Best Weighted Vest for Dogs – The Buyer’s Guide

Is your dog overweight? Is he facing anxiety issues? Don’t Worry! Weighted Vest ( also known as Anxiety Vest for Dogs) can be the solution to your problem. You might be knowing the usage of weighted vest for autism as well as for muscle growth. The same usage of weights can be done for animals as well.

Best Weighted Vest for Dogs 2018 – The Buyer’s Guide

Weighted Vest for Dogs – Buyer Guide

I know what most people would be thinking – How can putting a burden to your dog be a good thing? Right! Well!  Weighted Vest helps to improve muscles tone and let’s to control the weight. This will help in removing anxiety too as it will help burn off the extra energy. Let’s go on to the details.

Will the weighted vest suit my dog?

Weighted Vests can be used for any type of dogs. Of course the more muscled breeds can benefit from the vest but so can other breeds too. The more muscled breed includes the likes of –
1. American Pitbull
2. American Staffordshire Terrier
3. Dogo Argentino
4. The American Bully and others.


But it’s good for other breeds like – 1. Gun Dogs 2. Retrievers3. Lurchers

Note : Don’t make your dog wear any weighted vest. Most weighted vest are adjustable, so its recommended to visit a veterinarian before deciding which weight would suit your dog.

The Reasons Why you should you buy weighted vest for your dog

There are can many reasons why a weighted vest can be useful for your dog. Even if your dog looks healthy , it might be useful. Let’s see the various reasons

#1 . Anxiety Jackets can help calm down your overactive Dog
You must be taking your dog for a walk. But ask yourself if it’s really a walk or a dog. If it’s a drag, then the extra weight of a vest might help. Not only will the vest help you to calm down your dog but it will help in building muscles.

#2. It helps in increasing exercise
Is your dog active? If it’s true then the extra weight can help to burn off the extra energy. Are you worried about your dog’s weight? Is he overweight? Then buying a weighted vest for the dog can help to bring him get back to a healthy weight.

#3. Help anxiety prone dogs
Did you know that some dogs can be a little more nervous than others? A weighted vest can help to calm down and make him overcome the nervousness at certain situations. It works same as when you hug your dog. It’s more like a soothing effect.

#4. Help aggressive dogs
Do you know why dogs become aggressive? This is because of extra energy. Weighted Vest or BackPacks certainly helps here. The dogs assumes the extra weight as a function, something like an activity. This helps to remove the extra energy thus calming the dog down. Going for a long walk also helps.

How do your introduce the weight to your dog?

Same as a human body, it takes time to adjust and adapt to things. The same thing can be applied to a dog. Why would someone like extra weight on their body? Would like it? No! Of course not. So the key is to introduce the vest gradually. It will take time, don’t worry.

Give at least two to three weeks. First let your dog get familiar to the vest. Let it smell it , feel it. No need to force the dog into wearing it. After he is used to it, make him wear it without the weights. Try introducing the weights slowly. Starting off with more weight can piss the dog. Give time and do these steps slowly. There’s no use in forcing the dog.

A weighted vest or a weighted backpack?

Many people confuse between a weighted vest and a backpack. Actually they solve the same problem but the both useful at different situation.

Backpacks are useful for outdoor activities like hiking etc. Here weighted vest might not be that useful. This will help you taking stuff up the trail as well as to calm down your dog. Just be careful that the vest does not slide around on the back.

If don’t go for outdoor activities then a weighted vest is a better option. Best for walks and small activities in your backyard.

Let’s review some of the best weighted vest you can buy for your dogs –

4 Best Dog Weighted Vests – Our Picks and Reviews

1. Leerburg Weighted Dog Vest

This is one of the best weighted vest you will find on Amazon. It looks quite slim and sleek. You can get this vest in three sizes. These are -Small – Girth 22″ – 24″, Medium- Girth 27″ – 31″, Large – Girth 34″ – 36″. You can only get this vest in black.

The company says that it has made the vest with safety of the dog in mind. It can be used for two main reasons –
1. The first one being to build muscles and strength
2. The second one being to remove the excess energy hence calming the dog.

We recommend you not to use the dog until the age of 2-3 years. This is because they are still growing at this stage hence you don’t want to hurt them in any way. The build quality of the vest is quite good as it is double stitched.

The fabric used is cordura denier which is a special nylon fabric. The underside of the vest has been underlined with faux sheepskin. There are various individual pockets that are used to hold one weights.

Each weight is of one-pound. There are total of 10 pockets in the large size hence you can increase overall weight to 10 pounds. As the size decreases so does the no. of packets. You can also buy extra weights if required. Make sure you first slowly introduce the weight to the dog.

2. OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness Training Dog Vest with Detachable Pouches

This vest is just amazing. This is a modular vest. You can add up to three molle (is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment). You can use these for carrying stuff like magazine pouches, water bottles, food snacks etc.

One is a EMT bag which is apt for carrying Medical supplies. The other one is a Waist Pack which can used for Storage of Phone, Money, Key etc. The third molle is a Tool Pouch which you can use for tools, pen, notebook etc.

These are detachable. There is adjustable webbing for wearing stability. The mesh design helps for better comfort as well as for ventilation. It’s somewhere between a weighted backpack and a weighted vest. So be at home or outside you can reap benefits of the vest.

There are three sizes –
M size – Chest Girth: 16. 5~27. 5, Neck: 11. 5~15, Back Length: 16, Width: 13
L size – Chest Girth: 18. 5~36. 5, Neck: 14~18, Back Length: 19, Width: 14. 9
XL size – Chest Girth: 20. 5~40. 3, Neck: 10. 5~21. 5, Back Length: 21, Width: 16. 5

The M size is good for a Russell terrier. The L size for PTSD service dog and the XL size for a German shepherd. It’s made of 1000D Nylon. The package contains -One OneTigris Dog Harness Vest, One sundry bag, One Zipper bag, One First aid kit. I think this a perfect buy as it gives you the flexibility as well as the awesome quality.

3. Signature K9 Modular Ultimate Load Bearing Harness

This is another modular weighted vest. But the Signature K9 is no where close to the vest we reviewed earlier (#2 one ). You can get the vest in black colour. The vest is quite durable and lightweight too.

This one is an as the company says a Military grade professional training equipment. The best part of the vest is that it is modular, hence you can easily increase its functionality. You can easily adjust the Signature K9 Vest for a perfect fit.

There’s only one size . The mesh structure helps for additional padding and increased airflow. You can easily add a G-hook attachment.

4. Gooby Fashion Check Quilted Bomber Dog Vest with Stretchable Chest

If you are looking for the perfect coloured weighted vest then you will love this vest. This one is simple vest from the company Gooby. There are more than five sizes to choose from including extra small and extra large. Same as size there are lot of colours and patterns to choose from including – blue, green, navy check etc.

There’s a zipper closure with fur guard. This fashionable vest is made specially for small dogs. The Two d-rings on the back creates a harness function and also gives an additional support when walking your dog.

The vest is washable too. So if you are looking for a vest mainly to calming down your dog and to provide him/her with additional support this is a perfect pick.

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