Grains in the vagina or pimple on vaginal lip: causes and treatments

Grains in the vagina are small pimples that may appear in different parts of the vagina, most commonly appearing on the outer vaginal lips but may also appear in the vaginal interior, the periphery of the lips or in the vagina.

What is the vagina?

The vagina is the organ of the female genital tract that connects the uterus to the outside of the body. It is formed by a pathway covered with mucous membranes that maintain moisture and acidity and protects against possible infections, and its orifice is located in the urethra and anus. Through it, the menstruation is expelled to the outside and takes place the sexual relations and the childbirth.

The vagina is protected from birth by a membrane, the hymen, which can be broken by factors such as sports activity, first intercourse, the use of tampons or masturbation. One of the most interesting characteristics of the vagina is that thanks to the walls formed by fibromuscular tissues it is endowed with great elasticity which is indispensable for some of its functions.

In addition the vagina is lubricated thanks to the glands of Bartolino, allowing penetration not painful for the woman.

Anatomical characteristics:

In an adult woman the vagina between 8 to 12 cm but is able to dilate and contract thanks to the muscular walls through which it is formed. It has a mucosa that covers its internal walls, this mucus folds over itself giving rise to so-called vaginal folds. This mucosa is formed by two layers: Epithelium (external) and lamina propria (this tissue connects the epithelium with the muscular layers)

If we talk about its muscular part, it consists of two parts: smooth muscle and skeletal muscle.

Functions of the vagina:

  • The vagina is a fundamental organ in both sexual intercourse and childbirth. But we should not confuse it with the vulva (external genital organ next to the vagina)
  • The vagina serves as a natural outlet for the rule flow during menstruation when the ovum has not been fertilized by a spermatozoon.
  • It is possible to eliminate naturally and automatically the cervical mucus that is secreted by the cervix in the days before and after the ovulation phase of the cycle.
  • In sexual intercourse is the cavity in which penetrates the penis of man and in which the sperm are deposited and then ascend through the cervix to fertilize the egg.
  • In the vagina is located the so-called G-spot, whose stimulation during intercourse generates pleasure.
  • It gives rise to what is known as the birth canal, which is the conduit through which the fetus exits at the time of birth, and the placenta is removed; This work is possible thanks to the flexibility of the fabrics that make it, which allow you to stretch enough.

After clarifying these points we can talk a little about the pimples in the vagina, causes and treatments.

Grains in the vagina & pimple on vaginal lip

Grains in the vagina

The skin of the vagina is very delicate, it is one of the most sensitive parts of female skin. We must always be aware of any changes or irregularities that appear as:

The spot

  • Eruption
  • Color change
  • Irritation
  • allergy
  • Inflammation
  • Pimples

Causes of Grains in the vagina

Grains in the vagina are small pimples that usually appear on vaginal lip and although they can be caused by the common shaving, they can also be a symptom of the presence of some vaginal fungus.

So the cause of this occurrence must be determined to find a suitable treatment.

These are the main causes of this apparition:

Vaginal infection: Some infections produced changes or alterations in the bacterial flora of the vagina, can cause the appearance of small grains that are accompanied with burning or itching and with bad smell.

What should I do?

Go to a doctor because it will be necessary to perform a culture of the area to determine which bacteria has contracted and what is the treatment indicated to treat it.

  • Hair follicle: This is the most common cause, since the presence of the grains in the vagina is due to pore infection, the appearance of the lesion is very similar to that of a shin, only in these cases the grain much redder and swollen around the pus head. Because the skin of the vagina is much more elastic and moist than that of the rest of the body, it is normal for the infection of the follicle to produce a much more acute and unbearable pain to the touch.

Infection of the pores in the vagina is very common due to shaving or waxing.

What should be done?

In most cases, the pimple drains the pus and the injury begins to heal on its own, decreasing with the passage of days inflammation and pain completely.

  • Venereal disease: the genital herpes virus, can cause skin lesions that begin as a kind of grains in the vagina and then mutate to their natural form, these lesions arepink and appear grouped in the same place, have a blister-like appearance. This virus has no cure so it is necessary to go to a doctor for its treatment in this way are controlled and prevent outbreaks. Its symptoms are lack of appetite, muscle pain, fever, weakness and swollen lymph glands in addition to these skin lesions.
  • Condylomas: These are small cutaneous lesions that appear around the anus and vagina, as a result of infection by one of the different strains of the human papillomavirus. These lesions do not look like grain but rather small warts in the form of cauliflower. It is transmitted sexually and causes no symptoms.

What could be the reason for a pimple on the vaginal lip?

A pimple on vaginal lip is like a skin break out as they are constantly exceptionally difficult however safe unless irritated. The pores that emit characteristic oils made by the sebaceous organs get blocked. As the oils attempt to discover its way up the pores, they get blocked coming about to a pimple. Most of the time sebaceous growth can come about into a pimple which results to the discharge like stuff from a pimple on vaginal lip. This is on account of the vagina is situated in a place where there is unreasonable warming that a lot of warmth result to a pimple on the region.

A pimple on the vaginal lip can’t be just caused by the blockage of the pores, it can likewise be caused by hormonal unevenness. This ordinarily happens particularly before feminine cycle as at these circumstances the hormones are at their pinnacle.

At different circumstances, the uterine disease can cause a pimple on the vaginal lip. The microbes and the tiny germs blend causing poor repulsion around the vagina and the vaginal zone which is the outcome to a pimple on the vaginal lip.

A pimple on the vaginal lip can’t be caused just by blockage of the pores, it can likewise be because of pulling the hair or shaving. This prompts development of red heads bubbles once in a while containing pass in the zone where the hair was pulled would result to a pimple on vaginal lip.

On the other hand, pimple on the vaginal lip can be because of diseases, for example, genital herpes. They are constantly confirmed by little bubbles on the vagina.

Treatments of grains in the vagina

These treatments depends on cause the grains in the vagina as:

  • Folliculitis
  • Vaginal infection
  • Vaginal herpes
  • HPV

For folliculitis:

It usually cures on its own, when the pimple drains the pus and begins to decrease the infection. You should avoid removing the shin, as it is very painful and can further damage the delicate skin of your vagina. If you let this injury progress on its own, you can forget about it after a week. So that it does not happen again you avoid the shaving to dry or you can also opt for laser hair removal.

Vaginal infection:

The gynecologist is best advised to prescribe the application of some topical cream or the introduction of eggs into the vagina. If the infection is very strong you should take antibiotics. And for it to not happen again it is advisable that your partner also receive treatment.

Genital Herpes:

As I said earlier genital herpes has no cure but is a condition that can be controlled. The treatment of genital herpes consists of medicines to relieve the pain, burning, tingling and itching in the ulcers during an outbreak. If the person has constant outbreaks, you may need to take these medications on a daily basis.


Among the most successful methods are medications applied to the skin, freezing warts for removal (cryosurgery), warts burning (electrocautery), laser warts (cauterization), and surgery.

But elimination of skin lesions does not guarantee the elimination of the virus. If you have or have had genital warts, all sexual partners should be examined by a doctor, as they are at risk of infection if you engage in sexual intercourse without a condom.

Treatments of a pimple on the vaginal lip

The most utilised strategy for treating a pimple on vaginal lip other than going to the specialist for antimicrobials is setting a sodden warm towel on the influenced range. This will alleviate the skin on the pimple it will lessen the torment and the irritation of a pimple. It will likewise decrease disease and spread of a pimple.

A great many people tend to prick the pimple on vaginal lip not knowing it’s extremely perilous as it can make a contamination that Amy wind up spreading to different parts of the body.

The best anticipation of pimple on the vaginal lip is keeping a perfect vagina. This should be possible by utilising mile antibacterial cleansers to wash the vagina and the vaginal region. Brutal cleansers will meddle with the vaginal ph. and this would prompt blockage of the pores.

One should wear cotton pants that will enable the skin to inhale henceforth the pores will be open, this keeps the event of the pimple on the vaginal lip.