Disclosing the 11 secrets – How to induce vomiting without suffering!

What is vomiting?

Often, it is a reflex action to defend your body, by removing harmful ingested substances. The feeling of vomiting is the worst, because abdominal muscles contract powerfully, creating pressure. Dehydration and fatigue is a major concern if you frequently vomit.

To begin with, induced vomiting should be done with a valid reason, not because of overeating. Commonly we suffer from nausea and vomiting under these conditions, like chemotherapy, gastrointestinal tract infections, bacterial toxins, motion sickness, alcohol abuse, pregnancy, and much more. Today we’ll be covering how to induce vomiting.

What can’t be eliminated by induce vomiting?

The idea of throwing up ingested poison or corrosive chemicals is completely absurd. It can damage your esophagus and airways. The better solution is rushing to the nearest hospital and getting your stomach washed.

Moreover, worrying how to induce vomiting in case of foamy chemical is wrong. Foamy liquid chemicals, like shampoos, detergents and dish washing liquids could enter the trachea into the lungs. Poisons, bleaches, and detergents cause burning of throat lining, and forceful expulsion causes reabsorption of liquids, at a faster rate.

Also, if a question, like how to induce vomiting if accidentally swallowed a solid object arises in your head? Then, we highly recommend not to vomit, because chances of injuring your alimentary canal are greater.

When is it safe to throw up?

Having valid and logical reasons, like eating spoiled or rotten food is when you ask, how to induce vomiting to someone. It is a good idea to throw up on the spot, if you ingested non-corrosive poisons, like pills or drugs, heroin and cyanide. The first thing in know how to induce vomiting is the identification of the substance making you sick. Vomiting can be a form of relief, or cause of injuries if not done properly. In any case, if your health worsens seek medical assistance.

How to induce vomiting safely?

The idea of making yourself throw up might be gross for some, but at times, you need to know for your well-being. Here are some ways you can induce vomiting:

how to induce vomiting

1.Use your index finger

You might have seen in ample of movies, people jagging down their index finger and throwing up. Well, this is the quickest and most effective way to induce vomiting, as your stomach instantly creates pressure and hurls. The question arises how to induce vomiting easily?

Let’s begin with the procedure. For it to be safe and clean, wash your hands and cut your nails. This reduces chances of injuries in the throat and traveling of bacteria. Then, you catcher or band to tie your hair. This way the hair is not in the way and you don’t get puke in your hair. After, which find a place to throw up, like a bucket or your bathroom toilet. The position in which you sit effects the pressure exerted on your abdominal area.

Therefore, sit down on the floor or kneel exerting least pressure possible. A tip from our side on how to induce vomiting using your index finger, that never put your stomach under extra pressure. So, now carefully move your clean index finger in your mouth. Gag reflex will only be triggered when you firmly push your fingers towards the back of your throat. Don’t overuse your power, as it can injure your throat or scratch it.

When you feel the stomach contents coming up, instantly remove your fingers from your mouth, and reach for the bucket or toilet seat. Chances of throwing up instantly are greater, so be near a toilet, not on your bed. If you are still in a state of nausea, try it again. The idea is straightforward and doable. Afterward, wash your hands and rinse your mouth with water. This will help in removing the foul taste and smell of the leftover stomach acid and poisonous contents.

Another tip to remember, don’t brush your teeth right after throwing up. This is not wise, as the strong pH stomach acid is in your mouth can erode the sensitive enamel of teeth. If this didn’t work for you, we got tons of magic tricks in our hat, to increase your knowledge of how to induce vomiting.

2.Watch someone else throw up

The gag reflex! This honestly the easiest one, without even doing anything. The plan is simple, literally watch someone else throw up, it ought to trigger the same reaction inside your body. Remember, going on your summer vacations to the hilly station, and you had a chronic puker in your car. There is always one person, who has motion sickness. Whenever they puked, you felt as if you, too were going to puke? This is an idea.

Force yourself to puke naturally, without any medicines. You can also watch YouTube videos of random strangers throwing up, that might get your engine starting. No instant solution, but gets you puking. Disgusting feelings will be surging while watching gag videos, but it is all to make you feel better, later.

3.Use emetics

How to induce vomiting without using your index finger, you can use emetics to throw up! Emetics are available in all pharmacies, more commonly known as “over the counter” drugs. They have the ability to trigger your gag reflex, by initiating contractions in your stomach. The most common one in the market is ipecac syrup. This syrup can cause harm to your body, as well. If taken in large dosage, it can be toxic.

Therefore, we recommend following the instructions on the bottle, carefully. Remember, to drink small quantities; you don’t want to get sick of your medicine. Now, how ironic would that be! Moreover, there is a minimum requirement of water, 8 to 16 ounces after consuming ipecac syrup.

You need to note the precautionary measures on the bottle label. If after taking Ipecac syrup you can’t throw up, then contact your doctor. Remember, never to give this syrup to a pregnant woman or breastfeeding one. It can cause severe dehydration and affect the baby’s health. Moreover, children under the age of 12 are not recommended. In the process of learning how to induce vomiting don’t forget to check for allergic reactions, drowsiness, low blood pressure, fast heartbeat, and dizziness. Experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms, visit your local ER.

4.Fizzy drink is a wonderful choice.

The fizzy drink as Coca-Cola we all are a fan of, it is the fizz that can help as well. When trying to induce vomiting the fizzy property is of great significance. The drink contains carbonated bubbles, which help relieve an upset stomach. But when Coco cola is drunk flat without the bubble in intervals, along with water. This helps in disturbing the stomach contractions. The discomfort produced, induces vomiting. Try this, if you are suffering from food poisoning.

5.Warm salt water make yourself throw up

Okay, if you are more comfortable with home remedies, then this one is for you. This has been implemented by people over the centuries, a very famous method. Boil a glass of water. Then pour it into a glass, and mix 2-3 teaspoons of salt. Mix well. When the water lowers to a drinkable temperature or lukewarm temperature, chug it down quickly. The quicker you drink the saline water, the quicker you can induce vomiting. This is how to induce vomiting, using an effective home remedy. Just sit back and wait near a bathroom, or have a bucket nearby. Within 20-30 minutes, you will see fruitful results.

If you are wondering the logic behind drinking salt water? To remove your confusions, the excessive salt once in the stomach will activate throwing up mechanism. You can remove your poisonous stomach contents, this way.

6.Try mustard solution

Another one from the home remedy corner, on how to induce vomiting safely. This is a homemade emetic syrup that will help you throw up. To start with you need mustard and water. Boil the water to lukewarm temperature. Then, add a tablespoon of mustard in your glass of water. Mix constantly. Now, quickly drink the mixture. Yes, your assumptions about the taste are on point. The mixture is going to have an unpleasant taste. This foul taste is going to make you puke. Therefore, be around a toilet or grab a bucket along, wherever you go. It takes around 20-30 minutes for the trick to work. If somehow you managed to chug it down, without puking. Then use the magic index finger, it ought to do the trick.


If you are on the hunt for a sure shot thing, then overeating is your best friend. The process of overeating can overextend your stomach, as it exceeds your stomach beyond its capacity. Therefore, this creates a pressure build up, and forceful expulsion of food, out through the gullet. The kind of food, when using this method is of great importance. Different foods have different effects on the body.

The smart move is not to overload yourself with last night’s junk food or leftovers, which will cause a stomachache. Imagine trying to solve a problem, but being gifted with another one, in the form of digestive issues or stomach ache. Remember, the aim was how to induce vomiting, not to get food poisoning. The more you opt for healthier options, such as bland starches, vegetables and fruits the easier will be throwing up, without any stomach ache.

8.Gargle with egg whites

Many of you might have an instant gag reflex on the sight of raw eggs. Well, this method ought to do the magic, unless you chug down raw eggs in your workout routine. The feel and taste of raw eggs are unpleasant for many. Therefore, an egg white a day keeps the doctor away.

To begin with crack open 2-3 eggs, and separate the yolks from the whites. Collect the whites in a cup. Slightly beat the whites in the cup. Then, gargle the whites slowly until your stomach hurls. Remember, to be near a bathroom. When you are in the process of throwing up, you can spit the egg whites out, if you can’t vomit. Repeat the process for it to work successfully. Over the decades, this method has been a foolproof plan for inducing vomiting as first aid for poison intake.

9.Use unpleasant smells and sights

The human brain is wired in a certain way reacting to unpleasant smells and sights. Most people tend to experience nausea, and vomiting on the sight of unpleasant scenes in movies or daily life. But the longer you are exposed to such situations; the brain becomes immune to them. Therefore, it may take a long time to induce a gag reaction from horrendous stuff or foul odors.

Like, the individuals living in the slum areas are so used to the environment, that there is no gag reflex due to the smells, where as any normal person would feel nauseous in those living conditions. How to induce vomiting if this alone doesn’t work? Well, putting your hand in your mouth might help in the process of throwing up.

10.Use a toothbrush

If you are a germ freak and find it hard to put your hand in your mouth. Then using a toothbrush a good alternative to using your finger. All you need to do is, wet the bristles part of the brush and rub it on the back part of your tongue. Wait for the gag reflex! This is very efficient. Anyone who regularly uses a tongue cleaner would have gone through it. Either use a new brush or clean your brush before using, then replace it after use.

11.Use bloodroot herb

Widely avail in the market, bloodroot herb powder that can be mixed with water and drunk quickly. It has a lot of strength, so instant nausea and vomiting occur. Hence, be careful while making the mixture, as large dosage proves to be toxic. The side effects can be fatal; therefore, get medical assistance if necessary.

That is it from our side, today! Be wise when to self-induce vomiting, because it can cause serious health problems, like an esophageal tear, burning of throat, mouth, and esophagus, etc. remember, to hydrate after throwing up.