water, hence leading to swelling.

Vanderbilt University advice on how to make swellings go down by giving a few tips. According to them, an occasional meal with high salts is unlikely to lead to swelling, but a daily diet will cause it. Lower your salt consumption can result in reverse of the swelling.

Exercise may help swollen legs

Many times, a swelling that is unconnected to an injury is mostly found in the legs. Although, if a diet with low sodium does not help in reducing the swelling then a few light exercises might help to ease the swelling. Ever wondered how exercising regularly helps in reducing the swelling? The simple movements make the muscles contract and relax that promote blood circulation. Increased blood flow has the power to ease the pain, causes by swelling.

When you are thinking of how to make a swelling go down, these particular exercises should become a part of your routine. These include walking, yoga, and swimming, whatever is easier for you. If you are to sit in a place for a longer period, then keep on changing your position and elevate your feet if impossible.

how to make swellings go down

Apply ice to injured area

Most of the times, we see our injured parts becoming hot and red. That is due to the increase blood rush to that specific area. Because of this blood rush we face swelling.

To heal and reduce the swelling, this is yet another way of how you can make swelling go down. Use ice. Many doctors recommend applying ice immediately on the swollen areas. Using ice on these areas constricts the blood vessels moving into the injured area. The pain is also eased with the usage of ice.

Elevate the injured area

The RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) method is specifically used for caring for new injuries. This simple method is the key, to how to make a swelling go down.The elevation part includes the injured area getting lifted above the heart, if possible. When the limb is lifted above the heart, then the blood flows away from the injury towards the heart.

Experts say if you cannot elevate the injury above the heart then at least keep it parallel to the ground. As the blood moves away from the injury, it helps to decrease the fluid volume moving into it. Thus, reducing the swelling.

Using compression

Using this method might seem a very alarming to people as it may be more painful. However, compression being a part of the RICE model is another way of dealing with swellings. Compressing the injured area helps in lessening further swelling.

Another effective way of doing this is either wrap the injured area tightly or use ace bandages. Or in that matter compression sleeves would be the best option as they are easily available at sporting goods stores and are easier to keep in place.

Hot and cold compresses

The alternate use of hot and cold compresses is also known as “contrast therapy.” This procedure involves applying heat and cold to an injury. The exact reason of why this contrast therapy works is still unknown. It is believed that it is may be because it allows more time to apply ice.

Extremely ice is preferred for reducing the swelling, but sometimes, it may cause discomfort. Hence, the skin’s exposure to heat might give the skin a respite. But all ends well when you bagged a trick on how to make swelling go down!

Supplements with bromelain

This enzyme is particularly found in the stem of a pineapple. The enzyme has been recommended as an anti-inflammatory by surgeon Dr. Neal Blitz. According to Blitz, bromelain is easily accessible through pineapple itself, and if not directly from this then you can get it from dietary supplements.

However, taking this supplement without consulting a doctor can be hazardous to health. Don’t be in a hurry to find a cure to how to make the swelling go down, that you forget to take medical assistance.

Supplements with quercetin

Quercetin could be found in leafy greens, apples, capers, red onions, and citrus fruits. This is yet another way of how to make swellings go down. Consuming quercetin can help reduce the swellings in the entire body.

We often face swellings caused by no injuries. In this case, we can add up this flavanoid in our diet.

Use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known to have anti-inflammatory properties which also help to reduce swelling in the body. Furthermore, dehydration and electrolyte depletion can also cause swelling. You may dislike the taste of vinegar, but it surprisingly contains the essential electrolyte, potassium, which is harder to obtain in food.

Taking this supplement will not disrupt your diet. Simply add a tablespoon or so to a glass of water and drink it. This will alleviate the swelling and pain.

Apply mustard oil to the affected area

Still can get hands on the perfect remedy on how to make the swelling go down? Well, the most unusual one at your service, which has shown promising results over time. Mustard is a well-known condiment, around the world, but the amazing property of restoring circulation is not so popular. Many people suffer from serious swelling, due to cut off blood flow.

Therefore, proper mustard oil in a pan and slightly heat it. The warm mustard oil ought to reduce the swelling. Massage on the swollen is in circular motion, for about 5-7 minutes. The results are mind blowing that within no time you can notice the reduction of swelling. For effective results use organic mustard oil, it will be available at any health food store or online.

Take an Epsom salt soak

Even, keeping yourself hydrated and keeping sodium intake low, as possible. It seems to not work on how to make the swelling go down. You are extra cautious about your electrolyte supplements, but water retention persists. Tired of all the efforts and still no fruitful results? Well, stop feeling gloomy and heavy, take an Epsom salt soak to help your problem.

This has been an effective method used for centuries to cure swelling of the body. The Epsom salt can draw out excess water, and harmful toxins out of the body. They can be purchased from any local grocery store. The results are drastically visible. Even, if you are not swollen an Epsom salt soak will help to remove toxins from the body.

Antibiotic ointment application to cuts and scrapes

Suffering from scrapes and cuts after a hard workout or football trails? Many of them heal on their own, but some tend to be painful and swollen. Wondering, how to make the swelling go down of these bruises? The plan is simple. First, use a first aid kit to clean the cuts and wounds. Now, begins the treatment part of the procedure, apply antibiotic ointment. This helps in keeping the skin moist, reduce bacterial growth; therefore, helping you in a quick recovery.

There are many more helpful tricks and hacks to help you with your swelling. Let’s get further help to end your query of how to make the swelling go down, once and for all? Take a look.

Take medication

Don’t get the wrong idea, when we suggest taking medicines, that too in the case of chronic swelling. Get a recommendation from doctors about non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), that decrease swelling and pain. Aren’t you tired yet, of asking around about how to make the swelling go down? Then, taking medication is your only option, like ibuprofen, naproxen, Advil, Motrin and much more.

We aren’t promoting self-medication. Therefore, get a prescription from you doctor, which medicine would best suit you for the type of swelling you are suffering from.

Adjust your clothing

This is a very common among all, suffering from swelling. They forget that their clothing might be a little too tight, which restricts blood flow. No, keep in mind, wearing tight nylon stocking or garters will cause swelling. For people suffering from chronic swelling, wear supportive swelling stockings instead of regular ones.

Take magnesium

Science has proved to be helpful in every way possible. The chances of being more swelled, than usual are due to magnesium deficiency in the body. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself; the results will shock you! Include magnesium supplements in your diet from a local health foods store or eat foods with a greater magnesium content. A regular person needs around 250mg/day.

Get a massage

Book an appointment with your nearest massage parlor or chiropractor for the massage of a lifetime. Along with a heavenly stress relieving experience, you can get the swelling to reduce, significantly. Wonder how this makes the swelling go down? The upward movement of the swollen area increases circulation of the area. Constant soothing rubbing of swollen has the magical power to reduce swelling. Remember, if you are giving a gentle massage yourself, then focus the pushing movement upwards.


This seems to be the solution to all your problems, whether emotional, physical or mental. The body needs time to rest, in which it can regenerate cells and recover from damage. It can be very useful in the case of how to make the swelling go down. Try to refrain from hard strain causing exercises. Ask for help, use crutches to avoid excessive pressure and reduce your workload.

Get enough liquids

There is a major misconception that drinking water causes swelling. This is a hoax. Well, drinking fluids help in releasing harmful toxins and waste substances. Therefore, think and research before the following something.

It is time to be free and live your life, but you are still stuck on how to make the swelling go down. Well, we have the solutions to your problems. We hope you try some remedies out, seeing dramatic change! Surely, no one wants to sit back in their chair, experiencing intense pain from swelling. You have all the points to effectively, speed up your recovery time. Cheers!